Huge News: West Virginia to ACC in 2014-2015!

The ACC and West Virginia have scheduled a press conference for 3:00 p.m. today to announce that the Mountaineers will become a full-time member in the ACC for the 2014-2015 season.  West Virginia was able to extricate itself from the Grant of Rights on the basis that both sides just felt that it was a mistake, couple with the fact that Brigham Young is finally ready to join the Big XII.  With 13 teams being unwieldy, and no suitable schools for a 14th, this just made the most sense.  The oft-discussed cooperative efforts of the Big XII and the ACC came into play obviously too.

Winners:  West Virginia, obviously.  Gets to reinvigorate rivalries with Pitt, Syracuse, and Virginia Tech.  The ACC–gets a football school to help placate the masses, while awaiting a Notre Dame decision.  The Big XII–West Virginia was always a geographical outlier.  BYU–they almost lost out on being at the grown-up’s table.  This salvages that.  The Big East leftovers–this stabilizes expansion for a while.  Hopefully.

Losers: Connecticut and Cincinnati.  They are plainly on the outside right now.   They will have to wait for defections from the ACC, which seem a bit less likely now.  Marylandwho considers West Virginia a rival, for some reason.

Big Losers: Us, for posting this April Fool’s Joke in such a very cruel manner.   Those people who will not realize that this is an April Fool’s Joke and/or post on Twitter that it is.  Nobody likes a spoiler.

5 responses to “Huge News: West Virginia to ACC in 2014-2015!

  1. why would anyone of us fall for this: it was not posted by the DudeWVU, MHver3, Swaim or other WVU phites……..happy April 1 to you too. However, how much longer before we start hearing some positive news from the ACC on: network, possible scheduling alliance, ACC GOR or whatever?

  2. Glad I read the whole thing! It is my dream scenario and it would essentially save the ACC. Almost like the Sid FInch SI article about the fictitious Mets pitcher.

  3. I admit it, I feel for it. But I have the excuse of still suffering the effects of partying late last night. April fools day wasn’t even close to being on my mind, lol.

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