The Realignment Fallout of the Proposed College Football Union

You may not know it, but one of the biggest days in college football history is quickly approaching. No, not the spring signing period, although that was pretty exciting. No, not the inaugural College Football Playoff either, that’s practically a whole year away. Imagine something greater. Something more far-reaching. That’s next Friday.

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The ACC–a Football Conference?

So, here we are… a few years after the Big 10 went on a colonization imperialistic expansion spree.  The expectation was that the Big 10 would leverage Ohio State/Michigan and its history to catch up to the SEC in that sport (the money sport).  Here we are in 2013-2014 and it does not appear to be shaping up that way.  Instead, it appears that the Big 10′s basketball has passed its football, the ACC has set up its football to pass its basketball.  For this year anyway.  Consider:

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New Divisions for ACC? January 8, 2014 Update

According to ESPN, Swofford suggests that the ACC (or at least he) favors greater latitude in determining who plays in a conference championship game.  If the NCAA were to change the rule to allow a conference championship game to feature two teams–without regard to divisions–how would you divide the teams for division purposes?

Let us know below.

Original article:

According to Twitter, specifically:, the ACC is going to re-consider the idea of the divisions.

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Cardinals, Tigers and Bearcats, Oh My! Part 2


Louisville, Memphis State and Cincinnati have been intwined in a triangle relationship for many decades and through multiple conferences. It’s a rivalry that hasn’t received the same noterity or exposure as Duke and North Carolina or Texas and Oklahoma but it is a rivalry that has brought out the vile from all three fan bases. It is also unique in that it envolves three teams.

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Cardinals, Tigers and Bearcats, Oh My! Part 1

Metro Conference logo

Metro Conference logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Louisville, Memphis State, and Cincinnati rivalries have spanned many decades and almost as many conferences. These rivalries, that are underappreciated nationally, hold a special place in the heart s of these three universities and fan bases. It is truly a love/hate relationship;  we love to hate each other.

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UPDATE: Louisville to ACC in 2014 not a “done deal”?

Talk around Louisville this week has centered around University of Louisville President Dr. James Ramsey comments from a radio show recently. He was answering questions regarding the Cardinals move to the ACC. His response led to talk radio and message board panic.
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Big XII Expansion Thoughts

The folk over at Frank the Tank are having fun talking about Big XII expansion scenarios.  Assuming that the Big XII wants to add two schools… and cannot steal from the ACC, SEC, B1G, or Pac-12, where does the Big XII go?  Frank the Tank lists them in order as Cincinnati, BYU, San Diego State, Central Florida, South Florida, and then Tulane.  The question for ACC fans.  Which would we like to see?  Which would we hate to see?

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NCAA Reform- Conference Expansion, Division 4 and Free Agency?

It feels good to win. And why wouldn’t it? It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. It’s motivating. But sometimes winning just doesn’t seem possible. Kansas football. Clemson basketball in the Dean Dome. The Big Ten in population growth. Hopeless causes. Or are they? Maybe they’re just a few moves away. I think the NCAA is too.

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