Winston Suspended For Half (Sigh)

Yesterday, I noted that Jameis Winston needed guidance.  Today, Winston was punished.  He will sit out the first half of the Clemson game.  If that is all we get out of this, it will be disappointing.  Indeed, I disagree with this approach, both as it relates to Winston and as it relates to everyone else.

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Jameis Winston–Needs Guidance Badly

Deadspin (NSFW, language) is reporting that numerous Florida State students allegedly observed Jameis Winston yelling an obscenity while standing atop a table.  So, we have accusations of rape, accusations of theft, and now this apparent exercise in poor judgment.  The question that begs is when will Jameis Winston learn how to comport himself off the field with as much poise as he does on the field?  We keep expecting the last transgression to be the one that sinks in, only to be followed by another one.  He is not getting it.  He may have some success and reach financial heights few can imagine… but it will not end well.  He needs some guidance from someone.

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The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 4

As we enter Week 4, things are really starting to…get more confusing?  What happened to the clarity?  In any event, the Confidential correspondents are as clueless as anyone else as to how to rank these ACC teams.  I kid, of course.  Nevertheless, Georgia Tech (3-0), UNC (2-0), NC State (3-0), and Syracuse (2-0) are not ranked in the top 10.  Meanwhile, four one-loss teams are ranked.  How often does that happen?  Anyway, here we go:

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Ranking the Conferences: Week 3

With the football playoff looming, it is tempting to analyze which four teams belong in it.  But it is simply too early to begin prognosticating.  Most teams have not even played a conference game yet.  But we are starting to see about conference strength.  Let’s rank the conferences after three weeks.

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The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 3

Each week, the Confidential’s correspondents vote on the top 10 in the ACC (including Notre Dame).  With two weeks of games, the standings are starting to take shape.  We discuss the rankings from 10 to 1… so here we go:

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Five Star Friday

Who would have thought Citadel week down in Tallahassee would wind up being such a huge week for the Seminoles? The Seminoles, coming off a 37-31 win over the young but very talented Oklahoma State team are hitting what would be considered a lull in the schedule. Kick off is tonight at 7:30PM against the Citadel and the Noles are 55 point favorites. This week is followed up by a bye week before playing Clemson the following week, a game that has determined the ACC Atlantic winner the last 4 years. Coming into the year, this might have been a good stretch to double down on work and other responsibilities so you can concentrate your fandom during the remainder of the year, right? WRONG! FSU had arguably their biggest recruiting day ever, and not in the way you’ve probably come to expect. Not to mention two other major announcements on current players on the football team. Continue reading

ICYMI: 40 Years of Big 10 vs ACC

Here are a few tweets that you may have missed regarding the Big 10 and ACC:

ACC Fun Fact. Exclude Neb, PSU, Miami, and FSU. Clemson/Ga Tech have 1.5 national championships since 1975, OSU and Michigan: 1.5.

Yes, Clemson and Georgia Tech have as many national championships as Michigan and Ohio State in the past 40 years.  Think about that.

And given that FSU has 3 national championships while a member of the ACC, that is a 4.5 to 1.5 edge for the ACC over the Big 10.

And that excludes the ACC’s best team–Florida State–who has 3 of their own.

And if you want to count current ACC/B1G members, Big 10 gets 4.5 for PSU/Nebraska (6 total). ACC gets 5 for Pitt/Miami (9.5) total.

So the Big 10 was wise to go buy a few programs that have actually won a national championship or two.  But the ACC’s additions of Pitt/Miami gets another 4.5 (did not realize split title for Miami).  Errata!  Errata!  Anyway, that is still a 9-6 edge for the ACC.

Upon further review, do you still think the Big 10 is a better football conference than the ACC?  If so, why?

And let’s not forget Notre Dame… ha ha ha.