The Football Over-Unders for 2015: Georgia Tech

This article is another in a series of articles in which the Confidential opines regarding the over/under for football wins in 2015.  We’ll take a cursory look at the schedule and determine what we think is the point where folks will struggle to select “over” or “under.”  We hope people will share their comments as to “why” they are going over/under.  If you disagree with our over/under choice, of course, feel free to let us know too.  The next team up: Georgia Tech.  We are going with an over/under of 8.5 regular season wins.

  1. September 3 vs. Alcorn State
  2. September 12 vs Tulane
  3. September 19 @ Notre Dame
  4. September 26 @ Duke
  5. October 3 vs. North Carolina
  6. October 10 @ Clemson
  7. October 17 vs. Pitt
  8. October 24 vs. Florida State
  9. October 31 @ Virginia
  10. November 12 vs. Virginia Tech
  11. November 21 @Miami
  12. November 28 vs. Georgia

Likely wins: Alcorn State, Tulane, North Carolina

Likely losses: @ Notre Dame, @ Clemson, Florida State

Summary: Georgia Tech has a very tough schedule.  After Alcorn State and Tulane, where is the next “easy” win?  Virginia?  That is away.  By default, it could be the home game against North Carolina.  The other 8 games?  How about a road slate of Notre Dame, Duke, Clemson, and Miami… got to be tow losses there.  And what about the final four home games?  Pitt, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Georgia.  Are two more losses that improbable.  We see the Yellow Jackets falling all the way down to an over/under of 8.5 regular season wins.

What do you think?  Over or under?  Let us know.

Prior discussions: Florida State.

The Football Over-Unders for 2015: Florida State

This article is the first in a series of articles in which the Confidential opines regarding the over/under for football wins in 2015.  We’ll take a cursory look at the schedule and determine what we think is the point where folks will struggle to select “over” or “under.”  We hope people will share their comments as to “why” they are going over/under.  If you disagree with our over/under choice, of course, feel free to let us know too.  The first team up: Florida State.  We are going with an over/under of 10.5 regular season wins.

  1. September 5 vs. Texas State
  2. September 12 vs. South Florida
  3. September 18 @ Boston College
  4. October 3 @ Wake Forest
  5. October 10 vs. Miami
  6. October 17 vs. Louisville
  7. October 24 @ Georgia Tech
  8. October 31 vs. Syracuse
  9. November 7 @ Clemson
  10. November 14 vs. NC State
  11. November 21 vs. Chattanooga
  12. November 28 @ Florida

Summary: Florida State is hard this year.  This team could go 12-0 and nobody would be shocked. However, after losing Winston and a second-straight set of studs to the NFL, the Seminoles are bound to take a step back.  Whether that is a step back to 11 wins or 8 wins is anybody’s guess.  Look, Wake Forest upset them a few years back.  Boston College has played them tough recently.  Syracuse and North Carolina State hung on for way too long last year.  With road games at Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Florida–as well as tough home games against Miami and Louisville, the Confidential sees one or two losses.  And if that is a rebuilding year, then Jimbo Fisher is doing a great job in Tallahassee.  The Confidential goes with an over/under of 10.5 for the Seminoles.

What do you think?  Over or under?  Let us know.


From Outta the Woodwork

Although my UofL/ACC sports blog normally hibernates from the end of college basketball until the start of college football (83 days, but who’s counting?), I have recently encountered something more rare than a Honus Wagner rookie card: some free time. Thus, I wanted to share my thoughts on some items directly related to my beloved alma mater and the league they now fortunately compete in. My last blog was one surrounding utter heartache – discussing the fact that Rick Pitino and his troops were a mere made free throw away from playing in it’s 3rd Final Four in the past four seasons. And, I would be lying if I said that the loss to Michigan State no longer bothered me. It’s so fresh in fact, that last week I began to get semi nauseous just at the site of watching Draymond Green in the NBA playoffs due to his link to the Spartans. But, as they say, time heals all wounds so I should let go of the past and focus on what lies ahead……… Yeah, right.

My first non-basketball related blog topic today revolves around the Louisville Baseball team. To say that Head Coach Dan McDonnell has built the Cardinals into a consistently formidable program would be the understatement of the past century. In it’s inaugural season in the powerful ACC, the Cardinals broke a league record by notching 25 wins. Let that sink in for just a moment, especially when you look back through the years at some of the dominant Fla State, Miami, Clemson et al baseball schools that have comprised the ACC Conference on the diamond. Admittedly, I did not get to see a lot of Louisville’s games this past season due to a lack of tv coverage in my area. But, thanks to the voice of Sean Moth I was able to follow the ride through the airways and listen to some of the bigger games on the Cards’ schedule. image

Head Coach Dan McDonnell

Just a few of the impressive achievements by this year’s Cardinal Nine included a season sweep of Kentucky and a home series sweep of nationally ranked Miami who is currently playing in the College World Series. Series wins over Virginia (also in the CWS) and Florida Stare also beefed up UofL’s seasonal resume. Of course the magical ride finally ended last week in a heartbreaking 11 inning loss to Cal State Fullerton. The Cards had more than their share of chances to advance however, but could not come up with the timely late inning hit and eventually succumbed to an uber game deciding controversial home run that I would still bet my 401K was foul. Nonetheless, a video replay system more archaic than the Atari game system ruled the ball fair…..season over. The final game raked in a school record 6,000+ fans and was the final nail in the coffin towards establishing UofL as a legitimate college baseball power. image

Individually, this UofL team had no shortage of talent. Freshman phenom All-American Brendan McKay was sensational all season both at first base and on the bump. Fellow All-American outfielder Corey Ray was equally as impressive all year with his prowess and pop at the plate. Both players return next season along with a steady class of studs to insure what looks to be another great season. image All-American Cory Ray

More good news recently came across the wire when stud pitcher Josh Rogers announced via Twitter that he would be returning to UofL for his senior season. Rogers was magnificent in his final outing of the season relegating CSF to a first inning homerun and nothing else afterwards for seven frames. He also put on a trash talking clinic that even Muhammad Ali would have marveled at.


Personally, baseball was probably my favorite sport growing up. But being that Louisville Baseball was never experienced any significant relevance during my younger years, I almost never paid any attention to what the Cards were doing. In a sense, I am admitting to being somewhat of a bandwagon baseball fan at The Ville – at least over the last decade which included Lelo Prado’s final two years at the helm before Tom Jurich hit the jackpot for the millionth time after hiring McDonnell. No matter what, I am more than thrilled and tickled pink that baseball is indeed now alive and well in Louisville at the collegiate level. Moving on from baseball, it should be noted that the Louisville Football program is getting closer and closer to it’s 2015 season opener against the Auburn Tigers and it’s second season in the ACC. I am cautiously optimistic that Bobby Petrino’s second year at the tilt (for a second time) will follow the path of recent history, meaning that the Louisville offense will be much improved as compared to year one. Obviously it’s too early to play the “who will start where” game. But what IS easy to conclude is that Petrino will have plenty of quarterbacks to choose from: one time starter Will Gardner, Battle of the Bluegrass legend Kyle Bolin, Notre Dame game hero and homegrown Reggie Bonnafon, Penn State transfer Tyler Ferguson or four star phenom Lamar Jackson. Pin the tail on the donkey might be the best way to select a starter. Personally, I am hyped to see what Brandon Radcliff can/will do when getting a starter’s load of carries from the running back position.

. image

Brandon Radcliff 

Although Louisville’s defense took a significant “hit” via graduation and the NFL Draft, it will still have six starters back in addition to some big time difference makers in transfers Josh Harvey-Clemons and DeVonte’ Fields, the former freshmen defensive player of the year from TCU. Oh, and speaking of Fields, the amount of hate and venom that was spewed out by rival fan bases ( I will let you guess which one lead the way) because UofL was offering a scholarship to a “criminal” was hilarious. If you would like to cool the jets of those same rival fans who were shouting from their soap boxes then kindly have them open this link….. I will most certainly crank back up my blogging hobby once football season nears. There will be more than plenty to discuss when re-examining the Cards from head to toe as well as the rest of the ACC teams. But this entry has come full circle so I will end going back to hoops.

Rick Pitino & Co. got some terrific news just a few days ago when 5-star small forward VJ King verbally committed to the Cards. King is rated by many of the national recruiting services as the #1 SF in the class of 2016. I am by no means Ralph Willard, but after watching numerous videos on him, it is more than apparent that this kid is an all around stud – an instant difference maker. King is the first commit for a class that has potential to page Pitino’s best since hitting the scene in The Ville. The next potential commit to keep an eye out for is five star shooting guard Markelle Fultz who has close ties to assistant coach Kenny Johnson (as did VJ King) so that may ultimately factor in to his decision when deciding on Louisville or Arizona. In the spirit of not putting the horse before the cart, there is still roster movement taking place for THIS year’s basketball team. The Cards recently added a 6’5″ transfer from St. John’s named Jay Henderson who will join the team immediately as a walk-on. The last walk-on to play basketball at UofL w/the last name Henderson stole my head and broke Wichita State’s. Another scholarship is also still up in the air as Coach Pitino and his staff anxiously await to see if top 30 2016 small forward Maverick Rowan (a PITT decommit) will reclassify to this year’s class and then commit to UofL. The Cards look to be the favorite if Rowan does move up in class hut they will have competition from most notably Wisconsin. If they do land Rowan then tge roster could be set for the next two to three seasons almost guaranteeing UofL a shot at a fourth national title.


Maverick Rowan

I sincerely hope everyone within Cardinal Nation has a fun, safe summer. I look forward to blogging again the next time I hear some significant University of Louisville Athletics news or updates. Go Cards!

The Over/Under Recap of 2014

As we set forth to do our over-unders for 2015, here is a look at last year’s over/unders:

As you can see, we were within 1/2 a game of the following six schools: Florida State (12 regular season wins vs. over/under of 11.5); Virginia (5 wins vs 4.5); Clemson (9 wins vs. 9.5); North Carolina (6 wins vs. 6.5); Louisville (9 wins vs. 8.5); Duke (9 wins vs. 8.5);

We were slightly off on these five schools: North Carolina State (7 wins vs. 5.5); Miami (6 wins vs. 7.5); Wake Forest (3 wins vs. 4.5); Boston College (7 wins vs. 5.5); Notre Dame (7 wins vs 8.5);

We were way off on on these four schools: Georgia Tech (10 wins vs. 7.5); Virginia Tech (6 wins vs 8.5); Pitt (6 wins vs 8.5); Syracuse 3 wins vs 7.5).

What’s the over/under on how many schools we can come within 1/2 a win of this year?  Ha ha ha.  Just kidding.  Stay tuned for our 2015 over/unders…coming soon!



Olympic Sports that I’d like to see…

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has reformed their rules and are permitting host cities to propose the addition of one or more sports for their game. Currently, the IOC is evaluating a list of 26 sports that have applied to be included in the 2020 summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo, and the list of sports is quite varied; ranging from chess to Sumo to tug-of-war.

The vague criteria for the new sport(s) are that it/they must be popular with young people, give momentum to Tokyo 2020 and meet IOC standards.

That can mean only one thing: video games in the Olympics.

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Lindsay, Jones exit – MLB draft kind to Diamond Heels

This time last year, coach Mike Fox and the Diamond Heels were reeling after losing 10 commits to the 2014 MLB draft which showed up significantly (in a bad way) in both the regular season and ACC tournament in the form of pitching. After losing many talented freshman, there just seemed to not be enough manpower in that particular area to sustain momentum down the stretch. This ultimately led to the Heels missing taking part in the NCAAT for the first time since 2001.

Even though the top 2 recruits the Diamond Heels had signed ended up being drafted, the class is still loaded and with some much needed relief in the form of pitchers. One of those pitching commits (two total) ranks in the Top 75 nationally.

The in-state class is led by 2nd ranked RHP and 10th ranked player overall in the state of North Carolina- Cole Aker and will be looked at to help add stability at the mound similar to what they enjoyed back in 2014.

I’ll have a breakdown of the entire recruiting class this summer along with the other UNC teams as we gear up for the new season.

Conference Realignment: A League of their Own

The Confidential has had some fun recently exploring different topics for hypothetical realignment scenarios such as relegation and team trading. While the tectonic shifts of conference realignment have settled since the ACC added a Grant-of-Rights, and the Big XII seems to have resolved their Conference Championship Game dilemma, there has been chatter among some of the private schools that changes could still be on the horizon.

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