ACC Bowl Projections

With the exception of two schools, ACC play is behind us. But that’s not a bad thing because nine of the teams (and Notre Dame) will be playing in a bowl game. So with that, let’s talk some bowl projections.

CFB Playoff – Clemson vs Iowa

The only team with a shot at the playoffs needs a win in the championship game to keep their spot. They struggled against their rival, South Carolina, but that won’t keep them out of the playoffs as long as they’re undefeated. They’ll likely be the 1 seed, so they’ll get whoever the playoff committee deems least deserving. For now, let’s say Iowa assuming they win a close one against Michigan State.

Peach Bowl – UNC vs Notre Dame

The loser of the ACC championship presumably gets this spot, but not always. Florida State could jump to this spot, but the recent polls show UNC over FSU, so that’s not likely. On the other side, the Peach bowl opponent could come from a number of conferences, but Notre Dame also has a tie-in. I’m sure the committee would love to have Notre Dame face off against another solid ACC team for the storyline itself.

Russel Athletic – Florida State vs TCU

This is too easy. A Florida team playing in Florida; they’re literally the only choice if they fall this far. A New Year’s Six selection isn’t out of the question, but you have to think the folks in Orlando would love to have FSU in this one. They get the third or fourth pick from the Big 12, so TCU seems like the logical choice here with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and maybe Baylor being ahead of them.

Music City – Louisville vs Georgia

The Cardinals are a natural fit for this bowl. They make sense geographically, and they’re in an SEC state so they fit in well with the bowl tie-in. They could face any number of SEC teams, but let’s pencil in Georgia for the sake of geography.

Belk – Virginia Tech vs Texas A&M

Many sources indicate that the folks in Charlotte want Virginia Tech really bad. It’ll be Beamer’s last game, and they know that means big revenue. Blacksburg isn’t too far away and Hokie fans will travel. This is another SEC tie-in that could go to any number of teams. If Georgia is in Nashville, I think Texas A&M makes sense here being another fanbase that would travel and be nationally recognized.

Sun – Miami vs Washington State

This tends to be the game no one wants, since it’s so outside of the ACC’s geographical footprint. The conference usually sends a nationally recognized program so that they can attract an audience even when their fanbase can’t make the trip. Miami fits the bill with the added bonus that they may already have a new coach. On the other side, the PAC-12 usually does the same in terms of selections, but I think Washington State is the pick here mostly because they’ll be the last 8-4 team chosen, and other teams like Arizona State can’t jump them.

Pinstripe – Pittsburgh vs Indiana

As much as the committee would love a Pitt/Penn State game, the Big 10 simply doesn’t have enough bowl eligible teams to make that happen. Pittsburgh is the the northern most ACC team that’s bowl eligible, so they’ll be the logical choice (unless Duke’s New York fanbase is taken into account). With an almost guaranteed playoff team along with possibly 1 or 2 New Year’s Six selections, the Big 10 certainly won’t be able to fill all their affiliations. Penn State will likely be pulled up to the Tier 1 bowls, leaving only Indiana in the tier 2 meaning they could go to any of those bowls. It’s entirely possible Pitt ends up playing a team from some other conference.

Military – NC State vs Navy

If Virginia Tech isn’t picked up by the Belk bowl, they obviously go here. With the assumption of them in Charlotte, NC State would be an easy pick for the Military. Raleigh isn’t too far from DC, and the fanbase travels well as a whole. Navy is all but guaranteed for this bowl unless a they get taken as a at-large by a bigger bowl. This would literally be a home game for Navy which would mean an almost sell-out crowd.

Independence/Quick Lane – Duke

Tack on the ACC to the list of conferences not able to fill all their bowl slots. The third tier of bowls includes these two, but there’s just one team left. If Notre Dame isn’t in a New Year’s Six, you could drop one of the second tier teams, but it’s tough to see them not in a NY 6 bowl. Duke is the last team left, and will probably fall to one of these last two because of how they finished.

Where will your team be playing in the post season? Post your projections below

Roundtable of the Confidential’s ACC Correspondents: Week 12/13

Welcome to the ACC Roundtable of the ACC Correspondents!  As is and will be the plan for the remainder of the football season, the Confidential correspondents will discuss the Week that was (Week 12) and the Week that will be (Week 13) for the ACC and their respective schools.  Tell us what you think below.

1. What was most notable about your school’s performance in Week 12?

  • HHuntley (NC State): State put together an adequate performance this weekend. Not great, but not bad.
  • Kevin (Louisville): Most notable for UofL was holding PITT to only 3 second half points after helplessly coughing up 35 in the first half.
  • Alwin (North Carolina): The resiliency and clutch performance in OT, even though it was brought on by not taking care of the ball. Oh, and the defense seemingly carried the offense until the end there. That was new. 
  • Lenville (Louisville): The Cards experienced a complete breakdown in the 2nd quarter at Pittsburgh. That was easily the ugliest quarter that I ever remember them playing as the Panthers were overwhelmingly dominant, putting 35 points on the scoreboard. The Cards needed a QB change & a 49 yard TD bomb to pull back within 42-24 at the half.
  • Commander/ACaffrey (Syracuse): In a game that could have saved his job, Scott Shafer continued to be unduly risk averse, choosing a FG rather than going for the score on 4th and goal from the 1.  Later, down 21-3, he would go for a two-point conversion.  Not to be a hypocrite, but you have to know your football situation.  Why eschew an easy 1 point to take an offensive play from the 3 yard line (net possible gain of 1 point), when you did not try to get extra points on an offensive play from the 1 yard line (net possible gain of 4).  Plus, even if you fail on the 4th and 1, the other team STILL has to start from the line of scrimmage.  Instead, he again showed that he lacked confidence in his offense to score from the 1 and in his defense to take advantage of an opponent starting at the 1.  And in the end, the A.D. and fans lacked confidence in Shafer (who was fired).

2. What are you looking to see out of your school in Week 13?
  • HHuntley (NC State): This is the big one. A chance to spoil a nearly spotless season for the rival…doesn’t get much better than this. It would be typical NC State to win this game when it makes no sense at all.
  • Kevin (Louisville): This week I need to see a UofL team that can avoid long mental lapses and an offensive line that can create some resemblance of an average running game. Last, I want to see defensive backs who can prove they can actually tackle in space as they will get opportunities against Boom Williams and JoJo Kemp.
  • Alwin (North Carolina): I’m really looking for a complete effort in enemy territory. It’s going to be loud, it’s going to be insane, and it’s going to be intense. We need to play our best game of the season Saturday for many reasons. 
  • Lenville (Louisville): Good effort & focus from start to finish. It’s the last game of the regular season & the Cards are still looking for a QB to step up & claim the position of full time starter. To prevent our in state rival from getting to 6 wins & bowl eligibility for the second straight year.
  • Commander/ACaffrey (Syracuse): As bad a head coach as Shafer turned out to be, he was still a very good defensive coordinator and helped bring Syracuse back to respectability.  He is also, by all accounts, a good man.  I hope that he has a nice send off at the Dome this week with a supportive crowd and a victory.

3. Who impressed you the most in the ACC in Week 12?

  • HHuntley (NC State): Boston College sure gave Notre Dame a scare. That’s the second time this season they’ve done this. If they were bowl eligible, they’d be scary.
  • Kevin (Louisville): I was most impressed this week by North Carolina. They held off a very stingy VA Tech team in their house who had nothing to lose and looking for an upset.
  • Alwin (North Carolina): Virginia Tech. I know that may be biased considering they pushed us to the brink in the beginning of the game it looked as if the emotion had been spent sending Coach Beamer off, but they never gave up. 
  • Lenville (Louisville):Pitts 2nd quarter performance against the Cardinals. The secondary was no match for Boyd & they took full advantage of it. The Cards were able to make some halftime adjustments & were able to make a comeback just to come up short.
  • Commander (Syracuse): Miami keeps on winning.  Is there any chance that their interim coach gets retained by the new staff?  Recall that Urban Meyer kept Luke Fickell at Ohio State.  It would not be unprecedented.

4. If the playoffs started today, who would you vote in?  Who do you think will be there at season’s end?
  • HHuntley (NC State): Clemson, Alabama, B1G champion, and Big 12 champion. Sorry Notre Dame, but getting a week off is going to cost you.
  • Kevin (Louisville):I think the following will be in……Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma.
  • Alwin (North Carolina): Clemson, Alabama, Iowa, and Oklahoma (for now)
  • Lenville (Louisville):Today I would have 1 Clemson, 2 Alabama, 3 Iowa & 4 Notre Dame. My prediction for the final rankings are 1 Clemson, 2 Alabama, 3 Oklahoma & 4 Michigan State. Notre Dame could still be a factor in the final poll with a victory over Stanford.
  • Commander (Syracuse): Season ends today & season’s end: 1. Clemson, 2. Alabama, 3. Notre Dame; 4. Iowa.  By season’s end: 1. Alabama; 2. Clemson, 3. B1G Champion; 4. Notre Dame.  If so, the Big XII would be left out again.  Maybe time to go to 12 teams???

What do you think?  How would you answer these questions?

ACC Roundtable of the Confidential Correspondents: Week 10/11

Welcome to the ACC Roundtable of the ACC Correspondents!  As is and will be the plan for the remainder of the football season, the Confidential correspondents will discuss the Week that was (Week 19) and the Week that will be (Week 11) for the ACC and their respective schools.  Tell us what you think below.

1. What was most notable about your school’s performance in Week 10?

  • HHuntley (NC State): This was really an encouraging win. It was the first game without either of the top 2 running backs, and the running game survived. Defense rebounded nicely from the week before.11
  • Lenville (Louisville): The Cards turned in their first complete game & got above .500 for the first time this season. The offense racked over 500 yards through the air & on the ground while the defense held Syracuse to 17 points. The Cards opponents have now committed over 50 turnovers in the last 22 games.
  • Commander/ACaffrey (Syracuse): That the Syracuse defense continues to be unable to do ANYTHING well.  It is like a chess game between a grand master and a novice.  Another QB coming off the bench to have a career day. 

2. What are you looking to see out of your school in Week 11?
  • HHuntley (NC State): Oh boy, not really for this one. NC State hasn’t had great luck playing in Tallahassee recently, and FSU is going to be coming off a tough loss against Clemson. I guess I’m looking to keep it close…
  • Lenville (Louisville): Will Bolin remain as the starter at quarterback & can the Cards put together another complete game. The Cardinals lost at Virginia last season & will look to get their first victory against their cross division rival to become bowl eligible.
  • Commander/ACaffrey (Syracuse): This week’s game will have little to do with Scott Shafer’s tenure.   If he wins the last two games, he will likely be back in 2016.  However, will the team respond with the type of performance that they had against LSU?   Will Shafer play to win, rather than his usual “play not to lose”?  I thought he turned the corner with the LSU game and had finally realized this.  Instead, he has regressed miserably.  If the game is still a game after halftime, that will be a baby step.

3. Who impressed you the most in the ACC in Week 10?

  • HHuntley (NC State): UNC looked better than ever in a dominant win over Duke. Does this say more about UNC or Duke? I’m temped to say it’s how good UNC can be, but both teams have had a rollercoaster of a year.
  • Lenville (Louisville): North Carolina is looking good & put together another dominant performance. FSU also gave Clemson a better game than what I was expecting.
  • Commander (Syracuse): How about Miami getting to bowl eligibility?  The ACC could benefit with UNC beating Miami this week, but Miami could win out and have a 10-3 season with a bowl victory.  The loss to Cincinnati stings more than the loss to Clemson.  That is the type of game that Miami HAS TO win 100% of the time.  In any event, if Miami can finish by winning 2 of its last 3, that would make it an 8-4 team heading into the bowls.

4. If the playoffs started today, who would you vote in?  Who do you think will be there at season’s end?
  • HHuntley (NC State): Chaos reigned supreme this week atop the polls, so my vote right now would be: Clemson, Ohio State, the Big 12 winner, and Notre Dame. I would choose Notre Dame over Alabama because Notre Dame has a better loss right now than Alabama.
  • Lenville (Louisville): 1 Clemson 2 Ohio St 3 Alabama 4 Oklahoma St. The Buckeyes have a chance to jump Clemson for the top spot with Michigan St & other quality opponents coming up on their schedule, including a possibly undefeated Iowa team in the B1G championship game. Oklahoma St should be in after their dominating performance against TCU. Alabama is looking like the best team in the country since their loss but they shouldn’t be any higher than #3, they have quality wins that other undefeated teams just don’t have. I would put Notre Dame, Baylor & Stanford as the next three.
  • Commander (Syracuse): Season ends today & season’s end: 1. Clemson, 2. Ohio State, 3. LSU, and 4. Baylor.   Alabama, Notre Dame, and Stanford are all in mix obviously.

What do you think?  How would you answer these questions?

NC State Give Clemson a Scare on Halloween

Fans of NC State know the recipe all too well: a lackluster NC State team hosts a nationally ranked team at home and somehow pulls off the upset. It’s happened plenty of times before, and it almost happened on Saturday, but the wheels fell off and Clemson escaped with the win.

Game Recap

This game started off at breakneck pace with four scores in the first four drives. What’s more, each team had an extra point blocked and the score was 13-13. The first drive without a score came when Brissett fumbled on a sack. Clemson was held to a field goal in a nice goal line stand by the Wolfpack. NC State was forced to punt on the next drive, but again were kept to a field goal. It looked like the game was getting away, but a risky play gave the Wolfpack a 20-19 lead. On a 3rd and 1, Brissett found Samuels on the pass for a 40yd touchdown.


After finally getting a stop on defense, the team looked to improve on their lead. The Wolfpack marched all the way down the field, but missed a field goal. Flashes of the Troy game came back to fans as Clemson threw a hail mary and scored just seconds before the half, giving Clemson a 26-20 lead. While in the locker room, it was announced that Matt Dayes would not return for the second half.

Each team came out of the half and scored pretty quickly. Clemson scored again, and again, and again. The NC State defense fell apart in the second half, and could never slow down Clemson’s offense enough. The absence of Dayes really hurt as the Wolfpack’s running game fell flat. Clemson’s offense exploded for 30 points in the second half, while NC State was left with just 21.



Wolfpack fans complaining about this loss need to take a step back. Clemson is one of about a dozen teams still undefeated and for good reason. They are a solid team and have a very legitimate shot at a national title. The fact that NC State hung 41 points on them is a big deal and shouldn’t go unnoticed, especially since Miami was shut out a week ago.


The defense was unimpressive, which is interesting because they’ve been a strong point all season. Again, I’m willing to attribute some of this to Clemson being one of the best offenses in the nation. Still, some of these two play drives looked really bad. Hopefully the defense can turn it around next week when they go to one of the ACC’s worst offenses, Boston College


GIF Reaction


It was a good effort and perhaps with Matt Dayes playing the whole game, this would be a different story. Either way, you can’t be mad about this loss, but you can’t be very happy about it either.

ACC Roundtable of the Confidential Correspondents: Week 9/10

Welcome to the ACC Roundtable of the ACC Correspondents!  As is and will be the plan for the remainder of the football season, the Confidential correspondents will discuss the Week that was (Week 9) and the Week that will be (Week 10) for the ACC and their respective schools.  Tell us what you think below.

1. What was most notable about your school’s performance in Week 9?

  • HHuntley (NC State): All in all, I think NC State played well against Clemson. Without Matt Dayes in the second half, I think losing was inevitable. I’m proud of the effort and not really upset with the result.
  • Lenville (Louisville):The Cards won the turnover battle with 4 interceptions. The secondary displayed poor tackling technique but the front 7 played strong throughout the game. Young has emerged as a threat from this group. The offense found some success through the air while the ground game sputtered along.
  • Commander/ACaffrey (Syracuse): Florida State sat Cook and Golson, yet turned in one of their better performances offensively against an ACC foe.  What is notable is that Syracuse continues to be outmatched by ranked opponents under Scott Shafer.  Moreover, when the wheels fall off, they rarely get put back on.  That being said, there were a few Syracuse players that, despite their youth, belonged on that field with FSU.  The problem is that FSU’ young defense will mature along with Syracuse’s young offense.  Until Syracuse can field a FBS-level defense, Syracuse will not be able to win consistently.

2. What are you looking to see out of your school in Week 10?
  • HHuntley (NC State): NC State has never won when playing at Boston College. That’s a really bad streak that needs to be broken. Also, being bowl eligible wouldn’t hurt.
  • Lenville (Louisville): Still waiting for the offense to come alive. Can the defense contain Dungey? It will be nice to see Syracuse back in Papa Johns Cardinals Stadium.
  • Commander/ACaffrey (Syracuse): Louisville has struggled offensively, but will they find a way to dominate a Syracuse defense that has not stopped anyone other than Rhode Island?   Probably.  Will the Syracuse offense do more against a Louisville defense than other foes have?  Probably not.  But that is why they play the games.

3. Who impressed you the most in the ACC in Week 9?

  • HHuntley (NC State): In all the Miami/Duke chaos, I think Virginia’s win over GT was a big story. UVA really needed that win, but Georgia Tech couldn’t capitalize on the momentum.
  • Lenville (Louisville): There was plenty of controversy surrounding the finish of the Duke v Miami game but I was more surprised by Virginia getting the win over Georgia Tech. Beamer announcing his retirement at the end of the season also caught me by surprise. He is a living legend & among the all time greats, while it will be sad to see him go I believe it is time. Hopefully VT can find someone who will continue his legacy of excellence.
  • Commander (Syracuse): Jimbo Fisher.  Is there a coach at any elite-level program that carries himself with more class?  He sat Winston before the Clemson game last year.  Urban Meyer would have buried his head in the sand for a week.  Against Syracuse, Fisher played without Golson or Cook, but just went with it in stride.  The offense sputtered for two series, but then went to Plan B–attacking a weak Syracuse secondary.  Many coaching staffs would spend an entire half trying to establish the run or whatever their Plan A was.  Fisher and his staff adjusted quickly and dominated.  Then, after passing for 300 yards in the first half, Fisher took the air out of the ball to coach to a victory.  Despite losing to Georgia Tech, he did not run up the score.  When he went to his 3rd string QB for some first-game action, he allowed a few screen passes to let the kid get some passing experience… without running up the score.  Just a good, smart coach.

4. If the playoffs started today, who would you vote in?  Who do you think will be there at season’s end?
  • HHuntley (NC State): Ohio State, Baylor, Clemson, and LSU. I actually feel somewhat confident saying this could be my first accurate prediction.
  • Lenville (Louisville): Clemson, LSU, Michigan St & Baylor. Ohio St & TCU are right at the doorstep. Not much changed this week but next weekend will showcase some CFP showdowns like Clemson v FSU & LSU v Alabama. The committee will finally let their voices be heard starting this Tuesday.
  • Commander (Syracuse): Season ends today & season’s end: 1. LSU, 2. Clemson, 3. Ohio State, 4. TCU.  LSU and Clemson get tough matchups–lose and drop out–perhaps permanently.  Unfortunately for the ACC, a 12-1 FSU might be on the outside as well–a loss to Georgia Tech will do that.

What do you think?  How would you answer these questions?

ACC Roundtable of the Confidential Correspondents: Week 8/9

Welcome to the ACC Roundtable of the ACC Correspondents!  As is and will be the plan for the remainder of the football season, the Confidential correspondents will discuss the Week that was (Week 8) and the Week that will be (Week 9) for the ACC and their respective schools.  Tell us what you think below.

1. What was most notable about your school’s performance in Week 8?

  • HHuntley (NC State): Well we finally broke the streak of losing at Wake Forest. Moreover, it was refreshing to win a game like that. The past two weeks haven’t been great, but this one was nice.
  • Lenville (Louisville):Louisville fumbled twice setting up a BC TD & threw 2 interceptions, one in the end zone. BC also blocked a punt & returned it for a TD. The Cards lost the turnover battle 4-1, not including the blocked kick, & had only one offensive TD & yet still won 17-14. How? The Cards defense held BC to -14 yards rushing & just 79 total yards for the game. DT Rankins also returned the lone BC turnover, a fumble by the BC QB, 46 yards for a TD while hurdling a fallen OL along the way. BC picked up only 4 first downs for the game. It was a defensive slugfest in the rain at Papa Johns Cardinals Stadium.
  • Commander/ACaffrey (Syracuse): The Syracuse defense once again failing to stop an opponent from driving nearly the full length of the field.  The defense is bend and break right now, especially in crunch time.  It may be time to mix up the schemes somehow.   Syracuse demoted an Offensive Coordinator for less last year.

2. What are you looking to see out of your school in Week 9?
  • HHuntley (NC State): It’s a nationally televised game against a top 10 ACC team. That has all the makings of a improbable NC State upset. Really, there’s no bad outcome of this game. Either theyll lost really bad like they’re supposed to, or they’ll pull an amazing upset and become bowl eligible.
  • Lenville (Louisville): Improvement & some consistency from the Cards offense as they travel to Wake Forest this Friday night. Can the Cards defense smother WF like they did BC & keep up that intensity level?
  • Commander/ACaffrey (Syracuse): FSU should win easily.  But don’t sleep on Syracuse and Shafer making a game out of it… or FSU may, like LSU, allow Syracuse to make a game out of it.  In the end, no matter the result, it will be interesting to see if Syracuse’s offense can move the ball against the superior athletes on FSU’s defense (who are similarly inexperienced).  If Syracuse can put up 20 or so points, then perhaps Syracuse will be able to move the ball against FSU as both units grow in experience over the next few years.

3. Who impressed you the most in the ACC in Week 7?

  • HHuntley (NC State): I think the Virginia schools showed us how competitive the Coastal really is. Two of the worst teams staying close with two of the best makes for a really fun year in the ACC.
  • Lenville (Louisville): Clemson destroying Miami on their field, giving the Canes their worst loss in their history while sealing Golden fate.
  • Commander (Syracuse): Florida State losing to Georgia Tech.  The Seminoles have flirted with upset defeats all too often during the past two years and it finally caught up.  Georgia Tech is reeling this year.  FSU was undefeated.  This is not the end of the world for FSU, but it does show a vulnerability that may turn the season into a single-digit win total.

4. If the playoffs started today, who would you vote in?  Who do you think will be there at season’s end?
  • HHuntley (NC State): Down goes Utah, and that makes the picture a little clearer. Give me the AP top 4 as it stands today: Ohio State, Baylor, Clemson, and LSU.
  • Lenville (Louisville): 1 Clemson 2 LSU 3 Michigan St 4 Baylor 5 Ohio St 6 TCU. In my opinion these are the best & most deserving teams today. With Utah loss the PAC should be on the outside looking in. There are some 1 loss powers waiting on the sideline (Alabama, Notre Dame & Stanford to name a few) should chaos rain supreme down the stretch. Should Clemson stumble I would put Notre Dame in at this point. My pick for the ACC CCG is Clemson vs North Carolina. The Heels are putting things together since their season opening loss to the Gamecocks.
  • Commander (Syracuse): Season ends today: 1. Ohio State; 2. Baylor; 3. Clemson; 4. LSU.  By season’s end, do not be surprised to see TCU beat Baylor at home and leapfrog them.  Meanwhile, one of Ohio State and Michigan State WILL lose when they play and Michigan/OSU should be interesting.  This may cost the Big 10 a spot ultimately.  If so, perhaps 2 Big XII or 2 SEC schools slide into the playoffs to fill the void.  The Pac-12 is in the worst position right now of the P5 conferences.

What do you think?  How would you answer these questions?

Wolfpack Get Up Early, Fight Off Deacons

After a few depressing weeks, NC State desperately needed a win. The only problem was that they were playing Wake Forest on the road. For some inexplicable reason, the Wolfpack had not won in Winston-Salem since 2001, back when now NFL veteran Phillip Rivers was under center.


It had been a while since NC State had beaten Wake on the road, but thankfully, that changed on Saturday.

Game Recap

I don’t think this game could have started any better. On just the third play from scrimmage, Brissett found Maurice Trowell through the air for a 60 yard touchdown. Wake Forest then went 3 and out, and Matt Dayes ran 85 yards to score on the first play of the drive. Later in the first quarter, NC State scored on another 1 play drive when Brissett passed 58 yards to Nyheim Hines. Finally, Matt Dayes added on another score with a run in the closing seconds of the first to make it 28-0 Wolfpack.


Apparently, NC State thought the game was over after the first quarter. Maybe offensive coordinator Matt Canada decided to catch up on some sleep, or perhaps Jacoby Brissett wanted to save his arm for next week. All joking aside, NC State pretty much parked the bus in the next three quarters. The defense held strong for the most part, but did concede 17 points.


With about five minutes left in the fourth quarter, NC State scored for the first time since the first quarter. It wasn’t the offense though. Brandon Cherry took a punt 52 yards back to the end zone. Wake managed to score once more after this, but NC State took home the victory 35-17.



The first quarter was reminiscent of the “pre-season.” NC State got ahead early and never looked back. Brissett and Dayes both eclipsed 200 yards in passing and rushing respectively.Trowell

Only Wake’s quarterback, Kendall Hinton, posted more than 100 yards of offense. The defense played well when you consider how much they were on the field. It’s just tough to tell which NC State team was the real team. This week’s showdown with Clemson will hopefully tell us which team to expect down the stretch.

GIF Reaction


I mean yeah, they won. But it was against Wake, who is a power 5 team, but not a good one. The score was similar to UNC/Wake, but they didn’t play that well after the first quarter. I’m just so confused!