Recap of the Confidential Football Over-Unders for 2015

Here is a quick recap of the Confidential ACC Football Over-Unders for 2015… in order by over-under win total:

See the team pages for more analysis.  Welcome any criticism too…

Syracuse Football Reality

Eschewing the requisite third-person writing format for a moment, I am a diehard fan of Syracuse University.  I went to football games at Archbold Stadium, including the last one ever played there.  I went to a game during the year in between that stadium and the Dome.  I was a student attending the game in 1987 where an undefeated Syracuse team utterly destroyed hated Penn State.  I have been to road games and bowl games.  I bleed orange.  But, with a rumor that Syracuse is planning to schedule Wisconsin, I can only shake my head at the institutional delusion inside the athletic department (shared by some fans).

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Take Our Sporcle Quiz: ACC Basketball Lottery Picks–1985-1989

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No cheating!–1980s

The Football Over-Unders for 2015: Florida State

This article is the first in a series of articles in which the Confidential opines regarding the over/under for football wins in 2015.  We’ll take a cursory look at the schedule and determine what we think is the point where folks will struggle to select “over” or “under.”  We hope people will share their comments as to “why” they are going over/under.  If you disagree with our over/under choice, of course, feel free to let us know too.  The first team up: Florida State.  We are going with an over/under of 10.5 regular season wins.

  1. September 5 vs. Texas State
  2. September 12 vs. South Florida
  3. September 18 @ Boston College
  4. October 3 @ Wake Forest
  5. October 10 vs. Miami
  6. October 17 vs. Louisville
  7. October 24 @ Georgia Tech
  8. October 31 vs. Syracuse
  9. November 7 @ Clemson
  10. November 14 vs. NC State
  11. November 21 vs. Chattanooga
  12. November 28 @ Florida

Summary: Florida State is hard this year.  This team could go 12-0 and nobody would be shocked. However, after losing Winston and a second-straight set of studs to the NFL, the Seminoles are bound to take a step back.  Whether that is a step back to 11 wins or 8 wins is anybody’s guess.  Look, Wake Forest upset them a few years back.  Boston College has played them tough recently.  Syracuse and North Carolina State hung on for way too long last year.  With road games at Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Florida–as well as tough home games against Miami and Louisville, the Confidential sees one or two losses.  And if that is a rebuilding year, then Jimbo Fisher is doing a great job in Tallahassee.  The Confidential goes with an over/under of 10.5 for the Seminoles.

What do you think?  Over or under?  Let us know.


The Over/Under Recap of 2014

As we set forth to do our over-unders for 2015, here is a look at last year’s over/unders:

As you can see, we were within 1/2 a game of the following six schools: Florida State (12 regular season wins vs. over/under of 11.5); Virginia (5 wins vs 4.5); Clemson (9 wins vs. 9.5); North Carolina (6 wins vs. 6.5); Louisville (9 wins vs. 8.5); Duke (9 wins vs. 8.5);

We were slightly off on these five schools: North Carolina State (7 wins vs. 5.5); Miami (6 wins vs. 7.5); Wake Forest (3 wins vs. 4.5); Boston College (7 wins vs. 5.5); Notre Dame (7 wins vs 8.5);

We were way off on on these four schools: Georgia Tech (10 wins vs. 7.5); Virginia Tech (6 wins vs 8.5); Pitt (6 wins vs 8.5); Syracuse 3 wins vs 7.5).

What’s the over/under on how many schools we can come within 1/2 a win of this year?  Ha ha ha.  Just kidding.  Stay tuned for our 2015 over/unders…coming soon!



Three Divisions for ACC Football?

With the likely elimination of the strict championship game rules, the table is set for the ACC to go way out of its way to make football more competitive.  In fact, one option is to go to three divisions.  From there, the two best teams could play for the ACC Championship.  The  Confidential loves this idea.  First, it paves the way for ND football to be more intertwined with ACC football.  Second, it increases the likelihood that the two best ACC teams play for the right to move on to the playoffs.  Here are the Confidential’s other thoughts…

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