The 2015 Confidential Preseason ACC Football Poll

FOOTBALL IS BACK!   ACC FOOTBALL IS BACK!   It looks to be a promising year for the ACC, as many experienced quarterbacks return and there is significant coaching stability.  While Wake Forest and Virginia may be the long shots to get to bowl eligibility in each division, there is a significant regression to the mean with FSU losing Winston (among others) and everyone else improving.   In any event, with football here, it is time for the Confidential’s preseason football poll–with 5 Confidential correspondents participating.  Remember to join our individual player fantasy league and our survivor leagues… they are FREE, easy to play, and have CA$H prizes to the winners.  In any event, here is the first poll results, with links to the Confidential’s over/under for each school:

  1. Florida State (48 points, 3 first place votes).  The Seminoles have lost of a lot, but most people figure that they will stay on top.  Jimbo Fisher has reloaded, making it fairly likely.
  2. Clemson (45 points, 2 first place votes).  Quarterback is an essential position in football and Clemson has a dynamic one.  With studs at WR and a solid defense (despite some losses), Clemson has a legitimate claim to the division and conference title.
  3. Notre Dame (38 points).  The Fighting Irish are not sufficiently ACC to be eligible to win it, but they will be good.  Whether they are the 3rd best team of the 15 remains to be seen.  That is the preseason position though.
  4. Georgia Tech (36 points).  The Yellow Jackets may be ready to reclaim the Coastal.  Pitt is loaded at skill positions, Virginia Tech is always a threat, Miami is desperate for a return to greatness, and Duke/UNC want to be more than hoops schools.  We will see.
  5. Louisville (29 points).  The Cardinals are flying under the radar, which is probably how Bobby Petrino likes it.  Certainly not going to resign themselves to the perpetual #3 spot in the Atlantic.
  6. Virginia Tech (27 points).  Is this about name recognition or potential?  The Hokies have not been their typically football selves lately.
  7. NC State (14 points).  With such an easy schedule, it will be hard for NC State not to get to bowl eligibility.  Does that make them better than the schools below them in win totals?  Debatable.
  8. Miami (13 points).  If Miami had NC State’s schedule, perhaps the schools would flip-flop.  Then again, Miami finds new ways to disappoint ever year.  Still waiting for that first Coastal division championship…
  9. North Carolina (12 points).  With solid skill players, the real question is whether that defense can improve.  With new coaching blood on that side of the ball, time will tell.
  10. Boston College (5 points).  For the past two years, Boston College has gone toe-to-toe with Florida State, Clemson, and USC (winning too!).  Regardless of talent, good to see them in this final position in the poll.

Others: Pitt (3 points), Duke (3 points).  Syracuse, Virginia, and Wake Forest did not receive votes.

See the team pages for more analysis.  Welcome any criticism too…

ACC Fantasy Football: The Survivor-League Schedule Guide

As the Confidential embarks on yet another ACC Survivor League season (details here), here is a helpful guide on all of the games taking place each week of the season.  This will help you determine when to use the (ahem) lesser teams.

Week 1:

North Carolina @ South Carolina

Elon @ Wake Forest

Alcorn State @ Georgia Tech

Duke @ Tulane

Rhode Island @ Syracuse

Wofford @ Clemson

Maine @ Boston College

Youngstown State @ Pitt

Virginia @ UCLA

Louisville @ Auburn

Bethune-Cookman @ Miami

Troy @ NC State

Texas State @ Florida State

Texas @ Notre Dame

Ohio State @ Virginia Tech

Week 2:

Miami @ Florida Atlantic

South Florida @ Florida State

Houston @ Louisville

Wake Forest @ Syracuse

Appalachian State @ Clemson

Howard @ Boston College

Tulane @ Georgia Tech

Notre Dame @ Virginia

Furman @ Virginia Tech

NC Central @ Duke

NC A&T @ North Carolina

Eastern Kentucky @ NC State

Pitt @ Akron

Week 3:

Clemson @ Lousville

Florida State @ Boston College

Illinois @ North Carolina

Wake Forest @ Army

Central Michigan @ Syracuse

Northwestern @ Duke

Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame

Nebraska @ Miami

William & Mary @ Virginia

Virginia Tech @ Purdue

NC State @ Old Dominion

Pitt @ Iowa

Week 4:

Boise State @ Virginia

Northern Illinois @ Boston College

Georgia Tech @ Duke

Samford @ Louisville

Delaware @ North Carolina

NC State @ South Alabama

Virginia Tech @ East Carolina

Indiana @ Wake Forest

LSU @ Syracuse

UMass @ Notre Dame

Week 5:

Miami @ Cincinnati

Boston College @ Duke

Notre Dame @ Clemson

Florida State @ Wake Forest

North Carolina @ Georgia Tech

Louisville @ NC State

Pitt @ Virginia Tech

Week 6:

NC State @ Virginia Tech

Wake Forest @ Boston College

Georgia Tech @ Clemson

Miami @ Florida State

Virginia @ Pitt

Syracuse @ South Florida

Duke @ Army

Navy @ Notre Dame

Week 7:

Boston College @ Clemson

Louisville @ Florida State

Pitt @ Georgia Tech

Virginia Tech @ Miami

Wake Forest @ North Carolina

Syracuse @ Virginia

USC @ Notre Dame

Week 8:

Boston College @ Louisville

Clemson @ Miami

Duke @ Virginia Tech

Florida State @ Georgia Tech

Virginia @ North Carolina

NC State @ Wake Forest

Pitt @ Syracuse

Week 9:

North Carolina @ Pitt

Louisville @ Wake Forest

Virginia Tech @ Boston College

Clemson @ NC State

Miami @ Duke

Syracuse @ Florida State

Georgia Tech @ Virginia

Notre Dame @ Temple

Week 10:

NC State @ Boston College

Florida State @ Clemson

Duke @ North Carolina

Syracuse @ Louisville

Virginia @ Miami

Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh

Week 11:

Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech

Clemson @ Syracuse

Pitt @ Duke

NC State @ Florida State

Virginia @ Louisville

Miami @ North Carolina

Wake Forest @ Notre Dame

Week 12:

Wake Forest @ Clemson

Duke @ Virginia

Chattanooga @ Florida State

Georgia Tech @ Miami

Louisville @ Pitt

North Carolina @ Virginia Tech

Syracuse @ NC State

Boston College @ Notre Dame

Week 13:

Miami @ Pitt

Boston College @ Syracuse

Duke @ Wake Forest

North Carolina @ NC State

Virginia Tech @ Virginia

Florida State @ Florida

Georgia @ Georgia Tech

Louisville @ Kentucky

Clemson @ South Carolina

Notre Dame @ Stanford

Hopefully, this helps!  Good luck in the league this year!



ACC Fantasy Football Preview: Wide Receivers

As you know, this will be year 2 of the Confidential’s Individual Player ACC Fantasy Football Game.  See here.  This year, we thought we would do a quick ranking of the top 10 ACC WRs (we include Notre Dame in the game) from a fantasy football perspective:

  1. Tyler Boyd, Pitt.  It is pretty hard to believe that a Panthers team with Conner and Boyd did not dominate opposition last year.  But both top their respective positions heading into 2015.
  2. Will Fuller, Notre Dame.  Fuller had over 1,000 yards receiving last year, along with 13 touchdowns.  Notre Dame will have a good passing game again this year too.
  3. Quinshad Davis, North Carolina.  With the Tar Heels passing for 300 yards a game, someone is going to have to make a lot of receptions for a lot of yards.  The Confidential likes Davis as the #3 ACC Wide Receiver.
  4. Mike Williams, Clemson.  Although Williams had 1,000 yards receiving, Clemson has a lot of talent, including wide receiver Artavis Scott.  This could help or hurt Williams’ overall production.
  5. Artavis Scott, Clemson.  See above.  Deshaun Watson will have a lot of talent to spread the ball too.
  6. Stacey Coley, Miami
  7. Isaiah Ford, Virginia Tech.
  8. Ryan Switzer, North Carolina.
  9. Corey Robinson, Notre Dame.
  10. Travis Rudolph, Florida State.

What do YOU think?

Click here for the QB preview.  Click here for the RB preview.

ACC Fantasy Football Preview: Running Backs

As you know, this will be year 2 of the Confidential’s Individual Player ACC Fantasy Football Game.  See here.  This year, we thought we would do a quick ranking of the top 10 ACC RBs (we include Notre Dame in the game) from a fantasy football perspective:

  1. James Conner, Pitt.  Conner was the player of the year in the ACC last year and a fixture in most lineups each week, regardless of opponent.  He is a touchdown machine also.
  2. Dalvin Cook, Florida State.  Assuming that Cook’s legal issues are behind him, Cook will challenge Conner as the top running back in the ACC.
  3. Shadrach Thornton, North Carolina State.  While Thornton did not put up gaudy numbers last year, he remains atop the NC State depth chart.  And NC State, as previously noted, has a cupcake schedule.
  4. Jon Hillman, Boston College.  Boston College seems to have a good offensive line and running game every year.  Hillman should benefit from same this year.
  5. Joseph Yearby, Miami.  With Duke Johnson gone, the baton has been passed to Yearby.  One issue is whether Miami will pass the ball significantly with Kaaya.  With a balanced attack, Yearby becomes a huge “sleeper.”
  6. Wayne Galman, Clemson.
  7. JC Coleman, Virginia Tech.
  8. TJ Logan, North Carolina.
  9. Brandon Radcliff, Louisville.
  10. Someone from Georgia Tech?

What do you think?

Click here for the QB preview.

ACC Fantasy Football Preview: Quarterbacks

As you know, this will be year 2 of the Confidential’s Individual Player ACC Fantasy Football Game.  See here.  This year, we thought we would do a quick ranking of the top 10 ACC QBs (we include ND in the game) from a fantasy football perspective:

  1. Marquise Williams, UNC–3,000 yards passing and nearly 800 yards rushing.  34 touchdowns passing and rushing.  Pretty hard to ignore gaudy numbers like that.  Plus, with a porous defense, he HAS TO put up big numbers.
  2. Deshaun Watson, Clemson–Watson is dynamic.  With a passer rating of 188+ last year, it is clear that Watson can put up outstanding numbers.  There will be tough decisions as to which QB will get the nod each week.  Watson should impress.
  3. Brad Kaaya, Miami–more passing yards than Williams, but no real threat to run the ball.  Will be a good QB to start from time to time, especially with good matchups.
  4. Jacoby Brissett, NC State–Brissett pretty much put up Williams-lite numbers, with 2,600 yards passing and 500 yards rushing.  With the ever-typical cupcake schedule, Brissett will get some starts.
  5. Whomever is tapped at Florida State, FSU.  Seriously… anyone Jimbo Fisher puts under center, be it Maguire or Golson or someone out of the press box,  is a threat for a big day.
  6. Greyson Lambert, Virginia
  7. Michael Brewer, Va Tech
  8. Malik Zaire, Notre Dame
  9. Terrell Hunt, Syracuse
  10. John Wolford, Wake Forest

What do you think?

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