Week 1 Fantasy Football Results

The Confidential is running a fantasy football contest each week and during the regular season.  Here are the rules.  Remember, you can enter in Week 2 and still be eligible for the overall prize–which is given to the entrant who wins the most weeks.  But, for now, let’s recap the Week 1 results:

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On Terrel Hunt’s Ejection


Image from CBSSports

Much has already been said and written about Terrel Hunt’s punch and subsequent ejection in Friday night’s game against Villanova. Legendary #44, Floyd Little, expressed his disappointment in Hunt’s decision making, which is likely punishment enough by most metrics. Head Coach Scott Shafer said that the team handled it internally and that no further punishment would be necessary.

However, an interesting debate has emerged among Syracuse fans regarding whether further punishment should be dealt. Most abide by the Head Coach’s decision that Hunt learned his lesson, realized that he put the team’s victory in jeopardy, and let down the team and community. Others feel that this teachable moment is incomplete, and that more action is necessary to both send a message and drive home the point that this type of on-the-field behavior is inappropriate and that leaders should know better.  Continue reading

Black Monday


This Monday, September 1, Labor Day, will be Black Monday. The Louisville Cardinals will make their ACC debut in Papa Johns Cardinals Stadium against the Miami Hurricanes at 8 p.m. on ESPN. An Orange-out might be passe in Syracuse but the Cards fans and team are excited to be back in black. The traditionalist Charlie Strong refused the teams request to let them wear the black uni’s during his tenure, opting instead to stick with their more traditional red and white uniforms. One of the first things Bobby Petrino did upon his return was to bring back the black, and why not, he introduced them in the first place.
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Syracuse: Does Not Lose

This author has been historically positive regarding Syracuse Orange football… looking for positives in the midst of a negative period. It was the only way to cope with the Greg Robinson era and its sequellae. Not to be a Pollyanna, but to find some positive reality in the middle of a negative stretch. Unfortunately, the only way to describe the Syracuse-Villanova game, which ended with a 27-26 score in favor of Syracuse, is to describe it as Syracuse “did not lose.” Notwithstanding the scoreboard, sitting in the Carrier Dome for 4 hours did not persuade me that my team actually won.  Here is my synopsis…

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Week 1 ACC Preview

The first week of the football season is here.  Check out our latest standings, and remember to get your first week’s entry in for our fantasy football contest.  It is free… with prizes.   Here are this week’s games:

Thursday, August 28, 2014:

Wake Forest @ Louisiana-Monroe, 7pm.  Wake Forest opens their season at Louisiana-Monroe.  That makes it tougher, but Wake Forest needs to win this game if it wants to get to bowl eligibility.

Friday, August 29, 2014:

Villanova @ Syracuse, 7pm.  The Orange have gone to two straight bowl games.  To get to a third, they need to win the winnable games.  And no game is MORE winnable than a game against FCS-foe and basketball rival, Villanova.

Saturday, August 30, 2014:

Delaware @ Pittsburgh, Noon.  Some are picking Pitt to win the Coastal, others are not nearly as confident.  When is the last time you thought Pitt over-achieved???

#7 UCLA @ Virginia, Noon.   This is likely a make-or-break year for Mike London.  An opener hosting UCLA is time-zone friendly, but not talent friendly.  But you never know.

Wofford @ Georgia Tech, 12:30 pm.  Some think that there is a hot seat in Georgia Tech.  The Yellow Jackets need to take care of Wofford handily and get off to a good start.

Georgia Southern @ North Carolina State, 12:30 pm.  North Carolina State does not challenge itself OOC, but it does not have a ton of talent either.  A win over Georgia Southern is key for bowl eligibility. 

Boston College @ UMass, 3:00 pm.  Like Wake Forest, Boston College opens on the road against a foe that rarely hosts major programs.  If BC is to make another bowl this year, they need to beat their in-state opponent in Game 1.

William & Mary @ Virginia Tech, 3:30 pm.  With the Braxton Miller injury, the Hokies might be looking ahead to Ohio State with a bit more eagerness.  But they cannot look past Bill and Mary.  Remember James Madison?

Rice @ #17 Notre Dame, 3:30 pm.  The Fighting Irish have had off-field distractions of late, but they do get their QB back.  Rice and Notre Dame match-up a lot better academically than they do on the gridiron.

#16 Clemson @ #12 Georgia, 5:30 pm.  Clemson, like Florida State, does not shy away from playing the big boys out-of-conference.  It works when you win, it can be a setback with a loss.  The Tigers are an unknown this year.  We will know a lot more Saturday evening.

Elon @ Duke, 6:00 pm.  Duke has high expectations after last year’s double-digit wins, but they did not plan for this success and are not tested much OOC.  Elon should be dispatched easily.

Liberty @ #23 North Carolina, 6:00 pm.  While Duke had the big year last year, most figure UNC to be primed for a breakout under Larry Fedora.  Makes you wonder… why did both schools schedule their games for the same, exact time?

#1 Florida State @ Oklahoma State (Dallas, technically), 8:00 pm.  If Clemson-Georgia is not the biggest game of the weekend for the ACC, then FSU-OSU is.  The Seminoles are defending their championship by taking on a solid Oklahoma State team in Texas–an away game masquerading as a neutral game.  How can you not be looking forward to this one???

Monday, September 1, 2014:

Miami @ Louisville, 8:00 pm.  The only ACC conference game on the slate is a good one–the Schnellenberger Bowl.  Indeed, the Coach is in the Mount Rushmore for both schools (Louisville, Miami).  Meanwhile, both of these schools could easily be top 4 schools in the ACC, along with Clemson and Florida State.  One will start the season 0-1.




Pre-Season Confidential Poll: August 27, 2014

Kickoff is about 24 hours away.  If you have not done so, get your fantasy football entries in for Week 1.  We have a prize running for Weeks 1 through 4 that is in addition to the season-long prize.  Returning to the poll… the elders here at the Confidential rank the ACC as follows:

  1. Florida State (50 points, 5 first place votes).   The Seminoles are the team to beat in the ACC and nationwide.  A tougher schedule makes a repeat quite a daunting task though.
  2. Clemson (44 points).  The Tigers get Georgia in Week 1 and South Carolina to close the season.  NC State… aren’t you embarrassed about your OOC schedule?  Duke too!
  3. Miami (33 points).  Some say Golden is on the hot seat.  That is absurd. But Miami is long overdue for a great season.
  4. Louisville (31 points).  The Parker injury dropped the Cardinals one point, but that is all.
  5. North Carolina (28 points).  North Carolina is everyone’s sleeper in the Coastal.  Maybe, by definition, they are no longer a sleeper?
  6. Duke (25 points).  Cupcake city for Duke again this year on the gridiron.  Where is Dick Vitale to point that out.  Oh, probably watching Notre Dame football.
  7. Notre Dame (24 points). Speaking of the Fighting Irish, they are a tough team to figure out.  The suspensions may be an issue also.
  8. Virginia Tech (19 points).  Virginia Tech is the last school to be on all of the Confidential ballots.  Virginia Tech can’t look ahead to a Braxton Miller-less Ohio State.  All FCS teams are capable of pulling the upset.
  9. Syracuse (9 points).  Anything can happen for the Orange this year.  4 wins to 9 wins…. is any of it a surprise.
  10. Georgia Tech and Pittsburgh (5 points).  These Coastal teams are hard to separate.  As they all are.

Others: Boston College (2 points).  Wake Forest, Virginia, and North Carolina State did not receive any votes.

What do YOU think?  What is your top 10?