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1. This website is ACC-centric, but comes from a social and political standpoint that is Conservative and Christian.  There are innumerable college sports sites that will have a progressive, anti-Christian view.  We are the opposite.

2. Still, the views and opinions of the individual correspondents and commentators to the entries do not reflect the opinions of the other authors, the Confidential, or AFC44 Enterprises, LLC.

3. Beyond that, several pieces on this website are satirical.  They are NOT to be taken seriously.  Usually, the satirical pieces are tagged as such.

4. There are links on this website.  The Confidential reserves the right to provide links to websites that have reciprocal traffic arrangements or that are affiliate programs.  Hey, we’ve got to pay the bills too.


One thought on “Disclaimer

  1. Brooks on said:

    Will there be an ACC survivor pool this year? This needs to happen.

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