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The Zion Dunk vs the Grant Hill Dunk

As soon as the Zion Williamson alley oop happened every diehard college basketball fan made immediate comparisons to the Grant Hill alley oop against Kansas in the championship game. Of course Jim Nantz was going to be all over it. The Grant Hill call was Billy Packer and Jim Nantz and Packer is heard here:

The Zion Williamson alley oop was called by Jim Nantz and Bill Raftery and they saw it coming from a mile away. Here it is again for those that have not seen it:

It was an epic moment in this year’s NCAA Tournament and is something that will always be remember by diehard Duke fans. The greatest part about the entire play was the fact that Grant Hill was calling the game for CBS and Raftery did a quick analysis of the two dunks after the TV timeout.

Even for fans that are not huge Duke fans, you had to respect the moment as it was fun to watch for all college basketball fans; even UNC and NC State fans.

So, now that Duke has survived two big time scares in the 2019 NCAA Tournament, how many more lives do they have? Are they a team of destiny that is going to win the championship after two games in which they could have lost. Many would argue that they should have lost the game against UCF. The fighting Johnny Dawkins’ had Duke beat numerous times. They even missed a relatively easy layup at the end that could have sent Duke packing.

Virginia Tech has an alley oop tip in that they missed at the end of regulation. Now Duke has to play the #2 seed Michigan State and another (basically) Coach K disciple in Tom Izzo. Do you think Zion will lead Duke to a championship as a freshman?

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