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Happy New Year, From the Confidential!

As the final hours of 2013 tick down, the Confidential wants to take the time to thank its many readers and followers.  So… THANK YOU!  Let’s hope 2014 is even better for the ACC, the Confidential, and their fans!

What were the most popular articles of 2013?  Here you go:

  1. Clemson fans, juiced for the 2013 football season, were very interested in this article previewing the conclusion of the 2013 recruiting season.
  2. The debate about Maryland vs. Louisville captivated the Confidential community, especially fans of those two schools.
  3. The Mount Rushmores were always good for stirring up controversy–none more than the Louisville one.
  4. With Rutgers having dumpster fire after dumpster fire, this satirical piece was very popular.
  5. A follow-up regarding Texas to the ACC generated a lot of interest and commentary.
  6. A poll article regarding North Carolina’s sanctions somehow cracked the top 10 in reader interest.
  7. April Fools caught many, many readers off guard, as far too many believed that West Virginia truly was headed to the ACC.
  8. The ACC divisions is a no-win situation as there just does not seem to be a great solution… an article regarding the divisions was very popular.
  9. The original Texas to the ACC article…. got some folks thinking.
  10. Assuming Texas was staying, an article about the Big XII expansion options was popular inside and outside of the ACC fan base.

So there you have it.  The best of the best for 2013 in the Confidential.



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