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Huge News: West Virginia to ACC in 2014-2015!

The ACC and West Virginia have scheduled a press conference for 3:00 p.m. today to announce that the Mountaineers will become a full-time member in the ACC for the 2014-2015 season.  West Virginia was able to extricate itself from the Grant of Rights on the basis that both sides just felt that it was a mistake, couple with the fact that Brigham Young is finally ready to join the Big XII.  With 13 teams being unwieldy, and no suitable schools for a 14th, this just made the most sense.  The oft-discussed cooperative efforts of the Big XII and the ACC came into play obviously too.

Winners:  West Virginia, obviously.  Gets to reinvigorate rivalries with Pitt, Syracuse, and Virginia Tech.  The ACC–gets a football school to help placate the masses, while awaiting a Notre Dame decision.  The Big XII–West Virginia was always a geographical outlier.  BYU–they almost lost out on being at the grown-up’s table.  This salvages that.  The Big East leftovers–this stabilizes expansion for a while.  Hopefully.

Losers: Connecticut and Cincinnati.  They are plainly on the outside right now.   They will have to wait for defections from the ACC, which seem a bit less likely now.  Marylandwho considers West Virginia a rival, for some reason.

Big Losers: Us, for posting this April Fool’s Joke in such a very cruel manner.   Those people who will not realize that this is an April Fool’s Joke and/or post on Twitter that it is.  Nobody likes a spoiler.

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5 thoughts on “Huge News: West Virginia to ACC in 2014-2015!

  1. why would anyone of us fall for this: it was not posted by the DudeWVU, MHver3, Swaim or other WVU phites……..happy April 1 to you too. However, how much longer before we start hearing some positive news from the ACC on: network, possible scheduling alliance, ACC GOR or whatever?

  2. Glad I read the whole thing! It is my dream scenario and it would essentially save the ACC. Almost like the Sid FInch SI article about the fictitious Mets pitcher.

  3. LenVILLE on said:

    I admit it, I feel for it. But I have the excuse of still suffering the effects of partying late last night. April fools day wasn’t even close to being on my mind, lol.

  4. I really should have known better, but this got me super excited. Man, am I tired haha….

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