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Tar Heel Fans…Meet the Radio

According to a tweet from ESPN’s Bob Wischusen, tonight’s ESPN2 broadcast of the North Carolina/Georgia Tech men’s basketball game, originally slated for 7pm, has been cancelled due to safety concerns from this week’s inclement weather.

More information can be seen on Bob’s twitter account here-

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. While it is uncommon for television companies to change plans so close to game time, it’s not unheard of, and it makes sense in this case. Due to a number of different factors, lack of preparation and a surprise storm path among them, the City of Atlanta, the site of tonight’s game, was hit particularly hard. Reports of families spending the night in cars and students being stranded on buses and at school were not uncommon, and the mayor’s handling of the situation has come under fire in national media. Despite the fact that the game is still on, it’s not a stretch to see why ESPN called it a day.

Sure all of the Northern fans in the ACC may not understand, but we’re Tar Heels. We had snow in Chapel Hill too. It was awful. So with the television broadcast off, what options do we  have? Most people who are familiar with Carolina sports are familiar with the Tar Heel Sports Network. We talk about how great Woody Durham was and how appropriate of a replacement Jones Angell is. But do we listen to it? If your answer is no, then tonight is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the best play calling team in America. Try it, and you may never go back. After all, does ESPN really think we want a Duke guy at every game? Jay Bilas, Jay Williams, Mike Gminski, Dickie V we’re looking at you. It’s sad when Seth Greenberg is a refreshing change.

The network has arranged to make its broadcast available for free online. More information can be found on ( or the Carolina Basketball Twitter page ( Coverage begins at 6pm, an hour before the game, and will feature Angell, as well as newly announced 2014 ACC Legend Eric Montross. Sure, not being able to see the team is disappointing, especially after Sunday’s much needed win. But there’s not a better substitute in the world- if you have to call it that.

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One thought on “Tar Heel Fans…Meet the Radio

  1. larry w on said:

    ESPN you suck. I don’t have home internet. If you can broadcast online you sure as hell can broadcast on ESPN 2. Bite me

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