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The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 2

Each week, the Confidential’s correspondents vote on the top 10 in the ACC (including Notre Dame).  With only one week of games, the standings are still very jumbled.  We discuss the rankings from 10 to 1… so here we go:

10.  Boston College (1-0), 9 pts.  Boston College did not put up 60 points, but the Eagles did what they needed to against an FBS foe in in-state rival, UMass.  This allowed them to narrowly edge Virginia (who suffered a tough loss to UCLA) and Syracuse (who should have, but did not, lose to Villanova).  Next up: Pitt on Friday, September 5.

9.  Miami (0-1), 15 pts.  Miami was geared for a big season, but did not fare well on the road against Louisville–a team opening with a new QB and head coach.  Maybe a narrower loss would have kept Miami higher.  Next up: Florida A&M on Saturday, September 6.

8.  Pittsburgh (1-0), 21 pts.  Whereas many teams struggled to beat inferior foes, Pitt did not in utterly destroying Delaware.  This is a good sign for a Panthers team that has underwhelmed in recent years.  The talent is there, will this year be some realization of same.  Important second step this Friday.  Next up: @ BC on Friday, September 5.

6 (tie).  North Carolina (1-0), Virginia Tech (1-0), 23 pts.  It is hard to say that either team truly was in trouble against its inferior opponents in Week 1, but neither did what Pitt and Duke did.  Nevertheless, Week 1 is full of surprises, so the Confidential pollsters stuck by their original assessments and kept these two teams above the Panthers.  Next up: Virginia Tech @ Ohio State, while  UNC hosts San Diego State–both on Saturday evening.

5.  Duke (1-0), 35 points.  The Blue Devils rolled over Elon, which is pretty much what is expected with Boone/Crowder and an experienced defense.  This emboldened the pollsters to keep Duke in the top 5, atop all other Coastal foes.  Next cupcake up: Troy, on Saturday, September 6.

4.  Clemson (0-1), 36 points.  Clemson lost @ Georgia, which is far from the end of the world.  Nobody else in the ACC faced a tougher opponent in Week 1.  The potential for the Tigers is still there.  A softer opponent will help.  Next up: South Carolina State on September 6.

3.  Notre Dame (1-0), 38 points.  The Fighting Irish beat Rice.  That is what Notre Dame should do–unlike the Ty Willingham/Charlie Weis eras of upsets.  Say what you want about Brian Kelly, but he is keeping Notre Dame relevant.  Next up: Michigan on September 6.

2.  Louisville (1-0), 52 points.  Miami might not be the Miami of your father’s era, but it is still a talented team.  And all Louisville did in its ACC opener was use its new QB and new coach to win convincingly.  The Cardinals appear poised to be the #2 team in the Atlantic and give Florida State a run for its money as #1.  Next up: Murray State on September 6.

1.  Florida State (1-0), 60 points & all six first place votes.  The Seminoles picked up where they left off, taking care of Oklahoma State in a de facto road game in Dallas.  Maybe it was not a 30 point win, but fans need to temper their expectations.  Winning another National Championship is a marathon.  Each win gets them closer to the playoffs, to heck with style-points if FSU is undefeated.  Next up: Citadel on September 6.

Others receiving votes: Virginia (8), Syracuse (7), Georgia Tech (3).  North Carolina State and Wake Forest did not get any love.

What do you think?  Did we hit/miss?

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2 thoughts on “The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 2

  1. Wake Forest does not deserve any love haha…I think Clawson will have them going in the right direction soon, but it will be a rough season!

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