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New Divisions for ACC?

According to Twitter, specifically:, the ACC is going to re-consider the idea of the divisions.

The Confidential remains on board for this:

North: Miami, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Pitt, Syracuse, BC, Louisville

South: Florida State, North Carolina, Clemson, North Carolina State, Duke, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech

With these permanent rivalries: Miami-Florida State; Virginia-UNC.  Or matching up each team in the North with the team directly below it in the South.  There could be some re-arrangement over time too.  Perhaps rotating the matchups between the private schools every two years.  And rotating the trio of opponents for Clemson, NC State, and Louisville likewise.  Only Miami/FSU and Virginia/UNC would be permanent rivalry games (as well they should).

The real opposition would be from Virginia and Virginia Tech.  However, both schools have to be staring at a reality where wins are not easy to come by.  Duke is not a pushover anymore.  Nobody is.

The ultimate dream, of course, is for Notre Dame to join someday, along with perhaps UConn, in the North, with Virginia and Virginia Tech slotted in the South.  But one should not be pinning hopes on that.  Of course, as long as we are dreaming, we might as well put Texas, the Green Bay Packers, and the team with Kathy Ireland as a kicker in the league too.

Anyway, we have talked about this ad nauseam, what is your take?

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18 thoughts on “New Divisions for ACC?

  1. M. Caffrey on said:

    Go Texas State Armadillos!

    Who knew that it was Michael Bluth’s alma mater…

  2. I’d swap Virginia for Georgia Tech or one of the Carolina schools. If there are multiple schools from one state they shouldn’t all be in the same divison.

  3. Still having Kathy Ireland flashbacks.

    I just learned these divisions, geez. I like them as is but balancing them a bit better would be ok

  4. There needs to be new divisions. I don’t like North/South alignments. I’d prefer…
    Atlantic – Miami, Clem, Wake, NCST, VT, BC, Pitt
    Coastal – FSU, GT, Duke, UNC, UVA, Cuse, Louisville

    Cross division rivals are above/below each other. That would allow even distribution of good/bad teams as well as allow teams to travel across the footprint (recruiting). Plus it allows for additional teams to join from anywhere however if ACC ever goes to 16 teams I’d prefer to see 4 pods. If we ever get the divisions straight I hope we go to 9 or 10 game conference schedule. It would be nice to play every team in conference in a 3 year period.

    • That is a very good zipper split of the conference. Great job!

    • I’m all for changing the divisions, but I think a 9th conference game is a necessity and probably an even better fix. I just can’t think of a scenario where at least one important team is unhappy- by important, I mean a team that has considered leaving the conference and basically has a standing invite somewhere.These are teams crucial to our survival.

      North/South- UVA and possibly VT are unhappy. UVA doesn’t want to be separated from the “traditional” ACC and all of their rivals besides VT. Tech moved to the ACC primarily to play a more Southern schedule and wouldn’t like being away from geographic rivals and 10 year Coastal Division foes like UNC, Duke and GT.

      Dave’s Divisions- If FSU almost left because they don’t feel like they play GT enough, I’m almost positive they would feel the same way about missing out on Clemson every year. The ACC can’t afford to lose our “National Championship” program.

      The problem with new divisions is that it’s tough to do a “balance of power” model. The ACC originally created them to have a FSU-Miami conference championship. That still hasn’t happened yet and they eventually moved the game to NC. For much of the time following the original expansion, the Coastal was the stronger division (led by VT). Now, the Atlantic is. And yet, now Duke is also seemingly capable of 10-11 wins. Bottom line- it’s hard to please everybody. Our best bet is hoping that Notre Dame goes all in soon and we invite a WVU, or Texas to complete our pods.

      • Also, forcing 9 games on FSU without a concession would be a mistake. They have to play UF every year, and ND every few years. I can tell you know if you force that on FSU, it will not go over well, unless the ACC gives on another issue. FYI the 9th ACC game is not just a SOS issue, which is an issue with the ACC viewed as weak, but it more of a money issue. In a 9 game ACC schedule along with an annual UF game, and a ND game every few years… FSU could be stuck in some years with 5 home games… yeah that will not fly.

    • That would piss off FSU. Its too biggest games, and the ACCs two biggest games, are Clemson v. FSU and UM v. FSU. Your scenario would take away FSUs biggest money maker and the conference’s second biggest game annually.

  5. Louisville will be happy in any division with anyone, lol. Heck, we would be happy even if the ACC dropped divisions & gave everyone 3 or 4 set games& rotaed everyone elae with the top 2 finishers in the CCG.

  6. not a believer it north-south divisions because UVa and VT would HATE it. if we want to drive UVa into the arms of the B1G, that’s a good way to do it. it would also be very bad for competitive balance.

    easiest answer is swap GT for Louisville and shuffle permanent rivals (GT-VT, Clemson-UVa, BC-Louisville).

    1. preserves Clemson-FSU annually. this game is a guaranteed sellout for both and neither want to give it up.
    2. puts Louisville in division with Pitt and VT, natural rivals.
    3. puts GT in division with FSU and Clemson, natural rivals.
    4. preserves competitive balance.
    5. revives Clemson-UVa series annually (founding members, returning to traditional rivalries is good for conference).
    6. preserves GT-VT annually, which is likely a sellout for both teams.
    7. not a huge change to alignment.

    1. Clemson-UVa will be a slaughter most years.
    2. not much history with BC-Louisville. don’t think this is a huge problem since Louisville is just happy to be here 😉 for the record, i’m thrilled with the trade up from Maryland 😉

    • Placing Louisville in the same division with Miami would be a positive for Louisville recruiting. They already recruit that area heavily, with twenty-three players from the Miami area on their team this year. This said, Miami may not like it.

  7. Bostonway on said:

    Frankly the current divsions seem to be good… (as best that can be done) they maintain most of the traditional rivailries, but also mix the geo’s up a bit (i.e., not all nothern or southern schools playing each other).

  8. What I really like about the North/South proposal is that it acknowledges the old Big East -under the umbrella of the ACC. For everyone that’s complained about the old BE’s demise, it’s something for them to hold onto.

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