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The Confidential ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 15

Well, another football season is behind us.  The regular season, anyway.  There is a lot to decide yet regarding bowl games and such.  But, alas, it is time for the final regular season Confidential Correspondents ACC football poll.  For fun, let’s take a quick look at the Week 1 poll results:

10.  North Carolina. 

9.  Maryland. 

8.  Virginia Tech. 

6-7.  Virginia and Georgia Tech (tied)

5.  Miami. 

4. Notre Dame. 

3. Louisville. 

2. Florida State. 

1. Clemson. 

Others receiving votes: NC State 6, Boston College (?) 3, Wake Forest 2, Syracuse and Duke 1.  Pitt was shutout.

Hard to believe, eh?  Virginia was tied for 6th place, while Duke received 1 vote.  Pitt received no votes, despite ultimately becoming bowl eligible.  But Duke and Virginia were the biggest “misses” in the Week 1 poll.

Turning to Week 15, here are the results:

10.  Syracuse (6-6), 7 points.

9. BC (7-5), 15 points.

8. Notre Dame (8-4), 23 points.

7. Georgia Tech (8-4), 27 points.

6. Virginia Tech (8-4), 32 points.

5. Miami (9-3), 39 points.

4. Louisville (10-1), 53 points.  Next game: @ Cincinnati.

3. Duke (10-2), 56 points.  Next game: ACC Championship Game against Florida State.

2. Clemson (10-2), 57 points.

1. Florida State (12-0), 70 points (7 first place votes).  Next game: ACC Championship Game against Duke.

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5 thoughts on “The Confidential ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 15

  1. Clemson is 10-2. So Duke moves up by barely beating a team thats not even in the ACC top 10?

    • Correct. Was multi-tasking.

      As for Duke, North Carolina was on a roll once they got their QB back. Has Louisville beaten anyone better than UNC? I don’t think so.

      Kentucky (2-10)? Rutgers (5-6)? Houston? At least, Houston is 8-4. But their best win was Rice, whose best win was Tulane, who Syracuse crushed. Cincinnati? Whose best wins were Purdue (1-11) and the aforementioned Houston and Rutgers?

      Duke gets the edge in my book.

  2. haha I’ll give Duke credit, but I’ve certainly got no love for them. I had Carolina above BC (no Cuse in my poll) if that makes you feel better. I mean, we beat BC so…

    • Louisville is a fine team. It’s too bad that they did not get a chance to test themselves a few more times. And come up short in their one true test.

      • On that we agree. Looking forward to the probable Miami match up to setrle it, lol. Was expecting more performances like the Sugar Bowl but they never came close. Fourth qtr last nite was fun though.

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