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Wednesday Poll: North Carolina & Sanctions

The North Carolina Tar Heels have had a well documented series of academic failures and other scandals recently.  What is your opinion on whether the NCAA has been sufficiently strict with the Tar Heels to date?

For more information, here are just some of the articles that have chronicled the situation: here, here, and here.


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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Poll: North Carolina & Sanctions

  1. Somewhere along the way it seems like the NCAA lost its way… to borrow from the NBA, maybe we need a “no harm, no foul; gain advantage, call the foul” rule?

  2. Yeah I definitely think they’ve been pretty lenient. I mean, it goes deep and it just keeps on going. That said, I’m certainly not surprised with what’s happened on both sides. UNC is one of the NCAA’s strongest brands and they’re not going to do something to put that in jeopardy no matter the allegations. At the same time, some of the things that UNC has gotten in trouble for don’t surprise me too much. I’ve talked to multiple “student athletes” from many different top schools and it seems like this kind of stuff goes on everywhere. Not that this makes it okay in any way. In fact, I always wanted to think that my school was above this kind of behavior. That we just won because of good character and hard work. Apparently, that’s not the case. I’m embarrassed, and I’m sad. It looks like they need to keep cleaning house- starting with PJ Hairston and anyone else involved with Hadyn “Fats” Thomas….

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