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Rashad McCants- Liar, or Louse?

It’s the story that just won’t die. The North Carolina academic scandal came to the forefront of everyone’s minds once again today when ESPN revealed their new ‘Outside the Lines’ segment with former UNC shooting guard Rashad McCants, the second leading scorer of the 2004-2005 NCAA Championship team. In the interview, McCants claimed, in short, that he didn’t go to class, didn’t do any work and that the administration and Coach Roy Williams knew what was going on. Because the school has been in the media so much over the past few years for similar claims regarding the football team, the issue is that much more magnified. Especially since a championship and a historic program is involved. The interesting thing though, is that this statement strongly conflicts with one he made ten years ago (ESPN).

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Fixing the NCAA and College Sports- The Professional Athlete Major and How to Make it Happen

The Motivation

Here at the Confidential, we like to talk about sports. Any sports really, but specifically ACC sports and our love for our favorite teams. Sometimes though, there are things that transcend what happens on the field. Sometimes, there are things that are more important. In the case of college athletics, it’s the athletes themselves that ultimately matter, not winning or losing, whether the system in place will say this or not. Ultimately, the most value comes from the people involved and the dreams that they have for the future.

Sporting News published an article that proposes a very interesting way to fix the NCAA. Now, there’s no need to debate it- everyone knows that the current system is broken. You’ve probably seen enough articles to that effect to know what’s going on. But the solution has always been, and will always be debated. How can you fix something that values money more than its money makers? What is the balance for providing a higher quality student athlete experience without compromising the financial benefits? Author Mike DeCourcy proposes a bold way to not only save the academic integrity of our universities, but to improve the lives of the players at the same time

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Rutgers’ dumpster fire rekindled


After a relatively quiet fall for the New Jersey State School, both on the field and off, new allegations of player abuse are being reported. This time the allegations are against the football team’s Defensive Coordinator, Dave Cohen, who according to former defensive back Jevon Tyree used abusive language and made threats to the freshman. Read more…

Extortion & Suspensions Hit Louisville

Local reports here in Louisville are saying  that Thomas Ray of Jackson, Mississippi, 35, has been arrested and indicted on charges that he tried to extort 3.5 million dollars from the University of Louisville in April 2013. Ray contacted U of L AD Tom Jurich claiming to have evidence tying U of L to point shaving. It is also being reported that Ray has a history of extortion attempts.  Jurich has acknowledge that he has heard that Ray was arrested but hasn’t commented further.

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Can North Carolina Football EVER be Great?

Let’s be honest. As a Tar Heel fan, I’m already thinking about basketball season. And why not? The tradition is there. The excellence is there. The really awesome non-conference schedule is there (Kentucky, Michigan State, Louisville, etc.). PJ Hairston has to come back at some point too. So it makes sense, right? Basketball, North Carolina…they just go together. Well yeah, and basketball season actually IS here. Late Night with Roy is this Friday. So it’s okay if my attention has shifted, isn’t it?

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Wednesday Poll: North Carolina & Sanctions

The North Carolina Tar Heels have had a well documented series of academic failures and other scandals recently.  What is your opinion on whether the NCAA has been sufficiently strict with the Tar Heels to date?

For more information, here are just some of the articles that have chronicled the situation: here, here, and here.


Examining the PJ Hairston Situation- Best-Case and Worst-Case Scenarios

By now, the case of North Carolina guard PJ Hairston has been well publicized. Hairston, the Tar Heel’s leading scorer and top returner from 2012-2013, was caught earlier this month driving without a license, in possession of marijuana and with a 9mm firearm and nine rounds of ammunition outside of his rental car in nearby Durham. That was probably enough to earn him a huge suspension from Coach Roy Williams. But it turns out that was only the beginning.

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Miami & Lack of Control

The Miami athletic department is having to answer to the NCAA regarding its lack of institutional control.  As a reminder, the NCAA contends that Miami booster Nevin Shapiro “provided $170,000 in benefits to players, recruits, coaches and others between 2002-2010.”  So Miami is faced with the lack of institutional control allegations.


That’s kind of interesting, isn’t it?

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OSU President Announces Retirement/ Pitino Reaction

Last Thursday Ohio State President E Gordon Gee comments from a December school meeting spread across the media like a ragging wildfire. He said that the “damn Catholics” at Notre Dame couldn’t be trusted and questioned the academic integrity of the SEC and the University of Louisville among other absurd comments. He since has apologized for his comments at the request of OSU. In a March 2011 letter to Gee the OSU trustees laid out several steps for him to take and warned any further incidents could result in his dismissal. In a school email yesterday, Gee announced that he will retire on July 1.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Gee discussed his future with his family while on a Disney Cruise. He said his retirement wasn’t just about his comments. “I have apologized for those remarks and feel incredibly sorry, but I have moved on” he told reporters during a phone interview . He added that he is “quirky as hell” and that he doesn’t do things like most people.

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OSU Gee Takes Shots at ACC, SEC and ND

Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee has been known to put his foot in his mouth from time to time only to later issue an apology. He did it again this past December at a meeting for the schools Athletic Counsel which The Associated Press obtained a recording of under a public record request.

On the recording Gee told members of the counsel that he negotiated with Notre Dame officials during his first term at OSU. Notre Dame has resisted Big Ten courtship for years and last September announced that they would instead join the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Gee remarks specifically referred to Rev. Ned Joyce, Notre Dames longtime vice president, who died in 2004. His comments included “The fathers are holy on Sunday, and they are holy hell the rest of the week.” His comments drew laughter from the crowd. “You just cant trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or Friday, and so, literally, I can say that.” said Gee who is a Mormon.

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