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Budget-Strapped Rutgers Hires Undocumented Immigrant as Head Coach

(Satire-burg, NJ).  The Big 10 went bargain shopping went it dangled membership in front of cash-strapped Maryland and Rutgers.  The B1G’s spare change was more than enough to have those two schools running around giddy like Julia Roberts shopping on Richard Gere’s dime in Pretty Woman.  But Maryland and Rutgers are reportedly not receiving a full share just yet.  And both schools now need to make coaching changes despite the tight economic circumstances.  For Rutgers, unfortunately, the budget for a football staff is not what it used to be.  Thus, Rutgers has hired an undocumented immigrant as its new head football coach.  There are no details on the name of the new hire yet.

As we all know, immigration is particularly controversial.  On the one hand, you have Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in favor of opening the doors to all immigrants for all reasons.  On the other hand, you have Democrats Republicans like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in favor of opening the doors to all immigrants for all reasons.  The “divide” on this issue will cause billions of dollars in political ads to ruin your life for the next 12 months.  And then there is Donald Trump, who wants to do some things that make all of the above angry at him.  Good times.

But what seems to be the prevailing wisdom (i.e. likely not true) is that immigrants, particularly undocumented ones, are at the very least willing to do jobs that non-immigrants are apparently unwilling to do.  You can think of some examples.  And then add to that list–coaching football for Rutgers.

The challenges are heavy for any Rutgers football coach.  First, Rutgers is an ongoing dumpster fire.  See here and here.  And that was before the school launched an investigation into its head coach for various and sundry things.  Second, Rutgers is in a division with Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State.  That’s all.  Third, the hire will be working for an A.D. that is coming over from the law school.  Because, yeah, there is no better training ground for an athletic department than running a law school.  Finally, it is Rutgers.

Although little is known about the new hire, he reportedly has a long history of playing futbol.  Apparently, from the time he was 5, it has been his passion.  And, in all candor, he was willing to take the job.  For Rutgers, however, the big selling point is that he is willing to not only take the job, but accept a very reasonable salary to run the football program for at least a year.  And with that, a match was made.

It will be interesting to see if Rutgers can turn this action into a success.  If so, look for other cash-strapped Universities to follow Rutgers’ lead.  Or perhaps take it one step further by outsourcing the assistant coaching responsibilities to India.

At least there may be a reason to watch Rutgers next year.


“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door. Oh, and please no ISIS. And perhaps a Rutgers coach.” Image courtesy of






The ACC Laff-a-Lympics

A favorite Saturday morning show growing up (before College football, natch) was Hannah-Barbera’s “Laff-a-Lympics” which featured a cadre of popular HB characters competing as teams in zany sporting competitions, races, and scavenger hunts.

The Confidential started to wonder…if the ACC were in the “Laff-a-lympics”, which characters would best represent the schools?

Here are just some of the matches that we could come up with:  Read more…

Happy New Year, From the Confidential!

As the final hours of 2013 tick down, the Confidential wants to take the time to thank its many readers and followers.  So… THANK YOU!  Let’s hope 2014 is even better for the ACC, the Confidential, and their fans!

What were the most popular articles of 2013?  Here you go:

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Rutgers’ dumpster fire rekindled


After a relatively quiet fall for the New Jersey State School, both on the field and off, new allegations of player abuse are being reported. This time the allegations are against the football team’s Defensive Coordinator, Dave Cohen, who according to former defensive back Jevon Tyree used abusive language and made threats to the freshman. Read more…

ACC in the NYC Metro Area

Trying to catch up on a few things after the fine Syracuse run through the NCAA lax tournament.  Getting crushed at the faceoff x was bound to catch up.  This Syracuse team overachieved all season and almost pulled off another National Championship.

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Rutgers AD Search

With the latest ignorant ramblings from the president of one the Big Ten’s flagship programs, the media has fortunately turned their attention away from the clusterf*ck that is Rutgers Athletic Department the past few months. Which is a blessing for the University since it takes the spotlight off of their ineptitude and gives them a chance to move forward.

However I can’t help but wonder, How the hell Rutgers managed to botch this so badly? Read more…

B1G NEWS: Big Ten Dropping Rutgers, Searching for Replacement

(Mordor Park Ridge, Illinois) There is stunning news developing in Big 10 country, where the Big Ten Presidents are considering a vote to rescind Rutgers’ invitation to join the conference amid the (cough**dumpster fire that is Rutgers’ Athletic Department**cough)  past three months scandals that have embroiled the school.  See here and here.

Because Rutgers is not fully integrated into the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), which was expected on or about July 1, 2013, this remains possible but the Big Ten must move quickly to exercise this option.

Former Rutgers Athletic Director, Tim Pernetti, called it a sad day in Rutgers history and immediately started working on the University’s “resignation” letter for the Big Ten.

Although Big 10 fans deemed the addition of Maryland and Rutgers to be as exciting as a stale fig newton, and were looking forward to mediocre football games between the State University of New Jersey and Illinois, the move was an attempt to profit from the media-heavy NY/NJ market. As a speculative add, however, the gamble was on the long-term success.  But the numerous short-term embarrassments are proving too much for the most proud conference this side of the Ivy League.  Thus, while it may take a few days to finalize, the Big 10-Rutgers marriage is over.

Upon hearing of the news, Rutgers’ ex-basketball coach Mike Rice resumed throwing basketball at random people’s heads and yelling profanities.

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The Rutgers Dumpster Fire Continues Unabated…

The Confidential is about the ACC.  The ACC is in competition with the Big 10.  Rutgers is now part of the Big 10.  So we are justified at laughing at the follies of the Big 10 and Rutgers.   But, even if we were not justified, schadenfreude is our weakness.  We have made fun of Rutgers (a fine University, we must note) in the past and we will continue to do so.  Heck, we’ll defend Rutgers, where appropriate.  For today, let’s all take a moment to roast some marshmallows over  the Rutgers’ dumpster fire.

Rutgers A.D.

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In Defense of Rutgers’ Athletic Director Tim Pernetti

Look, the Confidential is no friend of Rutgers.  Do not believe us?  Check out this post.   Yeah, pretty harsh.  That being said, the Confidential MUST opine that society is on a slippery slope where the only thing that satisfies anyone is when a person committing an offense loses his or her job.  So, regardless of whether Tim Pernetti advocated for the termination or suspension of Mike Rice, the news that Tim Pernetti was fired or resigned under pressure of same is simply absurd.

Let’s not forget that Tim Pernetti was not the one being abusive to players in practice.  He was not the one that crossed the line.  Sure, he hired that guy.  But Tim Pernetti is not someone with an anger control problem, nor does he pose any danger to student-athletes.  What Tim Pernetti was fired for was doing a poor job at managing an already ugly situation.

Now, Rutgers sent Rice to anger management classes.  Why not send Tim Pernetti to basic management classes?  Rutgers is a proud university; certainly somebody at that institution teaches a management class that Tim Pernetti could take for a grade.  Maybe even an ethics class?  The Confidential finds it hard to believe that Tim Pernetti–the athletic director–was beyond salvaging.  Instead of faculty recommending that he audit a class taught at Rutgers, the faculty did the easy thing–advocated for his termination.  Mission accomplished.

The sad part is that Tim Pernetti oversaw the transition of Rutgers from a middling athletic program in the Big East, to being Big 10 bound.  This is the equivalent of winning the lottery.  Only Tim Pernetti will not be around to spend it.  Some other guy or gal will fill his role and get to go on a spending spree.  That is really too bad.

What is worse is that this just keeps happening again and again.  Our overly-litigious, overly-critical, overly media-frenzy driven society just cannot handle anyone making a mistake.  Instead, mistakes are now unforgivable.  Which is fine for the rapists, murderers, and abusers.  But when it comes down to poor judgment in response to a situation, the Confidential thinks that it is time for everyone to take a step back before advocating for termination and only termination.

Rutgers was not Penn State.  The “kids” abused by Rice were adults.  They had the ability to speak out.  They had the ability to group together to demand his ouster.  Some had the ability to say enough is enough.   So nobody should even go down that road.

If there is a more compelling analogy, it is Bobby Knight.  Mike Rice was no Knight when it comes to wins, obviously.  Heck, Mike Rice (111-61) has only a few dozen more wins than Pat Knight (73-72).  But nobody fired Bobby Knight for a long, long time.  The fact that Tim Pernetti did not fire Mike Rice is not a mortal sin or a crime.  It is a mistake.  We need to stop firing people over mistakes.

The interesting thing about all of this is that Penn State, Indiana, and Rutgers are all about to be part of the same conference.  For a conference that purports to be so much more cultured than the SEC, it sure does have its disproportionate number of problems with coaches and abusive behavior.  But, if anything, Rutgers overreacted with respect to Tim Pernetti.

Why Debbie Yow was right

I know this is a controversial subject, at least among Wolfpack fans, but I believe that Debbie Yow was right to let Tom O’Brien go. To support my position, let’s take a look at O’Brien’s tenure at State:

2007 – After 3 straight 9-3 seasons and eight straight bowl apperances at Boston College, TOB announces that he will be taking his talents to South Beach…er, NC State.  Most State fans, including yours truly, are pretty ecstatic.  His reason for what most view as a lateral move is the fan support he saw when BC visited Raleigh; State seems to be to him as Notre Dame is to Lou Holtz, a destination rather than a stepping-stone (like the Pack was for the aforementioned Holtz).  But an instant miracle is not in the cards; State finishes 5-7 and does not go bowling.

2008 – Fair enough, Coach needs some time to recruit. The team starts slow but provides a feel-good ending with 4 straight wins including a thrashing of UNC that leaves them bowl-eligible. They lose to Rutgers in the bowl, but it’s a start.

2009 – This one qualifies as a lost season.  Only a season-ending win vs the Heels that knocks them out of bowl eligibility gives State fans anything to cheer about.  The low point for Coach had to be the 52-20 drubbing the Pack took at BC.  Let the grumbling begin…

2010 – The high point, the one O’Brien will point to when he tells the story of his time at State.  He calms his critics with an 8-4 mark followed by a rout of West Virginia in the Champs Sports Bowl, 23-7.  This is the TOBPack we dreamed of.

2011 – State falls back to 7-5.  There is good news, with a last-game rout of Maryland 56-41, a powerful defensive performance vs UNC 13-0, and a thrilling Belk Bowl win against Louisville 31-24.  But after the 2010 season this really felt like somewhat of a step back. And there would be more of the same in…

2012 – Really? 6-6? Had to beat BC in the final game to get to a bowl again?  Then they lost to Vandy, though that one was on Dana Bible as our Yow had already pulled the trigger and frankly, the team looked a bit lost in this one.

Now, does the body of work mandate a firing?  No.  Is Tom O’Brien a bad coach? No.  I wish him all sucess in his new post as Associate Head Coach at Virginia and feel that he will return to the HC ranks at some point if he so desires.

But here’s the point: O’Brien had taken State about as far as he was likely to.  Yes, we went bowling four times in his six seasons, but we were almost always just this side of mediocre.   Sometimes it is just time, and this was one of those cases.

Will Dave Doeren do better? I don’t have a crystal ball, but he did take a team from a non-BCS conference to the Orange Bowl, a place State has yet to go.  Admittedly this is a completely different challenge than facing the likes of Clemson, Florida State and Virginia Tech on a regular basis, not to mention the newcomers about to change the face of the ACC.  But I look forward to finding out.

As for Yow, I am still pretty psyched about that basketball coach she chose. So let’s give this thing a chance.

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