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Mack Brown: Just BEGGING to be Fired, Hires Greg Robinson

Have you ever heard of the phrase “suicide by police“?   This is where a person “intentionally acts in a menacing way toward law enforcement officials in order to provoke the use of deadly force.”  In other words, you want to commit suicide, but do not have the “courage” (for lack of a better word) to do it yourself and instead force a police officer to be scarred for life in having to do it for you.  Not a fan.  On a far less serious note, it would appear that Mack Brown is committing the professional equivalent of “suicide by police” by hiring Greg Robinson.  Anyone disagree?  Did not think so.

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The Rutgers Dumpster Fire Continues Unabated…

The Confidential is about the ACC.  The ACC is in competition with the Big 10.  Rutgers is now part of the Big 10.  So we are justified at laughing at the follies of the Big 10 and Rutgers.   But, even if we were not justified, schadenfreude is our weakness.  We have made fun of Rutgers (a fine University, we must note) in the past and we will continue to do so.  Heck, we’ll defend Rutgers, where appropriate.  For today, let’s all take a moment to roast some marshmallows over  the Rutgers’ dumpster fire.

Rutgers A.D.

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