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Once Again, Athletics Disappoints

The Baylor football story has been very interesting over the past several years.  From 1996 onward, the program won the following number of wins: 4, 2, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 5, 4, 3, 4, and 4.  From 2010 forward, the program won 7, 10, 8, 11, 11, and 10 games.  In other words, the Bears won 57 games in the 2010’s after winning 43 in the prior 14 years.  Quite a turnaround.  However, news out of Baylor recently shows that, once again, you simply cannot place faith in athletics–there is routine disappointment.

About a dozen years ago, Dave Bliss lost his job at Baylor due to a murder scandal:

After the murder, one of Bliss’ assistant coaches secretly taped Bliss having a conversation with two players, instructing them to sensationalize stories to police to make it seem that Dennehy was simply another African-American casualty of the drug trade. Bliss resigned from Baylor one day after the August 2003 memorial service for Dennehy.

Now, Baylor has lost the football coach that orchestrated the dramatic turnaround, Art Briles, due to a rape scandal:

In the fall of 2015, Baylor hired Pepper Hamilton to review its past treatment of sexual assault claims. Outside the Lines reported last week that some Baylor officials, including coaches, knew about incidents of sexual assault, domestic violence and other acts of violence involving football players, but most players didn’t miss playing time as punishment.

Thus, Baylor is simply moving from one felony scandal to another in this millennium.  Not exactly something to be proud of.

Of course, those looking at athletics for “pride” are often left holding the bag.  How many icons have denied various transgressions (from steroids to tax evasion), only to later have to admit to same when the evidence mounts?  How many icons have squandered their fortunes on vices and foolishness?  How many icons have left this earth far too early, due to an inability to control themselves off the field with anywhere near the diligence of their athletic discipline?  Lance Armstrong.  The New England Patriots.  Michael Jordan’s odd career.  Even prestigious Duke seems to merely be escaping punishment.

What happened at Baylor (again) is not a surprise, no matter how shocking.  All sports fans treasure their athletics.  And perhaps fans do so a bit too much.  Too many fans would rather win while bending rules than win honorably.  Sadly, all fans get for their fandom is memories and a lighter wallet.  It is the players and coaches that actually do the winning.  Nevertheless, modern sports has figured out a way to make fans feel like every bit the “winners” that the players are.  And with money increasing exponentially in even college sports, the ethics will get blurrier and blurrier.

Baylor is unlikely to get the death penalty, of course.  This is 2016 and there would be far too much litigation for it to be worth it.  But a Penn State type penalty may be looming.  Enough to keep the TV money flowing to the Big XII, but also punish Baylor significantly.  And it will likely be deserved.

For now, it is also prudent to await more details.  The first details are not always the true details.  And the reaction to a scandal these days is not always proportionate to the culpability.  Perhaps Art Briles is a good, ethical man.  Perhaps not.  Time will tell.  The foolishness is beginning with a presumption that coaches and players are good men and waiting for them to inevitably prove us wrong.

Throwback Thursday: Satire Piece on Miami Hurricanes Facing Truly Unprecedented Penalties!

(Originally published on August 3, 2012)

(BORING METROPOLIS IN MIDWEST)   Emboldened by the support it received from all NCAA Presidents following the imposition of harsh penalties against Penn State Univeristy, the NCAA’s executive committee is apparently set to announce penalties for the Miami Hurricanes that are even more unprecedented.  The Confidential has learned that the executive committee is set to offer Miami the choice of (a) the death penalty to its football team for three years; (b) actual death to all people affiliated with the University; or (c) the following more overreaching and creative penalties than those imposed on Penn State:


  • The football team must hire Greg Robinson and place him in charge, completely and unequivocally, of the defense from 2013 to 2015, and then again in 2017 (just to offset the obvious gains that will be made in 2016).  Further, Greg Robinson will be prohibited from using stuffed animals to motivate his defense for one year.  He will, however, be allowed to read children’s books as desired
  • The football team is required to use morbidly obese female “hosts” for all official and unofficial recruiting trips.  Further, Janet Reno will be appointed as a special consultant to the program to ensure that no host with a BMI of less than 40 comes close to hosting a recruit
  • The football team must change its colors to pink and sky blue
  • The football team must stay in the Atlantic Coast Conference for the next 30 years, even if Florida State leaves.  Also, Miami cannot vote against South Florida or Central Florida taking Florida State’s place in the ACC
  • The football team must continue to lose to Boston College annually
  • Lane Kiffin is allowed to take the team’s best player every year, regardless of where he coaches
  • SCHOLARSHIP LIMITS: For all odd years from 2013 to 2017, the football team can only sign 100% Caucasian defensive backs and running backs, and must give 1 scholarship per year to a female kicker (provided she is not hot like Kathy Ireland).  During even years from 2014 to 2018, the team must give 1 scholarship per year to a quarterback from Samoa, 2 scholarships per year to offensive linemen of 100% Chinese descent (provided they are not able to do cool thinks like in the movie Big Trouble in Little China), and 1 scholarship per year to a non-human.
  • BOWLS: The above restrictions should take care of bowl eligibility.  If not, Miami is only allowed to go to bowl games if they have a tie-in with the Big East (if any) or take place in crappy places like Idaho or Detroit.


  • Upon further review, the basketball team must continue doing whatever it is currently doing to remain entirely irrelevant
  • Just in case, John Calipari is allowed to take the team’s best player every year, regardless of where he coaches


  • The football team must pay annual fines of $10,000,000 dollars and 10,000,000 Cuban pesos, which will be earmarked for a pretend charity that devotes itself to something along the lines of rehabilitating prostitutes and/or supporting retired NCAA Presidents, from 2013 to 2015.
  • Effective immediately and permanently, Miami must refer to itself as “Miami (FL)” and Miami of Ohio is allowed to refer to itself as simply “Miami”
  • Luther Campbell loses Professor Emeritus status until 2018

At present, it is unclear what option will be selected by Miami.  Needless to say, the athletic culture in Miami is about to change radically.

Extortion & Suspensions Hit Louisville

Local reports here in Louisville are saying  that Thomas Ray of Jackson, Mississippi, 35, has been arrested and indicted on charges that he tried to extort 3.5 million dollars from the University of Louisville in April 2013. Ray contacted U of L AD Tom Jurich claiming to have evidence tying U of L to point shaving. It is also being reported that Ray has a history of extortion attempts.  Jurich has acknowledge that he has heard that Ray was arrested but hasn’t commented further.

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Wednesday Poll: North Carolina & Sanctions

The North Carolina Tar Heels have had a well documented series of academic failures and other scandals recently.  What is your opinion on whether the NCAA has been sufficiently strict with the Tar Heels to date?

For more information, here are just some of the articles that have chronicled the situation: here, here, and here.


ACC Quick Hitters: July 22, 2013

Finally!  The ACC media days have come and gone–and that means one thing: FOOTBALL!   Nobody wants summer to end, but if there is one silver lining within the cloud of August around the corner, it is that the college football season follows right behind it.  Yeah, the NFL is OK too.  But college football is something else entirely.

In any event, let’s take a look at what is going on in the ACC today:

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ACC Week in Review: July 21, 2013

As we noted previously, followers and non-followers of this blog can now get weekly updates of the blog entries.  Here is this week’s recap:

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ACC Week in Review: June 30, 2013

As we noted previously, followers and non-followers of this blog can now get weekly updates of the blog entries.  Here is this week’s recap:

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ACC Week in Review: June 23, 2013

As we noted previously, followers and non-followers of this blog can now get weekly updates of the blog entries.  Here is this week’s recap:

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Miami & Lack of Control

The Miami athletic department is having to answer to the NCAA regarding its lack of institutional control.  As a reminder, the NCAA contends that Miami booster Nevin Shapiro “provided $170,000 in benefits to players, recruits, coaches and others between 2002-2010.”  So Miami is faced with the lack of institutional control allegations.


That’s kind of interesting, isn’t it?

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Update: Tim Tebow–How Can ZERO NFL Teams Want Him?

Update:  Some folks got their wookies bent over the concern that someone could say something nice about Tim Tebow.  Well, ESPN is now reporting that the New England Patriots are going to sign Tim Tebow.  Yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars could not be bothered to sign Tebow to be a backup, but the uber-successful New England Patriots can.  If Bill Belichick and I are the only two people who think Tim Tebow should have a job in the NFL, I’ll take it.  The guy has had some moderate success in the NFL. 

Tebow will never be a fantasy stud at QB in the NFL.  He might not ever start another game.  But, as we noted below, he belongs in the NFL somewhere.  A project worth investing in.  It is too soon to conclude that he should switch positions.

Original blog entry:

The Confidential gets that Tim Tebow is not a great quarterback.  He does not have the arm or the accuracy or the intelligence or whatever.  But ESPN the Magazine had an article indicating that nobody wants Tim Tebow.  The Confidential cannot believe that there is not one of 32 NFL teams that can find a spot for Tim Tebow.  It is just not fathomable.

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