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ACC Quick Hitters: July 22, 2013

Finally!  The ACC media days have come and gone–and that means one thing: FOOTBALL!   Nobody wants summer to end, but if there is one silver lining within the cloud of August around the corner, it is that the college football season follows right behind it.  Yeah, the NFL is OK too.  But college football is something else entirely.

In any event, let’s take a look at what is going on in the ACC today:

  • North Carolina fans must be somewhat pleased to see the criminal charges against PJ Hairston dropped.  As we noted on Twitter (acconfi) earlier today, misdemeanor marijuana possession and driving without a license charges were dismissed.  While it is understandable that Hairston could prove he had a license, it is a bit mystifying as to how he got out of the marijuana possession charges.  Apparently, Durham County has a lenient first-time-offender program.  So there you have it.  Of course, the Tar Heels have even BIGGER problems these days, as there is that whole “academic scandal” thing remains lurking.  [See the Confidential’s satirical take on same from months ago.)
  • Whither Miami’s penalties?  (Yes, we have used whither too much in recent days).  ACC Commissioner John Swofford is of the opinion that Miami has suffered enough.  He has a point–Ohio State did not give up a crappy bowl and paid for it the next season when their 12-0 team stayed home.  Miami has already sacrificed TWO crappy bowls.  Apparently, we will find out in a few weeks.  [The Confidential took a satirical look at Miami a long time ago too.]
  • Speaking of Swofford, he and the other commissioners of the Big Five conferences seem to be itching to separate into a new division within the NCAA.  Swofford did his part.  Not sure why Dennis Dodd called it “Division 4.”  It’s not like this new breakaway would be below Division 3.  The Confidential likes the sound of Division 0 better anyway.  Of course, given that the NCAA has used names like FBS and FCS… perhaps they will just call it the FMMS (the Football MoneyMaking Subdivision).  Of course, if the Big 10 was involved in the naming, it would be called the Heroes or something.  Whew!  In any event, the growing chasm in revenue is leading to some sort of “issue” down the road.  Stay tuned.  [No satirical look on that, sorry.]

What do you think?  Should the 5 Power Conferences form a new subdivision within the NCAA?

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One thought on “ACC Quick Hitters: July 22, 2013

  1. Why not name the new division V 3.1?

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