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Confidential Survivor Pool Update: Week 3

Unfortunately, two games into the double-elimination season, a few entrants have been eliminated.  This week’s carnage was caused by a single game–the Duke loss to Wake Forest.  That caused six entrants to receive strikes, two of whom suffered strikes in Week 1.  That means 34 entrants remain.

As we move on to Week 3, here is an interesting chart as to which teams have been used or not used:

Team Survivors Who Haven’t Picked This Team
1. Georgia Tech (2-0) 15
2. Syracuse (1-1) 20
3. Duke (1-1) 25
4. Wake Forest (2-0) 27
5. Boston College (1-1) 27
6. Louisville (2-0) 32
7. No Carolina St. (1-1) 32
8. Virginia (0-2) 32
9. Miami Fla (2-0) 32
10. North Carolina (1-1) 33
11. Virginia Tech (1-1) 33
12. Clemson (2-0) 33
13. Notre Dame (1-1) 33
14. Pittsburgh (2-0) 34
15. Florida St. (2-0) 34

Nobody has used Pitt or Florida State, while only one entrant over two weeks has used UNC, Va Tech, Clemson, and Notre Dame.  Louisville and Miami have only been used by two entrants.

As we move to Week 3, the strategy will become more apparent.  9 ACC teams face a P5 opponent, while Syracuse plays South Florida and Miami travels to App State.  If this was Week 6, you might be forced to pick a team playing a P5 opponent.  On the other hand, saving Florida State for Week 10 is great, but being eliminated in Week 4 is not going to help that cause.

In any event, good luck to everyone in Week 3!

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