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Much-Maligned ACC Football Trending Well in Recruiting

According to ESPN’s latest football recruiting rankings, the ACC has three of the top 10 teams, with Notre Dame knocking at the top 10 at #11.  Specifically, Florida State is at #4, Clemson is at #8, and Miami is at #10.  The three traditional ACC powers are where they should be in the recruiting rankings.  But there is other good news.

Virginia, Louisville, and North Carolina are part of the top 25.  Virginia is a bit of a surprise, but they are in a talent-rich area and are keeping that talent home.  Louisville, of course, is thriving under Charlie Strong.  Meanwhile, North Carolina is holding its own.

Of course, just outside the top 25, the ACC appears strong.  #26 is North Carolina State, #27 is Virginia Tech, and #28 is surprising Boston College.

So, out of the top 30 teams, the ACC is featured quite prominently:

  • ACC: Florida State, Clemson, Miami, Notre Dame*, Louisville, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, Boston College (9 schools, 10 with Notre Dame)
  • SEC: Alabama, Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Ole Miss, Auburn, Vanderbilt (10)
  • Big 10: Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Northwestern, Rutgers (5)
  • Big XII: Texas, Baylor Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State (5)

One would expect Nebraska, Wisconsin, USC, Oregon, and South Carolina to make a surge in these rankings, but this is still a solid showing for the ACC.  If football is king, then the ACC has a significant amount of talent ready to stream in.


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4 thoughts on “Much-Maligned ACC Football Trending Well in Recruiting

  1. The ACC Shall Rise Again!

  2. Louisville recruiting is seeing benefits from the ACC. For instance, the recruiting footprint for quality players has grown.

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  4. Georgia Tech is having a very good year in recruiting too. Doesn’t necessarily show up in rankings but they are getting a lot of their top targets.

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