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The ACC Coaches “Hot Seat”

The phrase “hot seat” is now commonly used to describe coaches that are under a lot of pressure to start winning immediately.  The implication is that failing to have a sufficiently-good season will lead to termination.  In the old days, a coach would get five years to turn a program around.  Now, coaches are on much shorter “leashes.”  Not literally, obviously.  Anyway, who are the ACC coaches on the hot seat headed into the 2013 college football season?

  1. Randy Edsall, Maryland.  This guy left UConn in the worst way possible–following a blow-out loss in a BCS bowl that the Big East probably did not  deserve to have a team enter, without having the courtesy to even let his team know.  If you don’t believe in karma, the struggles for Edsall at Maryland have to be chipping away at your confidence in same.  Edsall’s first season at Maryland took the team to a 2-10 record his first year.  Frankly, his 4-8 record in the second year was not too bad given that he was using a linebacker at QB by the end of the year.  Again, however, karma seemed to be in play to even get to that point.  With a move to the Big 10 on the horizon, Edsall has to keep moving Maryland forward to ever get to see that new league.
  2. Jim Grobe, Wake Forest.  What?  Didn’t Wake Forest go to the Orange Bowl a few years ago?  Yes and no.  It was 2006.  Grobe’s teams are 19-30 the past four years.  Wake Forest has not been the worst team in the ACC most years.  But they are not exactly trending upward either.  If Grobe cannot get the team bowling this year, it is probably time for a change.
  3. With all the new hires in the ACC, it is difficult to find a third coach that is truly on the hot seat.  Mike London’s Virginia team took a step back last year, but his recruiting classes have been solid.  See here.  But he is only in season four.  One wonders whether another subpar season at Virginia Tech could lead to Frank Beamer deciding to retire.  It would be difficult to envision him getting fired.  But he could decide to step down if he concludes that he has lost his touch.  Finally, Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech is a mystery.  Only 20-19 the past three seasons after a trip to the Orange Bowl.  Given that expectations may be higher in Georgia Tech than Virginia, Paul Johnson gets the nod as the coach in the third hot seat spot.

What do you think?  Is there a better candidate for #3 than Paul Johnson?

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4 thoughts on “The ACC Coaches “Hot Seat”

  1. I would like to see Bobby Petrino in the ACC somewhere. He’s an excellent coach.

    • jae1837 on said:

      I agree with this sentiment. I just hope he cleaned-up his act by then.

      • He is probably next in line for a gig at some mid-tier major conference school.

      • Being the coach at Western Ky, he’s been on TV & radio allot her in Louisville. IMO, he does seen more humble now. He still has kids enrolled at U of L. Things like how he has caddied for his daughter since high school keeps getting left out of the national news.

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