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Syracuse, Football Practice Facility, and More

Sean Keeley of the great Syracuse blog, Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, had an informative entry today about Syracuse and the creation of a new practice facility for football.  As this is long overdue for the program, all ACC fans should hope that it happens.  After all, a good Syracuse football team is good for the ACC.  The Confidential has one other suggestion though.

Part of the discussion is the creation of 44 Plaza, which would feature “bronze statues of Ernie Davis, Jim Brown and Floyd Little.”  That seems pretty cool.

But what would be even cooler is if Syracuse created a “44 Hall of Fame,” featuring the best 44 coaches and athletes in Syracuse history.  The problem with such a concept is that it would be dynamic.  Some kid who is 10 years old today may deserve enshrinement in 2030 more than someone on the list today.  So it would require removing someone from the list.  A dynamic Hall of Fame is unheard of (as far as we know).

Should it be that way?  The Baseball Hall of Fame just adds people.  Some guy who hit .290 in 1920 and is elected by the Veterans Committee stands next to the empty space waiting for steroid-laden players who hit 500+ home runs to never join.

Why not remove people from Halls of Fame?  Maybe it is not fair to do it retroactively.  I get that.  Immortality should, perhaps, not be taken away lightly.

But if you are starting from scratch, there is no reason not to have a limit and potential for rotating individuals out.  And the debate over who to allow in would naturally include discussion of who to take out.  That would be interesting enough.  So humor me on the potential for a dynamic top 44.

Anyway, who would be in Syracuse’s top 44?

Let’s get the list started:

  1. Jim Boeheim
  2. Jim Brown
  3. Dave Bing
  4. Ben Schwartzwalder
  5. Dick MacPherson
  6. Floyd Little
  7. Ernie Davis
  8. Donovan McNabb
  9. Derrick Coleman
  10. Carmelo Anthony
  11. Rony Seikaly
  12. Sherman Douglas
  13. Pearl Washington
  14. Marvin Harrison
  15. Billy Owens
  16. Joe Morris
  17. Marvin Graves
  18. Don McPherson
  19. Ryan Nassib
  20. Dwight Freeney
  21. Tim Green
  22. John Mackey
  23. John Wallace
  24. Lawrence Moten
  25. Gerry McNamara

So that’s 25.  Any disagreement on the top 25?  Who makes up the next 17?  This was football/basketball… what about lacrosse?  Any other non-revenue sports deserve attention?

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6 thoughts on “Syracuse, Football Practice Facility, and More

  1. M. Caffrey on said:

    Interesting that there hasn’t been a #44 in football that is worthy of inclusion among the all-time greats since Floyd Little…so much for all of the “restore 44” arguments.

    Maybe if they build a “Hall of Average” they can include Rob Konrad, Terry Richardson, and Michael Owens.

    Also, in all seriousness, I would consider expanding beyond athletes and suggest mascots and other iconic people who were important to the games:

    1) Otto (natch)
    2) Saltine Warrior
    3) The drummer with the long dreadlocks during the ’03 National Championship run.
    4) the cannon

  2. tjcuseacc on said:

    From Lacrosse: Powell brothers, all Simmons’, and Gaits. Also, Rob Moore and Paul Pasqualoni.

  3. Matt on said:

    Art Monk
    Dome Ranger
    Mike “IRS” Rotunda – wrestling
    Tom Schlendorf – Heavyweight NC wrestling
    Gene Mills – NC wrestling
    Jim Nance – FB – NC wrestling
    Jim Ringo – NFL HOF
    Al Davis – ummm roomate of Bernie Custis
    Bernie Custis – QB 1948-50 – first black professional QB (went to CFL because they wouldn’t let him play QB in NFL)

  4. Moose Jonhston
    Rob Konrad
    Bob Costas – Legendary sports broadcaster
    Marvin Lender – The biggest donor SU has EVER had
    Louis Orr & Roosevelt Bouie (as a tandem) – aka Louie & Bouie, Kick-started the JB era with a bang
    Larry Csonka
    Tom Coughlin
    Art Monk

  5. Bruce on said:

    Toshiko D’Elia

    • M. Caffrey on said:

      Excellent suggestion. She is a fascinating athlete with Syracuse connections.

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