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Whither the Wolfpack? The remaining schedule

So this past week was a bit of a downer for the Pack following the rout loss at UNC.  It might have been OK if it were even close, but the Pack was trounced in the first half and while the second was better, let’s face it, the Heels really didn’t have to try anymore.

Just as an exercise in getting our collective minds off that game, let’s take a look at the remaining schedule and make some predictions:

2/8 at Miami: winnable game here should put the team even at 5-5

2/11 Wake Forest: we owe these guys one, and as they have been reeling of late, should be able to get it. Would put us at 6-5

2/15 at Syracuse: uh, no.  6-6

2/18 at Clemson: no guarantee, but winnable. We’ll go with 7-6

2/22 at Virginia Tech:  the Hokies have struggled all season and the Pack should be 8-6 after this one

2/26 North Carolina:  as much as I want to believe an upset is brewing, I have to predict that we will slip to 8-7

3/1 Miami: see 2/8.  9-7

3/3 at Pittsburgh:  see 2/15. 9-8

3/9 Boston College: Eagles have been the worst in the conference all year and we should be able to finish 10-8

So that would leave us with an overall record of 20-11, which would leave the Pack as perhaps NIT fodder.  Unless of course we go crazy in the ACC tournament and squeeze into the NCAAs.  Or we could win all the games I have predicted as wins and get just one upset over Syracuse, UNC or Pitt.  Then we should get an invite with a decent tournament showing.

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One thought on “Whither the Wolfpack? The remaining schedule

  1. Will be at the NC State game in the Dome on Saturday. Hope that the Orange will still be defending a zero in the L column when the time comes.

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