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Scott Shafer squarely on the Hot Seat

Halfway through a season that some called a “job saving” year for Shafer because of the advantageous scheduling, and following yet another disappointing loss to a team that had 1 win prior to their match-up against SU, Scott Shafer is deservedly sitting on the hot seat; something that I’m sure Bud Poliquin will soon be eagerly writing about (since he is the Tina Belcher of sports commentary and writing about butts is kind of his thing).

Yes, the officiating against UVA was abysmal (and may have set a precedent to redefine the term “forward pass”) but Shafer’s poor clock management down the stretch, Chuck Bullough’s bend-and-then-break Defense did everything to keep UVA in the game, and Lester’s questionable calls early in the game cost Syracuse a chance for victory in a “winnable” game and made the chances of going bowling much, much harder and the InstaSnapTwitBook folks are not happy.

With new AD Mark Coyle on the job and ostensibly evaluating everything, I can only imagine that Coyle is making contingency plans for a coaching replacement in December should the season fail to result in a Bowl game.  Read more…

The ACC Coaches “Hot Seat”

The phrase “hot seat” is now commonly used to describe coaches that are under a lot of pressure to start winning immediately.  The implication is that failing to have a sufficiently-good season will lead to termination.  In the old days, a coach would get five years to turn a program around.  Now, coaches are on much shorter “leashes.”  Not literally, obviously.  Anyway, who are the ACC coaches on the hot seat headed into the 2013 college football season?

Read more…

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