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Realignment News: SEC Looking at Clemson (+ NC State?) & Florida State Willing to Do Anything to Leave ACC

After a quiet several weeks on the conference realignment front, and despite the football season being 2 days away, here come some more rumors.  Specifically, there is scuttlebutt that the SEC will be looking to add Clemson as its 15th team and then invest some time deciding on which team would be the best fit for team #16.  Naturally, with the ever-wandering eye, Florida State is shaving its legs and hiking up its skirt to attract attention from any conference willing to look its way.

First, the SEC motivation appears based on the desire remove the geographical split and create an All-Tigers pod.  Although the conventional wisdom is that Florida State or Virginia Tech would be the logical 16th team due to prowess, the SEC has long coveted entry into the North Carolina market.  So North Carolina State is actually in the lead for the last spot.  Plus, again, it helps make fun pods.  After all, consider these pods, which are so much smoother with North Carolina State:

  • The Tigers pod: LSU, Auburn, Missouri, Clemson
  • The Dogs & Cats pod: Georgia, Mississippi State, Kentucky, North Carolina State
  • The People pod: Texas A&M, Tennessee, Mississippi, Vanderbilt
  • The Potpourri pod: Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina

With all the trouble that the SEC has had trying to figure out a balanced schedule with an East-West split without losing so many important traditional rivalries, it looks like the conference is ready to just throw its hands up in the air and use the nicknames to “randomize” the distribution.

Second, Florida State remains eager to find any conference that will take it away from the Inner Circle of Hell Atlantic Coast Conference.  At this point, the Seminoles are willing to do whatever it takes to convince a conference to allow them to spare them the agony of overreacting to things handed down by the conference.  And we mean anything.  These are the only things that can be printed in this blog:

  • Changing its team nickname to the Tigers to try to get in on the Tigers thing that the SEC obviously has going on;
  • Changing its name to East Texas State to get the Longhorns to cease opposing Big XII expansion;
  • Committing major violations to land on probation so that the B1G will feel more comfortable adding them to the mix of its all-sanctioned kings: Nebraska, Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan; and
  • Stressing to the “soon-t0-be 65% as rich as the ACC, but also 0% ACC (which is all that matters)” Big East that its basketball team having more success than its football team is a trend that will continue.

To its credit, Florida State is not trying to join the Pac-12.  Although the Florida collegiate system deems its Tampa-university to be “South Florida,” apparently there is SOMEONE in the state who pays a little attention to the map.

Never a dull moment when it comes to real or pretend expansion news.

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2 thoughts on “Realignment News: SEC Looking at Clemson (+ NC State?) & Florida State Willing to Do Anything to Leave ACC

  1. I have no doubt the SEC may expand to a 16 team conference in the next five years but there is no proof at the moment that Clemson, North Carolina State, or Florida State are ready to jump ship to the SEC or anywhere. The SEC just finished a major expansion and is proably going to let things settle for a couple years before they go to teams 15 and 16. They finally got into the Texas market/recruiting with TAMU and also sucked up the university of Missouri with a six million people plus tv market. They are in no hurry for future expansion at the moment. For the three other big boy conferences the Big 10 is happy at 12, the PAC-12 may remain at 12 a team conference for a long time because their options for western expansion are slim. Boise St, BYU, and Airforce are their only three good options but the PAC-12 does not want them because they consider them poor academic schools. Which leaves the the Big 12, which is content as a ten team round robin conference. Odds are the Big 12 will expand in the next three years but the money has to be good enough to bring in two new schools. Most likely a school like FSU, Clemson, Virginia Tech, or Georgia Tech.

    • Yeah, this post was just a non-serious thing. We do that every few posts around here. It is 100% not serious.

      Otherwise, I agree. Everyone should sit tight for several years. Today TV revenue for football drives everything. In 2020, it might be a different paradigm altogether.

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