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The Last Big East Tournament

Welll, not really, but it might as well be.  Nostalgia will flow through the week at Madison Square Garden.  This tournament was essentially the heart and soul of the Big East.  While it may live on in its new formation, most people, even Syracuse haters, have to admit, a Syracuse presence each year really took the tournament intensity to a higher level. 

With Syracuse in a tailspin, its tough to tell how an early exit by the Orange will impact the rest of the tournament.  A Syracuse run to at least the semifinals will really have it seem like old times.  Ironically, the game I remember most was in 1986 when Pearl Washington had his last second shot swatted away by St. John’s – it was a long bus ride out of the city that night.  I wish I had been there through GMac’s run a few years back or Kemba Walker’s heroics.  If Syracuse can make it to the weekend games, I will find a way to be there for the last hurrah. 

I hope Syracuse can have one last glorious run before moving on to what will be an even better ACC tournament next year.


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