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The big game of the day is Syracuse vs. Notre Dame tonight, but Florida State traveling to NC State has huge implications.  And Duke-Miami will go a long way to determine the Coastal picture, as Miami could be in big trouble with a loss at home. Long story short, a lot going on.

Share your thoughts as the day proceeds…

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11 thoughts on “GAME THREAD: SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

  1. At the moment I am feeling good, though the Pack D still needs to find a way to stop Winston. Also confused that the stat guys say Brissett hasn’t missed when he clearly threw an incompletion when Hines was triple-covered, but who cares?

  2. FUM-MMM-BLE!!!

  3. Not feeling quite as good right now…

  4. Enough with the wildcat already!!! It has only worked one time.

  5. Just about to turn on for the 2nd half of FSU/NCSt… ordinarily I wouldn’t mind upsets, but c’mon Pack, we need FSU in the playoffs!

  6. Yes we do…with one loss.

    • Thought you may like this video of the NC St. Women’s Volleyball team…

    • Oh well, at least they gave it a good effort. Pretty sure we will win some ACC games, although probably not at Death Valley next week vs a Clemson team desperate to prove they are still relevant.
      Anyway, I will leave it to the Syracuse contingent for the rest of the night. I wish you luck against Notre Dame, maybe the Orange can start proving to them that they are not head and shoulders above the ACC.

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