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ACC & Pinstripe Bowl

Look, this is not even news.  Once it is announced, it will just be the fulfillment of what has been speculated for weeks.  And it also makes complete sense.  The Pinstripe Bowl will matchup the Big 10 and the ACC.

Really, the only unknown was the length of the deal.  Sources indicate that the Pinstripe Bowl and ACC will be matched up for 6 years.  So, from 2014 to 2019.  The Pinstripe Bowl has an eight-year deal with the Big 10.

So, let’s start thinking of some exciting matchup possibilities:

  • Pitt v Penn State–they will not play every year, but what a game for the NYC market
  • Syracuse v Rutgers–New York’s college vs. New Jersey’s college
  • Virginia v Maryland–OK, maybe not so much.
  • Boston College v Northwestern–two private schools in huge cities.  The battle to be second fiddle to NYC–held in NYC!
  • Nebraska v Miami–rematch of one of the great title games
  • Florida State v Ohio State–Free Sneaker University vs. Free Tattoo State
  • Michigan v North Carolina–the snooty bowl
  • Wisconsin v Clemson–unlike a Wisconsin basketball game, first one to 70 would win this game.
  • Indiana v Duke–the “These Guys PLAY Football” Classic?
  • North Carolina State v Michigan State–the little brother bowl
  • Georgia Tech v Purdue–a coupla engineering schools going at it on the gridiron.
  • Minnesota v Virginia Tech–well, now this blows.  Both schools kind of have purple in their colors.
  • Wake Forest v Illinois–nothing.  Nothing at all to see here.

And those are just some of the interesting matchups that we could see.  What one (listed or unlisted) would you like to see in 2014?


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3 thoughts on “ACC & Pinstripe Bowl

  1. M. Caffrey on said:

    What’s the deal with Notre Dame? I realize they have high hopes of being in the playoffs each year, but will they be able to take part in ACC- affiliated bowls like the Pinstripe?

    Can you imagine Penn St. vs. Notre Dame in Yankee Stadium? The tickets would probably sell-out in record time.

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