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ACC Bowl Game Contest: Final Results

Here are the bowl games winners:

  1. Clemson
  2. Houston
  3. Ohio State
  4. Baylor
  5. Mississippi State
  6. Duke
  7. Washington State
  8. Louisville
  9. Navy
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. Most Points: Virginia Tech
  12. Points: 55

With these finals, three entrants picked 7 out of 10: Commander, Brian Yacker, and Ben Niemann.

The first tiebreaker did not sort things, as nobody picked Virginia Tech to score the most.

The second tiebreaker HAD to sort things out though, as each team was required to pick the points scored by the ACC team that scored the most–WITHOUT GOING OVER.  This helped keep numbers lower.  Plus, everyone had to pick a different number for it to count.

Commander went with 41, Brian Yacker went with 45, and Ben Niemann went with 38.  Because Virginia Tech scored 55, Brian Yacker was the closest without going over and takes the tiebreaker win.

Brian–send an email to with your PayPal information.  We’ll get you the funds ASAP.  Not going to be able to quit your job with the winnings, but what the heck.  A win is a win.

Great job by everyone!

As a reminder, we have contests frequently.  We had the individual fantasy football league resolve in the fall, the survivor league also resolve in the fall.  Next up will likely be the Big Dance contest.  Happy New Year!


ACC Bowl Game Contest


Here are the bowl games winners:

  1. Clemson
  2. Houston
  3. Ohio State
  4. Baylor
  5. Mississippi State
  6. Duke
  7. Washington State
  8. Louisville
  9. Navy
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. Most Points: Virginia Tech
  12. Points: 55

The Confidential is going to celebrate the bowl season for the ACC with a… CONTEST!   The prize will be a $20.00 Pay Pal payment.

Here are the games:

  1. #1 Clemson vs. #4 Oklahoma, National SemiFinal Game, December 31
  2. Florida State vs Houston, Peach Bowl, December 31
  3. Notre Dame vs Ohio State, Fiesta Bowl, Jan 1
  4. North Carolina vs Baylor, Citrus Bowl, December 29
  5. NC State vs Mississippi State, Belk Bowl, December 30
  6. Duke vs Indiana, Pinstripe Bowl, December 26
  7. Miami vs Washington St., Sun Bowl, December 26
  8. Louisville vs Texas A&M, Liberty Bowl, December 30
  9. Pitt vs Navy, Military Bowl, December 28
  10. Virginia Tech vs Tulsa, Independence Bowl, December 26
  11. TIEBREAKER 1: What ACC team will score the most points in their bowl game?
  12. TIEBREAKER 2: Without going over, how many points will that ACC team score?

What are the rules?  Pick the winner of each game and answer the two Tiebreaker questions.  Make sure your tiebreaker 2 answer is different than anyone else’s.  That’s all.

How do I enter?  Just put a comment below with your entry before midnight on December 25, 2015.


NCAA Bowl Change Necessary–But Not What You Think!

There is plenty of discussion regarding bowls given that the 40 bowl games this year required 80 teams to fill them–requiring the selection of a few 5-7 teams and one bowl game featuring a matchup between two teams from the same conference.  There is certainly ample reason to revise the bowl system to add some…. well…. sanity.  Surely, eliminating some bowl games would make some sense.  But an even more important change is necessary–allowing all schools to have the same number of additional practices–either to be used in preparation for a bowl or during the Spring.

It is an odd situation that the NCAA is so geared towards the haves at the expense of the have nots that only bowl eligible teams get to continue practicing.  In many ways, this is the biggest reward for a meaningless bowl–a chance to let some young guys get valuable reps in practice.  But once upon a time bowl games were only for 20 or so teams, meaning that a large majority were not getting those practices.  While unfair to the inferior teams, the greater good of having meaningful bowl games prevailed.

Now, however, 80 teams get bowls and about 40 do not.  So what once was a reward for a minority is now a penalty for the minority, as 1/3 of the FBS schools lose the extra practices by not making a bowl.  This, in turn, creates a demand for bowl spots.  This demand for bowl spots creates a demand for bowls.  And this leads to 40 bowls, too many of which feature teams at or (now) below .500.

One way to even things up and reduce the demand for bowl games is simple–just allow all teams to have the extra practices.  The only exception would be for the playoff teams–who are allowed enough practices to do what is necessary.  All remaining teams would get the same number of practices (say…15) between season’s end and spring ball–and teams could use them as necessary.  Call them “winter practices.”

In fact, it is perplexing that a team playing in a mid-December bowl will get less extra practices than a team playing in a comparable bowl scheduled for early January.  There is no reason for this whatsoever.

With this change, all schools would be able to have 15 winter practices.  Some schools may use all 15 for their bowl game.  Other schools might want to use 10–even if bowling–to add 5 more to the spring.  Other schools might prefer to skip a meaningless bowl game to have all 15 winter practices in the spring.  This makes complete sense if a school is breaking in a new quarterback, and certainly where there is a coaching change.

From there, the bowl games can return to some sense of sanity.  With demand for bowl spots no longer linked to the extra practices, the bowl games can once again be rewards for above average teams, rather than avoiding the penalty of being below average.  There is certainly some reason for someone to complain about a change like this.  But it seems like a very easy way to level the playing field and drive out the meaningless bowls.

ACC Bowl Projections

With the exception of two schools, ACC play is behind us. But that’s not a bad thing because nine of the teams (and Notre Dame) will be playing in a bowl game. So with that, let’s talk some bowl projections.

CFB Playoff – Clemson vs Iowa

The only team with a shot at the playoffs needs a win in the championship game to keep their spot. They struggled against their rival, South Carolina, but that won’t keep them out of the playoffs as long as they’re undefeated. They’ll likely be the 1 seed, so they’ll get whoever the playoff committee deems least deserving. For now, let’s say Iowa assuming they win a close one against Michigan State.

Peach Bowl – UNC vs Notre Dame

The loser of the ACC championship presumably gets this spot, but not always. Florida State could jump to this spot, but the recent polls show UNC over FSU, so that’s not likely. On the other side, the Peach bowl opponent could come from a number of conferences, but Notre Dame also has a tie-in. I’m sure the committee would love to have Notre Dame face off against another solid ACC team for the storyline itself.

Russel Athletic – Florida State vs TCU

This is too easy. A Florida team playing in Florida; they’re literally the only choice if they fall this far. A New Year’s Six selection isn’t out of the question, but you have to think the folks in Orlando would love to have FSU in this one. They get the third or fourth pick from the Big 12, so TCU seems like the logical choice here with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and maybe Baylor being ahead of them.

Music City – Louisville vs Georgia

The Cardinals are a natural fit for this bowl. They make sense geographically, and they’re in an SEC state so they fit in well with the bowl tie-in. They could face any number of SEC teams, but let’s pencil in Georgia for the sake of geography.

Belk – Virginia Tech vs Texas A&M

Many sources indicate that the folks in Charlotte want Virginia Tech really bad. It’ll be Beamer’s last game, and they know that means big revenue. Blacksburg isn’t too far away and Hokie fans will travel. This is another SEC tie-in that could go to any number of teams. If Georgia is in Nashville, I think Texas A&M makes sense here being another fanbase that would travel and be nationally recognized.

Sun – Miami vs Washington State

This tends to be the game no one wants, since it’s so outside of the ACC’s geographical footprint. The conference usually sends a nationally recognized program so that they can attract an audience even when their fanbase can’t make the trip. Miami fits the bill with the added bonus that they may already have a new coach. On the other side, the PAC-12 usually does the same in terms of selections, but I think Washington State is the pick here mostly because they’ll be the last 8-4 team chosen, and other teams like Arizona State can’t jump them.

Pinstripe – Pittsburgh vs Indiana

As much as the committee would love a Pitt/Penn State game, the Big 10 simply doesn’t have enough bowl eligible teams to make that happen. Pittsburgh is the the northern most ACC team that’s bowl eligible, so they’ll be the logical choice (unless Duke’s New York fanbase is taken into account). With an almost guaranteed playoff team along with possibly 1 or 2 New Year’s Six selections, the Big 10 certainly won’t be able to fill all their affiliations. Penn State will likely be pulled up to the Tier 1 bowls, leaving only Indiana in the tier 2 meaning they could go to any of those bowls. It’s entirely possible Pitt ends up playing a team from some other conference.

Military – NC State vs Navy

If Virginia Tech isn’t picked up by the Belk bowl, they obviously go here. With the assumption of them in Charlotte, NC State would be an easy pick for the Military. Raleigh isn’t too far from DC, and the fanbase travels well as a whole. Navy is all but guaranteed for this bowl unless a they get taken as a at-large by a bigger bowl. This would literally be a home game for Navy which would mean an almost sell-out crowd.

Independence/Quick Lane – Duke

Tack on the ACC to the list of conferences not able to fill all their bowl slots. The third tier of bowls includes these two, but there’s just one team left. If Notre Dame isn’t in a New Year’s Six, you could drop one of the second tier teams, but it’s tough to see them not in a NY 6 bowl. Duke is the last team left, and will probably fall to one of these last two because of how they finished.

Where will your team be playing in the post season? Post your projections below

ACC Bowls–Conference Matchups

As previously noted, this year’s ACC bowl slate is full, with twelve ACC teams playing in games, including Notre Dame and Florida State’s playoff appearance.  But how do these games stack up in terms of conference matchups?  Let’s take a closer look:

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Bowl Notes: The Pinstripe Bowl

For all the criticism that is launched at ACC football, the conference once again has twelve teams participating in bowls.  For a list of the bowls, see here.  The New Era Pinstripe Bowl will take place in Yankee Stadium in New York City and features Boston College and Penn State.  Kickoff is at 4;30 p.m. on December 27 and the game will be televised on ESPN. Boston College is the favorite at -2.5 according to Alex Parsuk, MTS’ Pinstripe sports betting expert. Here are the Confidential’s notes for the Pinstripe Bowl.

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ACC Bowl Schedule: 2014-2015

Here are the bowl games featuring these ACC schools:

  • Quick Lane Bowl, December 26 in Detroit, Rutgers vs. North Carolina
  • Bitcoin Bowl, December 26 in St. Petersburg, NC State vs. Central Florida
  • Military Bowl, December 27 in Annapolis, Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech
  • Hyundai Sun Bowl, December 27 in El Paso, Arizona State vs. Duke
  • Duck Commander Independence Bowl, December 27 in Shreveport, Miami vs. South Carolina
  • New Era Pinstripe Bowl, December 27 in New York City, Boston College vs. Penn State
  • Russell Athletic Bowl, December 29 in Orlando, Oklahoma vs. Clemson
  • Franklin American Music City Bowl, December 30 in Nashville, Notre Dame vs. LSU
  • Belk Bowl, December 30 in Charlotte, Georgia vs. Louisville
  • Capital One Orange Bowl, December 31 in Miami, Georgia Tech vs. Mississippi State
  • Rose Bowl, January 1 in Pasadena, Oregon vs. Florida State
  • Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl, January 2 in Fort Worth, Houston vs. Pittsburgh

So, you think you know college football? Especially ACC football?  Prove it by entering our bowl season fantasy football contest.

2013-2014 Bowl Results by Conference

Following Florida State’s dramatic win over Auburn last night in the National Championship game, the 2013-2014 College Bowl Season is officially over. Now we can look back and reflect on which conferences were the most successful, making the most of their bowl games, and which ones did not do as well. Read more…

Highlights of the 2014 BCS Discover Orange Bowl


1.       Winning the 2014 BCS Orange Bowl—Awwwww yeah! It literally came down to the last minute when Ohio State was down 40-35 with the ball at the 50 yard line. Braxton Miller threw a beautiful interception, caught by Clemson’s own Stephone Anthony. This sealed the deal for the Tigers and bonus points: Urban Meyer didn’t react by punching Anthony in the throat.

2.       Tajh Boyd—In his final game as a Clemson Tiger, Tajh went out with a bang. As Dabo Swinney said, “He put an exclamation point on his legacy.” Tajh finished the game with five touchdowns and 505 all-purpose yards, 78 more yards than the Ohio State Buckeyes. We’re really going to miss his leadership and I can’t wait to see him play on Sunday’s.

3.       Dabo Swinney—You could probably make a highlight reel of just Dabo after the game, he was animated to say the least. Personally, his best moment was this magnificent sound bite, “we are the first team from the state of South Carolina to ever win a BCS game”. Ah yes, not only did we get the sweet victory but getting to rub it in Steve Spurrier’s face doesn’t hurt either. For whatever reason, if any Gamecocks are reading this, I say, suck it up. Spurrier is no angel in this fight. You’re mad because Dabo’s comment was the truth and it was said on a bigger national stage. You know, seeing as it was the stage of a BCS Bowl. BOOM, roasted.*

4. Sammy Watkins—Saving the best for last. Sammy set an Orange Bowl record with 16 receptions and a Clemson and Orange Bowl record with 227 receiving yards. He was unbelievable. With an average of 14.2 yards per catch, he was Tajh Boyd’s go to receiver and his talent is going to be greatly missed. As a true junior, Sammy has declared for the NFL Draft. While we’ll miss his lightning speed and magnetic hands, he’ll represent Clemson well in the NFL next season.

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Clemson Defense—While the score might reflect a shootout, it was truly entertaining watching the Tigers contain Ohio State QB, Braxton Miller, to a mere 35 yards rushing. They completely shut him down on the ground. With 18 carries, he rushed an average 1.9 yards per carry, his lowest of the season.
  • Santa Claus—if you read my last article, the only thing on my Christmas list was a Clemson win. Ole’ Saint Nick pulled through. Thanks big guy.
  • The Referee’s—One song comes to mind when trying to describe the officiating from Friday night, “these boys can’t hold us back, these boys can’t hold us back, we too deep (ay, ay)”. The anthem of a generation Clemson Football. Good try ref’s, you’ll need some more flags to stop this excessive celebration.

Check out the video here:



*Let the record show I have a much deeper opinion on this matter but for lack of reader attention span will not disclose it here.


This past weekend featured two huge match ups for Louisville which culminated into one epic Saturday. First up was the hardwood rivalry game with Kentucky in corRUPPt arena. N Carolina and Duke is the greatest basketball conference rivalry but Kentucky and Louisville is the greatest non conference hoops rivalry. Playing your rival ONCE a year adds a little extra to the game, in my opinion. From the time they tipped off shortly after 4pm until the buzzer sounded around 6:30 it was a dog fight. Ultimately it was the Cards coming out on the losing end of the 66-73 final score.
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