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Randy Edsall–Good Riddance

Randy Edsall’s career record at Maryland was 13-24, including a 6-18 conference record.  Last season’s team lost to Marshall in the Military Bowl, essentially a home game.  One would expect Edsall to be fairly humble by now, right?  Wrong.  “As a football coach, I feel better,” Edsall said to applause. “Because I’m going to a football conference; I’m not in a basketball conference anymore.”  There you have it… someone who could not succeed in a conference, taking a shot at the quality of conference he could not succeed in.  Of course, the conference he left had the reigning national champion.  Needless to say, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Penn State will give the minimally-accomplished, maximum ego Edsall plenty of challenges.

So… all the Confidential has to say is this… good luck in the Big Ten, Randy.  You will need it.  In the meantime, how does that foot taste?

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4 thoughts on “Randy Edsall–Good Riddance

  1. Good ridance to bad rubbish. Or as they say in today’s modern colloquium: GTFO here Edsall!

  2. VA_OB_1 on said:

    Don’t forget N’western and Wisconsin, oh yeah Nebraska

  3. A season or two more and Maryland fans will be saying good riddance to Edsall too

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