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The Confidential’s All-Time Boston College Team

Suppose you had to play one game… for all the marbles… and you could use your time machine (or TARDIS) to put together a team of 12 players at their peaks.  Who would you pick?  Well, the Confidential does not know who YOU would pick.  But here is who the Confidential would pick for Boston College:

Center: Terry Driscoll, John Garris

Power Forward: Craig Smith, Jared Dudley

Small Forward: Danya Abrams, Bill Curley, Jay Murphy

Shooting Guard: John Bagley, John Austin,

Point Guard: Troy Bell, Michael Adams, Dana Barros

What do you think?  Would you make any substitutions?

Stay tuned for other schools’ lists…Syracuse, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, and NC State.

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