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Monday Poll: Who IS the ACC?

The Confidential was started shortly after the ACC announced plans to add Syracuse and Pittsburgh.  From day one, the Confidential approached the ACC as the then-current teams, plus Syracuse and Pittsburgh.  Our rankings reflected 14 teams.

Now, of course, Syracuse and Pitt are officially part of the ACC.  But then Maryland will soon be replaced by Louisville.  And whither Notre Dame, with its 5-game football schedule preventing full membership.

What is your opinion as to the simple question–as of today, who do YOU consider to be part of the ACC?

Thanks for sharing.


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One thought on “Monday Poll: Who IS the ACC?

  1. This was kind of a high-brow poll. But who wants to list all 13-16 teams? Instead, it was easier to go with the Algebraic (A + Louisville, etc.) method.

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