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Miami & Lack of Control

The Miami athletic department is having to answer to the NCAA regarding its lack of institutional control.  As a reminder, the NCAA contends that Miami booster Nevin Shapiro “provided $170,000 in benefits to players, recruits, coaches and others between 2002-2010.”  So Miami is faced with the lack of institutional control allegations.


That’s kind of interesting, isn’t it?

Lack of institutional control.  That is a bit like the old “when did you stop beating your wife” question?  There is no good answer.

If they say–“you are right, we lost control of the program”–then the NCAA can respond with a loud “A-HA!  We thought so!  Prepare for your punishment.”

If they say–“whoa, we were in control of the program”–then the NCAA can respond with a “so you were controlling Shapiro?”  To which Miami can only respond–“well, not him… we were controlling everything else.”  And then the NCAA can say–“were you controlling your players and coaches that were receiving improper benefits from Shapiro?”  To which Miami can only respond–“well, not them either.”  And so on.

Presumably, Miami will be hammering home that a guy sitting in a prison cell is not the more credible source.  Especially a guy who was part of a scheme to steal $1billion (with a B) from people.  True.  But where there is this much smoke, the NCAA has to look for the fire.  And they have some corroborating evidence.

The Confidential thinks that Miami has already paid quite a bit.  They have voluntarily skipped two bowl games.  In fact, one cannot help but notice that Miami is as much a basketball school as it is a football school.  Miami football simply “aint what it used to be.”  That happened despite Shapiro’s acts.  It’s not like he paid Miami into the top 5.

What do you think?  How badly should/will Miami be punished by the NCAA?  Remember this article–one of the Confidential’s most popular ever?


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9 thoughts on “Miami & Lack of Control

  1. David Williams on said:

    Depends on what comes out of the new gambling allegations.

  2. Charlotte Simmons on said:

    Castration, like in the movie Django Unchained.

  3. RE: Lack of control over the football program – Shapiro was never part of the program, was he? They can only address what they did when/if they found out about the players & coaches themselves (most of whom are long gone).

  4. M. Caffrey on said:

    If there is any future realignment that impacts the ACC, it will be when the SEC, USC, Texas, ND, and Miami all leave the NCAA completely to form their own Super Conference that doesn’t have to abide by the arcane rules/regs of the NCAA.

    • Remember when Abe Simpson was dating Marge’s mother and brought out the wrong lady? “Can I come too?”

      Well, similarly, Ohio State and Penn State would like to be part of this post-NCAA landscape… free tattoos = no bowl for 12-0 team. Cam Newton? Nothing. Actually, does the SEC even need to leave the NCAA???? They seem somewhat immune.

      • M. Caffrey on said:

        You’re right that the SEC seems to do pretty well with the NCAA; I just imagine that they could make more money in football without the NCAA.

        By contrast, I don’t see the B1G leaving the NCAA because they seem to really embrace the whole academic/Olympic sports thing…

        But, perhaps I have it backwards…maybe if it came down to it, the SEC (as the NCAA’s favorite son) would stay while the B1G+ND+USC+Texas+Miami would actually go off and create their own NCAA-type affiliation. Then a team from the B1G would actually have a chance to win a National Championship in a sport that people care about.

      • Charlotte Simmons on said:

        Probably improbable.

        Forza Juve!

    • jae1837 on said:

      The NCAA is such a shell game. Wake-up people, the member institutions created the NCAA and the rules in such a way that they can have a straw man that they can blame for all the ways they screw the “Student-Athlete”.

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