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Friday Quick Hitters: Around the ACC

Some interesting tidbits on the ACC around the web.

ESPN has continued its series of top 10 players from each conference who “have enjoyed the most successful NBA careers since 1989, by analyzing the ACC.  Here is the top 10:

  1. Tim Duncan, Wake Forest
  2. Chris Paul, Wake Forest (who saw Wake having the top two?)
  3. Vince Carter, UNC
  4. Grant Hill, Duke
  5. Chris Bosh, Georgia Tech
  6. Antawn Jamison, UNC
  7. Elton Brand, Duke
  8. Carlos Boozer, Duke
  9. Jerry Stackhouse, UNC
  10. Rasheed Wallace, UNC

Honorable mentions: Kenny Anderson, Georgia Tech; Shane Battier, Duke; Sam Cassell, Florida State; Luol Deng, Duke; Raymond Felton, North Carolina; Steve Francis, Maryland; Tom Gugliotta, North Carolina State; Josh Howard, Wake Forest; Corey Maggette, Duke; and Stephon Marbury, Georgia Tech.  Too soon to tell:  Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest; Harrison Barnes, North Carolina; Ed Davis, North Carolina; Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech; John Henson, North Carolina; Kyrie Irving, Duke; Austin Rivers, Duke; Iman Shumpert, Georgia Tech; Kyle Singler, Duke; and Tyler Zeller, North Carolina.  If you are keeping score, 27 of these 30 guys are from Duke (9), UNC (9), Georgia Tech (5), and Wake Forest (4).  Yep.

Clemson has released video of the vandalism of Howard’s Rock.  Here is video of a truck arriving.  Video of both arriving and leaving.

Syracuse is celebrating its best ever finish as an athletic department.  While a lot of attention has gone to Louisville’s outstanding year athletically, another ACC newcomer has been doing quite well too.



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4 thoughts on “Friday Quick Hitters: Around the ACC

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  3. dacuseman on said:

    Chris Paul has been very good, but, honestly, what has he accomplished? Rasheed Wallace and Chris Bosh have MULTIPLE titles. They should be before him. I also think Grant Hill and Vince Carter should be before him as well. All very good but longer tenure.

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