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ACC in the NYC Metro Area

Trying to catch up on a few things after the fine Syracuse run through the NCAA lax tournament.  Getting crushed at the faceoff x was bound to catch up.  This Syracuse team overachieved all season and almost pulled off another National Championship.

Syracuse football has three early verbal commits for the Class of 2014.  In addition, there seems to be some nice in roads made for some top players in the Class of 2014 by the new coaching staff.  My concern has been, even with Marrone,  and will continue to  be the lack of establishment in the NYC/NJ area which is so vital to the program.  The program took a big hit when Greg Schiano, Randy Edsall, and Boston College started to overshadow Syracuse in this area.  But with BC being down and UConn being left behind in the Big East there is an opportunity to get back to this area.  Going into pockets of the country where new assistants have relationships is great, but a core base area is still needed to be successful in the long run.

Also, around NYC is the news that the AP is reporting that the Big 10 will replace the Big 12 in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium when the Big 12 contract runs out.  This is not a surprise with Rutgers going to the Big 10.  This sets up the expected next step to be the Big East being dumped for the ACC.  I had doubts about this bowl originally, but having attended one of the games and watching the other two, the bowl has had great matchups and being in the snow in NYC at Christmastime has been a bit of a plus too for some fans.

Speaking of Rutgers, what a disaster.  The Confidential has already posted about this and it continues to be a big story in New Jersey.  I mean, one of the most powerful up and coming AD’s, Tim Pernetti, gets fired for not firing an abusive coach right away and trying to rehabilitate him, and the best Rutgers comes up with is someone who has an alleged abusive coaching history?!  I mean, even if Julie Hermann is highly qualified and if its all in her past and she has been a great administrator, Rutgers couldn’t find someone else that is as good as her without a questionable coaching past?  I’m not judging whether the accusastions are true or not, but since the only reason the current AD was let go was for how he handled an abusive coach, they pick someone to be AD who might have been an abusive coach?  Crazy!  You would think someone on the search committee would have pointed this out.  I’m sure if Julie Hermann were to have left Louisville for any other school but Rutgers maybe her past coaching issues wouldn’t have even been discussed.  Rutgers brought this disaster on themselves.  After the gloating of Rutgers fans about going to the Big 10, while the ACC (and Syracuse) was in supposed danger of being poached it was difficult to think that Rutgers might have landed in a better place than Syracuse.  Now that karma has fixed everything, I wish the Big 10 a lot of luck with handling this Rutgers mess before they even start.

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