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Olympic Sports that I’d like to see…

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has reformed their rules and are permitting host cities to propose the addition of one or more sports for their game. Currently, the IOC is evaluating a list of 26 sports that have applied to be included in the 2020 summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo, and the list of sports is quite varied; ranging from chess to Sumo to tug-of-war.

The vague criteria for the new sport(s) are that it/they must be popular with young people, give momentum to Tokyo 2020 and meet IOC standards.

That can mean only one thing: video games in the Olympics.

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Around the ACC: The NCAA Lacrosse Tournaments

There are several NCAA tournaments in play right now.

Men’s Lacrosse.

With all 5 ACC teams having good/great seasons (all seeded 7th or higher), expectations were high.  #1 Notre Dame did what it needed to, defeating Towson, 12-10.  #2 Syracuse had its way with Marist, 20-8.  #3 North Carolina held serve against Colgage, 19-12.  #5 seeded Duke was upset by Ohio State, 16-11.   #7 Virginia was obliterated by Johns Hopkins, 19-7.  So that’s three of the final 8 teams for the ACC.

Next up, Notre Dame will play unseeded Albany on May 16, with the winner to face the winner of Ohio State vs. Denver.  #2 Syracuse will play Johns Hopkins, with North Carolina playing Maryland in the other quarterfinal.

Womens Lacrosse.

The women are also down to 8 teams, including (again) 3 ACC teams.  #1 seeded Maryland will play #8 Northwestern in one quarterfinal, while unseeded Loyola will play #4 Syracuse.  In the other quarterfinals, #3 Duke will play Princeton and #2 North Carolina will play Penn State.  Virginia was eliminated by Penn State.

Syracuse Thrashes Duke in Lacrosse, 19-7

While most folks are concentrating on March Madness, the Syracuse Orange faithful have turned to mens lacrosse–where, other than perhaps Johns Hopkins–nobody has more tradition.  But recent years have been fairly lean for the Orange.  2015, however, is off to a great start.  So a lot of eyes were on yesterday’s matchup between the Orange and the two-time reigning champion Duke Blue Devils.  And Syracuse dominated, winning 19-7 over #4 Duke in the Carrier Dome.

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New Duke Blue Devils Page

The Confidential is going to create a quick summary page for each ACC school, with important links.  Today is Duke.  It may be found here.

If you have a Duke blog and would like to have reciprocal links, send us a direct message on Twitter or comment on this page.

Men’s L-ACC-rosse Finals: Duke vs. Notre Dame








When the ACC announced the conference was expanding to include Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame (kinda) everyone recognized that it would be an elite basketball conference. However, with the exception of the Confidential, very few realized just how dominant the conference would be in lacrosse.

Despite the pending loss of Maryland to the B1G, and a big whiff by not landing Johns Hopkins, the ACC continues to be the best lacrosse conference in the country, further evidenced by the All-ACC finals between defending Champion, Duke, and Notre Dame on Memorial Day at 1pm.

Duke defeated Denver 15-12 in the semis, while Notre Dame crushed Maryland 11-5 to advance to the finals.

Women’s lacrosse is no different, pairing one team new to the ACC (Syracuse) against one that is leaving (Maryland) in the Championship game. Syracuse defeated conference-mate, Virginia 16-8 to earn a spot in the finals, while Maryland surpassed Northwestern 9-6. The final game is scheduled for Sunday, May 25th at 8:30pm.




NCAA Lacrosse Tourneys: ACC Atop Seeds

The NCAA has revealed the brackets for the 2014 Lacrosse Tournaments.  As noted earlier, the ACC has been dominating mens and womens lacrosse this season.  The seedings similarly reflect the ACC’s dominance.

On the mens side, Duke and Syracuse are seeded #1 and #2, respectively.  Notre Dame, Maryland, and Virginia are the #6 through #8 seeds.  North Carolina was not seeded.  Nevertheless, all six schools qualified for the tourney.

On the womens side, Maryland, Syracuse, and North Carolina are seeded #1, #2, and #3.  Virginia, Boston College, and Notre Dame are seeded #6 through #8.  Duke is also in the field, making it a total of six schools in the tourney.  The games begin on May 9, 2014.


ACC Lacrosse Update

The best conference in lacrosse, the Atlantic Coast Conference, continues to impress.  The latest top 20 for the men has all six schools ranked in the top 9.  The fourth place team in the ACC, Notre Dame, is ranked fifth overall after winning the ACC tournament.  Virginia, who was 1-4 in conference play, is ranked #8 overall.  There is simply no precedent for such top-to-bottom conference domination.

That being said, it is Loyolla and Denver that are atop the standings at #1 and #2.  and Johns Hopkins squeezes in between the ACC sextet at #6.  It was quite a coup for the Big 10 to land Johns Hopkins–the Confidential still bemoans the ACC’s failure to do so.  However, as lacrosse remains a non-revenue sport, there is only so much the conference could have or should have done in that regard.

There are few regular season games left for the ACC schools.  on Saturday, there are a trio of games, as Notre Dame hosts #19 Army, Maryland hosts Navy, and Syracuse hosts Colgate.  Duke travels to Boston on Sunday for its finale.

The women are similarly as impressive, with seven of the eight schools in the top 15.   Of course, with Maryland #1, Syracuse #2, North Carolina #4, and Boston College #5, an argument can be made that the women are doing even better than the men.

All in all, the ACC is simply dominant in lacrosse.  Let’s hope that the ACC can follow through on its dominant regular season by bringing home two trophies.

Around the ACC: April 11, 2014

Basketball is over.  Football is long over.  In fact, we are closer to the next football season than the last one.  So… what else is going on to keep us interested?

Well, there is always lacrosse.  The ACC is stacked in lacrosse right now.  All six of the ACC programs are in the top 10, with Duke leading the way at #2.  The women are nearly as dominant, with the same six programs in the top 18.  On the womens’ side, however, the ACC has the top three spots: UNC, Maryland, and Syracuse.  Also, Louisville is #19.

And the ACC is doing typically well in baseball too.  Florida State is #1, while Virginia is #2.  Clemson and Miami area also ranked, while soon-to-be ACC member, Louisville, is #11 overall.

Softball is not faring as well for the ACC, with only FSU and Notre Dame in the top 25.  Meanwhile, Union eliminated Boston College in the frozen four last night in mens hockey.

But if you cannot get away from the revenue sports, there is always something going on somewhere involving an ACC team.  Consider the following articles on the Internet today:

So… there you go… some football and hoops news, even in the middle of April!   Enjoy the day!

ACC Lacrosse and the 6th team

There is little doubt that the ACC is the elite conference in lacrosse, placing a current member in the championship game 12 times since 2000, so an automatic birth into the tournament isn’t a necessity but would be a nice luxury to have. With Maryland departure in 2014 they will need to find a 6th team to go along with Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Syracuse and Notre Dame but who that will be is anyone’s guess. There are several candidates within the ACC of who can fill this role with each bringing different arguments as to why they are the better choice. With lacrosse exploding at the high school level in Florida makes Florida St and Miami logical candidates. Massachusetts is a lacrosse hot bed and Boston College played in the ACC before going to the MCLA. A case could be made for NC State and Clemson as well but perhaps the front runner for the 6th spot is the ACC-to-be Louisville Cardinals with their thriving athletic program. Typically sports fans associate Louisville with basketball and football and not lacrosse, so why Louisville?

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ACC Week in Review: June 16, 2013

As we noted previously, followers and non-followers of this blog can now get weekly updates of the blog entries.  Here is this week’s recap:

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