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Around the A.C.C.: August 23, 2016

As we all patiently and not-so-patiently await the start of the college football season, there is not much actual news to report.  Every blog and newspaper covering every A.C.C. school is knee-deep in their articles about why each and every player is going to surprise everyone this year, giving hope (and often false hope) to fans.  So be it.  That is what makes college sports so fun.  The hope is legitimate.  Anyway, here is what is happening at several schools:

So there it is… August 23, 2016.  Football is coming, folks.  Hang in there.


Around the A.C.C.–January 6, 2016

From time to time, we take a survey of the blogosphere to see what is happening around the A.C.C.  Today is as good a day as any to do so.  Let’s jump right in:

  • Syracuse hoops is struggling mightily.  While there was some concern that the Boeheim suspension would not go well, there was also significant optimism regarding coach-in-waiting Mike Hopkins.  A win at home over Clemson would have gotten “Hop” to 5-4 as interim coach.  Instead, the Orange lost in overtime (analysis from Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician), dropping to 10-6 overall and 0-3 in conference.  Perhaps Jim Boeheim is even better than we all thought.
  • While Clemson football was pulling the mild upset, Shakin the Southland was also previewing an upcoming football game between Alabama and Clemson.  You may have heard about this game.  You know, it is for the national championship.
  • Over at Tomahawk Nation, Florida State fans were discussing the NFL draft decisions of two key players: DB Jalen Ramsey and K Roberto Aguayo.  Both players were elite in college and very likely to have long NFL careers.  Of course, even with the stunning loss to Houston and these defections, no need to feel sorry for Florida State–it will reload and be just fine in both the short-term and long-term.
  • North Carolina was enjoying its 106-90 win over Florida State in basketball, while also praising Brice Johnson’s 39 point, 23 rebound game.  The discussion continues today over at the Tar Heel Blog.
  • Although less about real news, you’ve got to check out this amusing entry from Backing the Pack about Dave Doeren.  Good stuff!

So, there it is.  If you know of anything good we missed, let us (and everyone else) know below.


Lets Get the Party Started!


July 1, 2014, the day the impossible has become reality. The Louisville Cardinals year and half worth of anticipation, more like a life time, has come to an end. The University of Louisville Cardinals are now officially a member of the ACC.
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Clemson North

“The Cleveland Browns have traded the fourth pick to the Buffalo Bills. With the fourth pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Sammy Watkins, wide receiver, Clemson.”

The Bills gave up their 2015 first and fourth round draft picks for that trade, talk about a bold move. General Manager Doug Whaley told Sammy they were going to draft him and clearly, he meant it. The Bills had the 9th pick, but waiting their turn was not an option if they were going to get their number one choice. This trade was more than just getting Sammy Watkins; it was a statement to the NFL and Bills fans everywhere. The Bills are going to make it to the playoffs this season.  Or bust. Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

From a Clemson standpoint, I love this pick. I was fortunate enough to watch CJ Spiller run over defenses as a Clemson Tiger for one season before he was drafted 9th overall by the Bills in 2010. I watched Sammy Watkins glide his way through secondary defenses countless times on his way to the end zone in that Tiger uniform and I am thrilled to see Spiller and Watkins as teammates next season.

“Clemson North” is what they are calling it, as the Bills now have five former Clemson Tigers on their roster. Running back, CJ Spiller, offensive linemen, Chris Hairston and Antoine McClain, safety, Jonathan Meeks, and now wide receiver, Sammy Watkins.

Sammy Watkins is a player so outstanding that he makes others around him better. To get EJ Manuel healthy and prepped for the 2014 season, there is no doubt Sammy is going to shine. He is on his way to scoring touchdowns on Sundays and I can’t wait to watch. He has been compared to Detroit Lions wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, but next fall Sammy Watkins will begin his professional legacy and players to come will be compared to him.

To all Bills fans out there, rejoice. Clemson Nation gives you Sammy Watkins and we only hope you grow to love him as much as we did (and still do).

The fun is not over for the Clemson faithful. Still left to be drafted are QB Tajh Boyd, WR Martavis Bryant, CB Brashad Breeland, and OL Brandon Thomas.

You can catch night two of the 2014 NFL Draft tonight on ESPN.

Around the ACC: April 11, 2014

Basketball is over.  Football is long over.  In fact, we are closer to the next football season than the last one.  So… what else is going on to keep us interested?

Well, there is always lacrosse.  The ACC is stacked in lacrosse right now.  All six of the ACC programs are in the top 10, with Duke leading the way at #2.  The women are nearly as dominant, with the same six programs in the top 18.  On the womens’ side, however, the ACC has the top three spots: UNC, Maryland, and Syracuse.  Also, Louisville is #19.

And the ACC is doing typically well in baseball too.  Florida State is #1, while Virginia is #2.  Clemson and Miami area also ranked, while soon-to-be ACC member, Louisville, is #11 overall.

Softball is not faring as well for the ACC, with only FSU and Notre Dame in the top 25.  Meanwhile, Union eliminated Boston College in the frozen four last night in mens hockey.

But if you cannot get away from the revenue sports, there is always something going on somewhere involving an ACC team.  Consider the following articles on the Internet today:

So… there you go… some football and hoops news, even in the middle of April!   Enjoy the day!

Clemson and FSU will set Reputation of ACC for 2013

I can hear the comments now from the four letter network’s talking heads: “The ACC loses more BCS conference match ups….”  The presumption is that the ACC is a weak football conference if they lose lopsided match ups like unranked Virginia Tech vs. #1 Alabama.  I’m not convinced.  Conferences should not be judged by the performance of middle or bottom tier teams.  Would an Illinois victory over Kentucky indicate that the Big 10 is a better conference than the SEC?  No way.

The biggest game this weekend for the ACC is Clemson vs. Georgia.  As a matter of fact, it is the only game that really matters on the national front.

A Clemson victory would likely catapult them into the Top 5, put them in the national title conversation, and set up a nationally relevant game against Florida State on October 18th.  Florida State, the other ranked ACC team, has it’s own responsibility for carrying the ACC flag.  The Noles need to win their games against inferior competition and continue their presence near the Top 10 for a majority of the season.

How many years has it been since an ACC football team has been in the national title conversation in November?  It’s up to you Clemson and Florida State to buck the trend.

Non-Conference Schedule

How many non-conference ranked opponents will be played by conferences this year?

ACC:  11

Big 12: 2

Big 10: 4

Pac 12:  8

SEC:  who cares

Winston Debut

As Florida State finishes up preparations for the Pittsburgh Panthers, most fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of freshman QB Jameis Winston.  Winston has generated a significant amount of hype since his MVP winning Elite 11 camp in 2011.  The hype reached epic proportions after Winston’s spring game performance highlighted by a 58 yd strike against All-ACC conference corner Lamarcus Joyner.

ACC Quick Hitters

As we near the middle of the “dead” period in college sports, there is not a  whole lot to report.  So, for today, let’s just do some “quick hitters.”

Although it is not ACC-centric, at least directly, Frank the Tank’s latest blog entry is as good as ever.   In it he discusses, among other things, why televised sporting events are so valuable.  As you know from experience, we watch sporting events live.  That means we cannot fast forward through the commercials, which means that the advertising space is more valuable.  But read his article for an expanded analysis, as well as his opinions as to why there is not likely to be a Sports TV rights bubble.

Returning to the ACC…

Read more…

The Road to Omaha Begins

Baseballs post season was set Monday afternoon and North Carolina incredible season was rewarded with the #1 national seed. The other national seeds in order are Vanderbilt, Oregon St, LSU, Cal St Fullerton, Virginia, Florida St and Oregon.

North Carolina (52-8) won its first regular season champion since 1990 and it’s coach Mike Fox’s program first #1 seed. They have been a top 8 seed 6 of the last 7 years. They are the only team in the nation that hasn’t lost consecutive games this season. They will open their bid to be the first top seeded team to win the championship since the 1999 Miami team against Canisius (42-15), who is making their first appearance in the tournament.

The Louisville Cardinals (46-12) will begin their quest to make it to Omaha for the first time since 2007 against Bowling Green (24-29) on Friday at 6pm. They missed out on a national seed but they will host the regional. Also in their region is future ACC foe Miami (36-23) who has made the tournament for a record 41st straight year.

The SEC led all conferences with a record-tying 9 bids. The ACC received 8 while the Pac 12 and Sun Belt received 4 bids each. The committee snubbed the Big East by handing out only 2 bids, to Louisville and UConn. Although the SEC received more bids, the ACC has the upper hand with 5 teams playing host, not including Louisville, while the SEC has only 4 teams hosting a regional. Also the ACC received more national seeds than the SEC, 3-2.

The tournament opens this Friday with 16 four team double-elimination regionals. Those winners will advance to next weeks best of 3 super regionals. The remaining 8 teams will then be broken down into 2 double-elimination brackets in the College World Series in Omaha, Neb. Here is a look at the regionals and super regional line up. Read more…

Canes Update

I’ve been busy recently, sorry for the lack of updates.

Some big news for the Canes

Despite recent struggles on the road, the Canes have ascended to #2 in the nation in College Basketball. An ugly defensive showing in FSU’s house almost lead to an upset, and awful offense in Little John led to a narrow Miami W against Clemson. Miami returns home for a bit, where they (hopefully) will get back to full health and energy.

New TE coach/Assistant Head Coach, Mario Cristobal, is gone, after only a month. He left to take the OL job at Bama, and he will serve as an Assistant Head Coach their. This was probably a recruiting move made by Bama, Cristobal knows South Florida inside out.

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Florida International

Mario Cristobal appeared to have FIU uprising until a surprising 3-9 season

More news on the Miami-NCAA mess. If you’ve been trying to keep up with the NCAA’s investigation of itself, today they announced these findings:

    • Knowingly circumvented legal advice to engage Nevin Shapiro’s criminal defense attorney.
    • Violated the internal NCAA policy of legal counsel only being retained and monitored by the legal staff.
    • Paid insufficient attention to the concern that engaging the criminal defense attorney could constitute an inappropriate manipulation of the bankruptcy process.
    • Did not sufficiently consider the membership’s understanding about the limits of the enforcement staff’s investigative powers.
    • Did not violate a specific bylaw or law.

    Additionally, the report found:

    • Enforcement leadership exercised insufficient oversight of the engagement of the criminal defense attorney.
    • The legal and enforcement staffs took appropriate action to rectify the situation once they realized select enforcement

Reaction to the ND-ACC Move

Naturally, a move as significant as ND moving from the Big East to the ACC can only mean Internet reactions are plentiful.

First things first, the Confidential’s take is that this is the win-win of all win-wins.  Notre Dame was left hanging in the chaotic Big East, which was about to become C-USA.  The Big East will survive, but Notre Dame was an increasingly poor fit on every front.  Notre Dame now gets to park its non-revenue sports in the ACC, which is outstanding for basketball and lacrosse.  And 5 football games against ACC schools is nothing.  Frankly, it is a win for Notre Dame because of the trouble it will have scheduling opponents in the future.  That still leaves 7 games to play against Navy, USC, a few Big 10 schools, etc.  For the ACC, this more convincingly elevates the conference above the remainder of the college football landscape.  With Notre Dame in the fold, the rest of the conference can breathe a lot more easily that Florida State and Clemson will be placated with games against Notre Dame.  Notre Dame will fill the seats and provide a great TV audience.  In fact, the bigger news is the ACC schools raising the exit fee substantially.  Sure, the ND football issue will loom.  But better to have a football issue of that nature than be relegated to outside the power structure.  ND and the ACC just ensured their seat at the table.

If you care about conference realignment, then you surely spend time over at Frank the Tank’s blog.  Between Frank and the commentariat, this is the gold standard for discussing realignment.  Here is the link to the discussion over there.

The Big XII was apparently caught off guard, or at least surprised, by the announcement, according to Chip Brown at

Amazingly, Dick Vitale has survived ND and his beloved ACC coming together without dying of ecstasy.  A very reasoned tweet, indeed:  “ND to ACC gr8 move 4 ACC & ND control football but get away from chaos of BIG East! I don’t like these wacky moves but ND made solid move. .”  We’ll have to see how he fares when ND plays Duke in a conference game some February in the future.  A cardiologist nearby is a good idea.

All in all, Tomahawk Nation appears to be handling things well.  For them, anyway.  It looks like as many as 10% of that fan base can see the wisdom in the deal.  The remaining 90% adhere to their teenager-esque stance of hating anything the ACC does.  There really is no fan base in America that is more delusional.  Ah well, with dreaded Wake Forest on the schedule, one can appreciate the angst.

Over at On The Banks, 3 Rutgers fans have commented.  The UConnBlog is a bit more active, with a nice blend of doom-and-gloom and optimism about being team #16.

Anything else noteworthy?

UPDATE: A new entry from Frank the Tank:

What surprises me is that the ACC offered this deal to Notre Dame in the first place.  ACC commissioner John Swofford has long taken the position that the league should only be made up of all-sports members along with members such as UNC that believe that they are every bit as powerful on the college sports landscape as Texas, Michigan and USC, so it can’t be emphasized enough that this is a dramatic change.  Unlike the perception in much of the media that this move was “Notre Dame choosing the ACC”, the reality is that this was the ACC choosing to move off of a previously intractable position.  The ACC might have been spooked by the constant rumors that the Big 12 would poach schools such as Florida State or Clemson (along with adding Notre Dame as a non-football member itself) as a result of the Big 12′s new TV deal.  On that front, the ACC schools agreed to what will likely be an impenetrable wall of a $50 million exit fee for each school.  That is honestly an even bigger deal in the long-term than the Notre Dame move since it effectively the ACC from its football cash cows bolting to other conferences.

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