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GERG for NFL Commissioner Campaign!

Look, the time has come for the NFL to begin thinking about its next commissioner.  The embattled Roger Goodell is losing public support rampantly, and the NFL now has to investigate itself.  This cannot end well.  It is just a matter of time before the NFL begins looking for its next NFL commissioner.  And the Confidential thinks that the NFL should consider Greg “GERG” Robinson.  Consider…

First, you know how it goes with coaches.  When you have a coach that is too heavy on discipline, the next coach must be a “player’s coach.”  And when you have a “player’s coach” for too long, the next coach must be a disciplinarian.  Well, until Roger Goodell decided to go easy on Ray Rice, there was no greater disciplinarian.  In fact, this is part of the reason that many of the NFL players are not supporting Goodell.  Goodell simply cannot discipline properly–either being too severe or too lenient… usually too severe.  So let’s get someone who is a lot less strict…. Greg Robinson.

I mean, what kind of punishment would GERG hand out?

No story time?

No stuffed animal?

Please, compared to a one-year suspension, this is exactly what the NFLPA would like to see in its commissioner.

Second, GERG has two Super Bowl rings.  Nothing says legitimacy like success at the highest level.

Well, GERG has not one, but two of them.  And don’t think it was all John Elway and Terrell Davis who won those Super Bowls for the Broncos.  You can score 30 points per game, but you aren’t going to win if your defense gives up 31+.  GERG made sure that the Broncos won those Super Bowls.

Third, GERG has executive hair.  It is important that all executives have “executive hair.”  See Dilbert cartoon.  Can anyone top GERG in the executive hair department:

C’mon.  Compare GERG to other coaches with a same or greater number of Super Bowl wins:

Bill Belichick?

Don’t see him wearing a suit.

Charlie Weis?

Let’s just move on.

Mike Holmgren?

White guy with mustache = no chance.  None of these guys stand up to GERG in terms of appearance.

Finally, there really isn’t anyone else that is more worthy of being the next NFL commissioner than GERG.

Well, except Tony Dungy.

Tony Dungy for NFL Commissioner?

Tony Dungy for NFL Commissioner! Super Bowl win as a head coach.  Impeccable class and character.  Respect of the players.

Sorry GERG.

(hey, at least you didn’t get fired)







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4 thoughts on “GERG for NFL Commissioner Campaign!

  1. FYI… the part about GERG was the non-serious part. The part about Tony Dungy IS serious. Not sure he would want the job, but he would get the job done and be a great ambassador for the sport.

    • I wouldn’t put GERG in charge of a lemonade stand…not only would the lemonade suck but you’d likely see an increase of sales at the Shelbyville turnip juice stand.

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  3. GERG. I have no words. The things that man did to my beloved Syracuse Orange are unspeakable.

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