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Tony Dungy for NFL Commissioner

Earlier, we posted a non-serious piece about Greg Robinson as a good candidate for the next NFL Commissioner.  It was not serious.

In it, we also concluded by noting that Tony Dungy would be a great NFL Commissioner to follow Roger Goodell.  THAT WAS SERIOUS!

Tony Dungy would be a great ambassador for the sport.  He might not like being an agent of the NFL Owners, but there are few people who could rally the players, coaches, and owners quite like Tony Dungy.

He certainly deserves his own Confidential post entry providing serious support.  So… lest there be any doubt… we are 100% serious in wanting to see Tony Dungy run the NFL someday.

What do YOU think?  Who would you like to see as the next commissioner of the NFL?  And why.

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2 thoughts on “Tony Dungy for NFL Commissioner

  1. Dungy would be a good choice, but he’s had some missteps with the media for comments about Michael Sam (where he astutely pointed out that the media was making Sam’s story into a distraction), and he was a backer of Michael Vick which rubbed people the wrong. Otherwise, he would be a good candidate.

    Personally, I’d rather see the NFL just go the full-enchilada and follow the WWE’s example. The games are probably all rigged anyway…let’s get Vince McMahon as the next commissioner to at least feed ESPN some better storylines.

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