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ACC Week in Review: June 16, 2013

As we noted previously, followers and non-followers of this blog can now get weekly updates of the blog entries.  Here is this week’s recap:

  • In one of the more popular satirical articles in some time, Oregon Offers Scholarship to Famous Toddler, got the week off to a great start by lampooning the USC signing of an 8th grader.  A funny thing is that, in serious news, UCLA offered a scholarship to an 8th grader later in the week.  The Confidential had the “keeping up with the Joneses part right.”
  • Mikemab2000, our North Carolina State correspondent, gave us an update on the college world series, specifically the fact that the Wolfpack got to Omaha for the first time since the 1960s.  Bonus points if you can name who was President back then.  Here is a hint… the last name ended with ON.
  • ACaffrey dished out some “I told you sos” with his update that the New England Patriots, of all teams, signed Tim Tebow.  And how about some props for Confidential follower Chris Weinke for tutoring (IMG Academy, link here) the controversial Mr. Tebow?  Who would not want to be a fly on the wall for a couple of Heisman Trophy winners talking about the position.
  • The Confidential added a new link to the side bar–a lacrosse website that is a must read for any fan of scholastic lacrosse.  We also listed the all-americans in Division 1.
  • Mr. Tar Heel, our North Carolina correspondent (in case the name did not give it away) boasted that North Carolina prevailed over South Carolina, earning the right to be “The Real Carolina” and head to Omaha.
  • Lenville, one of our two Louisville correspondents, also noted that Louisville earned a trip to Omaha as well.  Omaha is the ACC’s home away from home right now.
  • We provided a quick recap of some of the minor news impacting the ACC midweek.  News involving Duke, Miami, Pitt, and UConn.  UConn?
  • The Confidential celebrated the North Carolina women winning the Capital One Cup!
  • The week concluded with the Confidential shifting one step closer to being the Internet’s most diligent Big 10 bashing website (for better or worse) noting that not all Big 10 fans like the Capital One Cup methodology.

By the way, we are still looking for correspondents for several schools.  If you are interested, send us a message on Twitter at acconfi.

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Have a great week!

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