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The Confidential Cup!

As previously noted, Big 10 fans do not like the Capital One Cup.  Now, the world could be polite and let the Big 10 have its complaints and criticisms.  But not the Confidential.  The Confidential is creating its own “Cup,” this one being so very ACC-centric that it will be sure to anger Big 10 fans.  Here is the scoring system:

Confidential Cup scoring system:

Tier 1:

Men’s basketball (based on Big Dance results)

#1 = 200 points, #2 = 150 points, #3 & #4 = 100 points, #5 – #8 = 50 points

Football (based on final standings)

#1 = 100 points, #2 = 90 points, #3 = 80 points, #4 = 70 points, #5 = 60 points, #6 = 50 points, #7 = 40 points, #8 = 30 points, #9 = 20 points, #10 = 10 points

Tier 2:

Baseball, softball, women’s basketball, field hockey, women’s lacrosse, men’s lacrosse, mens soccer, and womens soccer (based on post-season tournaments)

#1 = 80 points, #2 = 60 points, #3 – #4 = 40 points, #5-#8 = 20 points

Tier 3:

All the remaining Capital One Cup sports:

#1 = 20 points, #2 = 18 points, #3 = 15 points, #4 = 12 points, #5 = 10 points, #6 = 8 points, #7 = 5 points, #8 = 2 points


Except as otherwise set forth, the method for determining the points will be the same as the Capital One Cup.  If a post-season tournament does not allow sufficient differentiation between teams placing from #3 to #8, then the rankings will also revert to the methods used by the Capital One Cup. 

The Confidential reserves the right to adjust the scoring system in future years if it proves too difficult for ACC teams to dominate in the Confidential Cup standings.

There are no cash prizes for winning the Confidential Cup.  All in good fun.

Winners will be announced on or about July 1, 2014.   The five categories are:

  • Most points, men only,
  • Most points, women only
  • Most points, men + women
  • Best combined rankings of men and women
  • Best conference based on # of top 25 teams in the aforementioned four categories, weighted by ranking

If you think that the Confidential Cup should elevate a sport from Tier 3 to Tier 2, let us know in the comment section by July 31, 2013.

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6 thoughts on “The Confidential Cup!

  1. What about moving volleyball up to tier 2? UofL usually has a good team. It’s probably the only popular olympic sports missing.

  2. M. Caffrey on said:

    Good stuff. I especially like the idea of identifying which conferences have the most points, not just the schools. This rewards conferences that place multiple teams at/near the top. You could call it the Commissioners’ Cup.

    • Different conferences have different numbers of teams. So that makes it hard to use raw totals.

      • M. Caffrey on said:

        How so? Take the top-10 teams from each sport and instead of assigning those points to individual teams, assign them to the conference they are in. Theoretically, the Big XII could finish better with only 10 teams than the B1G with 14.

        • Right, the B1G would have 14 teams to possibly win points, whereas the Big XII would only have 10 teams. That is unfair to the Big XII, no? Sure, the Big XII COULD win. But how likely is that really?

          There is probably a way to do it, but I’ll just need to think more on it.

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