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ACC Quick Hitters–News of Recent Days

Other than baseball, not much going on in the world of the ACC.  At least not enough to get 200+ words out of it.  But lumping it all into one blog entry makes more sense than ignoring it.  So here it is:

Pitt has given AD Steve Pederson a 5-year-extension.  You may recall Pederson as the guy who voted against ESPN’s TV deal with the Big East, and then took Pittsburgh off to the ACC, screwing the Big East a second time.  You may also recall Pederson as the guy who seems to run through one football coach per offseason.  Somehow, the powers that be must think he is doing a good job overall though.

Good news for the Miami Hurricanes basketball team, as Donnavan Kirk is transferring back to Miami for his final season of eligibility under the graduate student transfer rule.  Unlike most graduate transfer, Kirk originally played for Miami.  So it is a return to South Beach (OK, Coral Gables).

UConn is not part of the ACC.  Yet.  But let’s give them props for academically qualifying for this year’s Big Dance.  Baby steps.

5-star LB Matthew Thomas plans to stick with his commitment to Florida State.  Good news for the ‘Noles and their fans.


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