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ACC Week in Review: June 9, 2013

As we noted last week, followers and non-followers of this blog can now get weekly updates of the blog entries.  Well, here is the first such entry:

  • TJCuse, the Syracuse correspondent, gave us a nice update on Syracuse lacrosse and football recruiting, while also kicking some more dirt on Rutgers.  See here.
  • In huge news, ACaffrey reviewed the reports that Johns Hopkins had decided to join the Big 10 as an associate member for lacrosse.  See here.
  • Lenvillecards, one of the Louisville correspondents, provided an update on the college world series and the ACC’s performance in same.  See here.
  • In one of the more popular articles in recent weeks, both in terms of views and comments, ACaffrey discussed the future of lacrosse as a potential revenue source.  See here.
  • Lenvillecards let us know about the resignation of Ohio State President, Gordon Gee, and the reaction from Rick Pitino after Gee’s negative comments about Louisville.  See here.
  • Lenvillecards also informed us about the status of Kevin Ware (the basketball player who suffered the tough-to-stomach leg injury in the Big Dance) and the ACC football schedule.  See here.
  • ACaffrey stirred the pot a little with an off-topic discussion on the absurdity of Tim Tebow now being able to find ANY job in the NFL.  See here.
  • Finally, on the heels of the ACC’s great 2013 NFL Draft results, ACaffrey took a look at the NFL Hall of Fame: the top 10 by college, and by ACC college.  See here.

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