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Louisville ACC Football Schedule/ Kevin Ware Update

For all those Cardinals fans who look at the upcoming football schedule and yawns, you should take the opportunity to take a breath. When Louisville joins the ACC in 2014 the football schedule is going to be unbelievable. While the 2013 schedule lacks the marquee names the 2014 schedule and beyond are full of them.

Louisville will take Maryland place in the Atlantic Division and thus will face Clemson, Florida State, Boston College, NC State, Wake Forest and, our rival from the BE, Syracuse every year. Since the ACC plays 8 conference games, the Cards will face two teams from the Coastal Division each season as well. Louisville will inherit Maryland permanent cross over game against Virginia. The remaining game will rotate through the seasons.

Recently the ACC and Louisville released the Cards rotation thru 2024. This is the Cards rotation; 2014 Miami, 15 @ Pitt, 16 Duke, 17 @ North Carolina, 18 Georgia Tech, 19 @ Miami, 20 Virginia Tech, 21 @ Duke, 22 Pitt, 23 @ Georgia Tech 2024 North Carolina.

In addition, Notre Dame plays 5 ACC teams every year which means we should see Notre Dame once every three years. The Cards will play at Notre Dame in 2014. Wow, 2014 will be loaded! (Notre Dame, Fla St, Clemson, Miami) The Cards are also schedule to play Kentucky, @ Marshall and @ FIU in their non conference games but that would give the Cards seven away games so the non conference slate may change.

We all remember the gruesome scene of Kevin Ware breaking his leg during the Elite 8 game versus Duke that left both teams and coaches in tears. It left me wondering about his career first and then about the Cards national championship hopes secondly. Kevin is healing ahead of schedule and is already off of his crutches. He was scene on the court shooting basketballs on June 4th. While he still cant cut and run, I find this amazing. At this rate he should be ready in time when practice starts. When asked if he felt any pain he said yes, but it was because he just had his wisdom teeth pulled. Cards fans cant wait to see Kevin back on the court this season.

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