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The ACC Laff-a-Lympics

A favorite Saturday morning show growing up (before College football, natch) was Hannah-Barbera’s “Laff-a-Lympics” which featured a cadre of popular HB characters competing as teams in zany sporting competitions, races, and scavenger hunts.

The Confidential started to wonder…if the ACC were in the “Laff-a-lympics”, which characters would best represent the schools?

Here are just some of the matches that we could come up with: 

  • North Carolina: Huckleberry Hound – powder blue in color, slight southern drawl, and has a strong resemblance to Roy Williams;

  • Duke: Blue Falcon – a Milionaire socialite art dealer, enjoying leisure time in a penthouse in Big City, and receives all of his direction from the TV (hi, ESPN!);

  • North Carolina St.: Mildew Wolf – like NC State, this wolf doesn’t compete and its attempts to claim its prize are always thwarted;

  • Clemson: Snagglepuss –  “Heavens to murgTajBoyd” like Snagglepuss, when it comes to the ACC championship, Clemson seems to always “Exit, Stage left!”;

  • Virginia: Captain Caveman – one of the oldest characters, Captain Caveman can surprise with bursts of speed and an ability to fly (through his caveman club) unfortunately typically runs out of energy at the wrong time;

  • Virginia Tech: Dinky Dalton (tall one on the right), need I say more?;

  • Pittsburgh & Syracuse: Grape Ape & Beegle Beagle, respectively – Grape Ape (Pitt) is generally intimidating because of his size, but never would actually hurt anyone, is not very smart and needs the guidance from Beegle Beagle (Syracuse) who is the brains behind the two. Let’s face it, without Syracuse then Pitt probably wouldn’t be in the ACC;

  • Wake Forest: The Great Fondoo – an Evil Magician whose tricks and spells never work as intended and always backfired;

  • Notre Dame: Dread Baron – on one of the most reviled characters because of his dastardly tactics to win, although like Notre Dame, I’ve never seen Dread Baron ever win a championship.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Maryland: Babu – A cowardly, bumbling, immature genie-in-training, his typical magic words are “Yapple Dapple!” which usually gets everyone around him into a pickle, even himself. Babu normally annoyed almost everyone he met because he gets so nervous, he could never control his powers. Good luck with that, B1G.

  • Rutgers: Jabberjaw;

  • Florida: Wally Gator, Like the 2013 Florida Gators, this one is also toothless;

  • Lou Holtz: Mumbly;

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