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Signing Day, One Week Away… Predictions

We’re getting so close to “the big day”. If you’re a true college football fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s right, the day your team signs its new recruiting class and fills team needs is approaching. Most of these high school signees, recruits, or soon to be local campus celebrities (whatever you want to call them) will represent your school on and off the football field for the next several years, so pay attention. As we head into next Wednesday, February 6th, also known to many as National Signing Day, we’ll peak at an early prediction to see how the current ACC’s top classes should stack up. Loads of blue-chip recruits are making final decisions next Wednesday. Let’s shake the magic eight ball and see what happens…

2013 ACC Recruiting Class Predictions:

1. Clemson (Currently 18 verbals, should make major noise on NSD. 3 of the top 5 recruiting battles left include the Tigers. Still in the running for blue chippers in DT Adams, DE Lawson, OT Crowder, and CB Alexander. Dabo has aces in the hole as usual; I’m calling it a top 10 class when the smoke clears. The Tigers like it near the top, may stay for a while with this class.)

2. Florida State (Currently 18 verbals, with stellar recruits on the line. While the Noles had a few recruits part ways over the last few days, they should easily make up ground with blue chip OLB Thomas, WR Cunningham, and possibly DT Bryant among others. Jimbo will make it happen once again, bank on a top 10 class.)

3. Miami (Currently 13 verbals, also in the running with many studs. While the class is currently small, they pack a nasty punch. Still in it until the end for OLB Thomas, DT Bryant, RB Collins, and WR Coley all from the South FL football hotbed. Despite rough times with the NCAA, they’re making it happen. We’ll call it a U top 20-15 class)

4. North Carolina (Currently 18 verbals, looking to throw more on the pile. While most of their guys are already locked in, the biggest battle will be against Tennessee for WR North. North stays close to home, and UNC lands the big fish. They also have a shot at TE McNeil and ATH Summers to name a few. We’ll see Tarheel blue in the top 25 next Wed.)

5. Virginia Tech (Currently 22 verbals, already almost close to a full signing class before the fax flood gates open up. All of the current commits are 3 and 4 stars. Still heavy favorites for ATH Parker and possibly DE Bellamy. The Hokies will be on the cusp of reeling in a top 25 class).

Best of the rest:

6. Pitt
7. UVA
8. NC State
9. Syracuse
10. GT
11. Wake
12. Maryland
13. BC
14. Duke

If your personal rankings stack up a little different, leave a comment below and tell us why.

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8 thoughts on “Signing Day, One Week Away… Predictions

  1. Great list. Clemson guy ranking Clemson #1? Nah… You are right. They have a great class and it might get even better…

  2. JBCoop on said:

    What can I say, I think Clemson will come out on top. I think Clemson, FSU, and Miami all have what it takes to potentially lead the ACC this year. Side note – I missed on my WR North predicition for UNC, as he verbally announced he’s TN bound last night.

    • douglasefresh on said:

      So you think Denver Kirkland goes to USF or Arkansas, then? I figured he’d be a packaged deal with Matt Thomas (to FSU, of course).

  3. Nice breakdown. I appreciate this kind of research because I know it’s important for on-field success, I just don’t have time to do it myself. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading your analysis next week

  4. T Sense on said:

    UNC has already missed on North (commited to UT) but may hold onto Korrin Wiggins. Clemson is fighting an uphill battle with Lawson, as his father is insisting he play in the SEC. FSU still has a shot with Tunsil and Ngakoue so could still end up with a top 5 class. If they do, it will be at Miami’s expense. Overall the SEC is still going to get 2/3 of the top 150. As long as that continues, the ACC will remain under threat of being raidied by other conferences,

    • Lawson is heavy on GT now. He posted North to TN in the comments above. Also, the SEC will not have 2/3 of the top 150. Keep dreaming…

    • douglasefresh on said:

      FSU has no shot at Tunsil or Ngakoue. Sorry. Tunsil actually loves Rick Trickett but didn’t like FSU.

  5. The Noles picked up Jalen Ramsey. Also, Miami didn’t get Collins. We may need to update these predictions. 🙂

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