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Clemson Forms Athletic Advisory Committee

As previously noted here, there have been some Internet rumors regarding the Big XII making a play for ACC schools.  The SEC is also a possibility to expand down the road.  As the conference finances spiral out of control, one just does not know what each conference and university is truly thinking.  Now, Clemson has announced the formation of an Athletic Advisory Committee.  Inherent in the formation of such a committee is the potential to analyze conference loyalty.

The key excerpts of the press release are as follows:

“The nature of college athletics is changing in every area,” said Phillips who has been Clemson’s Athletic Director for nearly 10 years. “These changes are effecting how Clemson Athletics does business. It is a blessing to have access to successful business leaders who have and are facing similar issues in their industries.

“I have asked these Clemson loyalists to advise us as we strive to take our program to the next level. The candid and productive conversations we had and will have focus on key issues and strategies that will make Clemson athletics as good as it can be.”

* * *

“Clemson is one of the top athletic programs in the nation,” said Frampton. “We have only one agenda – how to help Clemson Athletics go to the next level.

“Every area of major college sports is being challenged – competition, academic success, student/athlete welfare, compliance, finances, brand marketing and conference structure. Clemson needs to lead change, not react to it.”

In addition, is contributing to the mix.  They have an analysis of how the ACC could lose four schools–Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, Clemson, and Florida State.  But a blog is a blog is a blog.

The Clemson announcement is the first hint that maybe there is some fire to the blog smoke.

Does anyone have any other sources to suggest that the ACC is not as strongly tied together as some think?




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One thought on “Clemson Forms Athletic Advisory Committee

  1. My hope is that Clemson and FSU are doing this to give the ACC credibility to go to ESPN and say… “Look, we need to renegotiate now or we’ll lose teams to the Big XII.”

    If the ACC is on dangerous ground, then the ESPN investment in the ACC is at risk.


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