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This Day in ACC History: October 14, 1961

It is always fun to look back on where things were in yesteryear–a welcome break from the allegations of NCAA violations that nobody REALLY cares too much about.  Today, we will take a random look back in ACC football history–to October 14, 1961.  Yes, that is now 53 years ago.  Even Greg Oden cannot remember that far back!

In a game featuring two teams that just played in 2014, October 14, 1961, featured 3-0 Duke vs. 2-1 Georgia Tech.  Both teams were scoreless in the first half (imagine that!).  The Yellow Jackets poured it on in the second half, winning 21-0 after forcing a slew of turnovers.  The end result was 3-1 records for both schools.

What were other current ACC teams doing that week:

  • Miami lost to Colorado, 9-7, in a Friday night game.  Fun fact: the Hurricanes were coached by Andy Gustafson, who retired with a 93-65-3 record.  That year was his first bowl game, a 15-14 loss to Syracuse in the Liberty Bowl.  The next year, Miami would lose to Nebraska in something called the Gotham Bowl.  That is a LOT of fun facts!
  • North Carolina defeated Maryland, 14-8.  Fun fact: The Tar Heels were shutout three times in 1961, but would shutout South Carolina and Virginia.
  • Wake Forest defeated Clemson 17-13.  Fun Fact: Wake Forest would not beat Clemson again until 1970.
  • Florida State defeated Georgia 3-0.  Fun Fact: Yes, that was a football score, not a futbol score.
  • Notre Dame beat up on USC 30-0.  Fun Fact: Nick Buoniconto and Daryl Lamonica were among the  players participating in this battle of rivals.

Again, it is amazing to see those scores.  In those six games, the winning team averaged about 16 points.

One more interesting tidbit.  The next AP poll that came out featured a top 10 with 11 teams due to a tie for 10th.  Mississippi was #2, despite having a 21-16 edge in first place votes over Michigan State.  Eight teams received 1 or more of the 48 first place votes.  Missouri did not even crack the top 10 (11),  but somehow received a first place vote.  Notre Dame was #6, while Georgia Tech was #8.  Syracuse was 13th.  The teams receiving votes included Memphis, Rice, Wyoming, Navy, Dartmouth, and Army.

Note: Resource material for this entry provided by The USA Today College Football Encyclopedia by Bob Boyles and Paul Guido.  Yes, an actual book!

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